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Channels With The Most Views

1. Misaki402,380,652
2. Elu Tran355,135,212
3.United States Sans Comic TV145,746,402
4.Canada Hub Cinema138,287,320
5.Ireland jacksepticeye133,426,909
6.Peru Hawelo92131,580,389
7.United States Man on the Internet112,799,833
8.United States SharaX Official109,057,052
9.United States Undertale Comic TV108,552,891
10.United States NewScapePro - Minecraft SCP Roleplays!102,622,641

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Canada Hub Cinema720
2.Japan 朱印豆腐`s Industring lab [SIL/シル]490
3.Spain Shelos1Life475
4.United States Undertale Comic TV464
5.Belgium EagleTale452
6.United States KeyTuts415
7.United States Sans Comic TV383
8. TwoAllNighters380
9.Ukraine Mr DeKart369
10.Russian Federation Necros339

Latest Let's Plays For Undertale

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
3 days agoUnited States Dr NoughtUndertale [Season 2 Episode 5] Escaping Undyne (Let's Play)26:211
3 days agoUnited Kingdom MethkiritoMethkirito Finally Plays Undertale (Pacifist) Part 312:292
4 days agoGermany mazedummyLet's Play: Undertale [Blind] [#022] - MTT NEWS - Korrespondent im Einsatz15:388100.00%
5 days agoUnited States Retro MisfitsLuna Plays: Undertale With Gary3:02:4814896.30%
2020-01-06United States zswiggsUndertale - zswiggs play through - Live on Twitch - Free For All Fridays1:09:451
2020-01-05Canada MJSJ YTMJSJ Plays Undertale25:358100.00%
2020-01-01United States Ungodly GamingzLet's Play Undertale Ep821:001
2019-12-27United States LiNX 4Gaster Is Here To Help Sans Take One Final Breath... Undertale: Last Breath16:3519,60997.72%
2019-12-26United States The Gaming RésuméLet's Play: Undertale FINALE (First Run) | VOD2:48:0939596.15%
2019-12-26Swaziland VvvvvaVvvvvvrUndertale - Dating Fight (Playstation 4 Mix)3:34350100.00%
2019-12-25Malaysia GamerZakhWhat really is Undertale? ► Playing this retro RPG for the first time!1:18:341,14796.88%
2019-12-24Japan 朱印豆腐`s Industring lab [SIL/シル][Scratch] Other version Help_tale xX_freshsans_Xx(Fresh Sans) battle! [undertale fangame]4:1525,36997.09%
2019-12-23 Friends Without BenefitsUndertale: Now With Alpharad! - EPISODE 0 - Friends Without Benefits34:1137,29898.55%
2019-12-17 KenritBonetale| El PLAGIO de Undertale que está en la PlayStore6:261,24594.66%
2019-12-15 Nathsil :3Undertale AU - DAM! StoryShift Sans [Soundtrack] [FLP in description]3:12212100.00%
2019-12-14United States SarekMy mom plays Undertale! part 410:223100.00%
2019-12-13 TwoAllNightersMushy Stuff - Undertale Comic Dub [Sans X Alphys]2:255,20296.52%
2019-12-10United Kingdom DefendingTheGameUNDERTALE 100% BLIND PLAYTHROUGH LIVE | Defending The Game3:21:5912494.44%
2019-12-06United Kingdom Xephas GracepawsKING ASGORE (FINALE) - Furry Plays: Undertale #24 | Xephas Gracepaws15:2716100.00%
2019-12-03Canada DragoNateTrue Lab Undertale TRUE Pacifist Ending #72:09:0140100.00%
2019-11-29Belgium De l'attaque du ManchotGaming Linux : «Undertale» #008-2. Tourisme Temmie, laboratoire et show télévisé (Playthrough - FR)23:376100.00%
2019-11-27United States The Game RotatorUndertale Pacifist Blind Playthrough, Part 52:41:031150.00%
2019-11-24United States Yippee Ki Yay Mr FalconSo I Found a Game that's FNAF meets Undertale (help) in No Delivery17:3316,36698.87%
2019-11-23United States John LocksleyTrue Lab of Dr. Alphys - Let's Play Undertale (Blind) - 1658:1326100.00%
2019-11-21Brazil Canal do AmerLet's Play com o Amer: Undertale1:02:3950797.87%

Latest Reviews For Undertale

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-11-04United Kingdom MairusuUNDERTALE in REAL LIFE | Undertale Napstablook "Pillow Plush" Review8:003,03698.24%
2019-09-26United States Nerd Problems GamingUndertale Review - Does It Live Up To The Hype?10:079891.67%
2019-09-21United States tehRogueYou Know Me Better | Undertale Comic Dub Kustard Week | GAOMON PD1161 Pen Display Review7:1836,56598.75%
2019-06-30United States RennsReviewsWas Undertale Overhyped?18:45178,03497.77%
2019-06-28United States The Catholic Nintendo NerdUndertale Catholic Review 216:0819
2019-06-09Canada Project COEUndertale Review6:0021292.59%
2019-05-15United States Glenn GonzalesAll Things Gaming : Undertale For the Nintendo Switch Review3:338
2019-03-05United States Constructive CriticismVelvet Undertale Character Review9:39881100.00%
2019-02-23 ViIvaNunnerMegalovania - Undertale2:3771598.08%
2019-02-17 TwoAllNightersDifferent Kind of Review - Undertale/Zarla Comic Dub1:134,33099.28%
2019-01-25Sweden spyro15Undertale Walkthrough: part 10 Hotland 2/221:2832100.00%
2019-01-04Israel horheristoThe Undertale of Shmups? 【ZeroRanger Blind Speedrun Review】1:47:2210,17793.14%
2018-12-02United States Swiss Cheese GamingDELTARUNE Does a lot of things BETTER than UNDERTALE | Review7:4163696.88%
2018-11-14France IconoclasteDELTARUNE : LA SUITE D'UNDERTALE ? 🐐 | REVIEW9:1392,37998.78%
2018-10-22United States Gaming PastimeUndertale for PC Video Review7:062,58897.10%
2018-10-02United States Spike ToystoryfanUndertale collectors edition for the switch review13:4811
2018-09-15 The FamicastVideo Review: Undertale (Switch)5:1719887.50%
2018-09-14United States ArloUnderFAIL (jk this is a masterpiece) │ Undertale Review8:00203,47097.88%
2018-09-14United Kingdom Source GamingUndertale (Nintendo Switch) Review5:572,28293.24%
2018-09-14 GameXplainUndertale - REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)5:4278,36095.41%
2018-09-14 Nintendo World Report TVUndertale Nintendo Switch Review3:303,87692.86%
2018-06-26United States Jolts ReviewsUndertale [EP22] Victory Diet8:395100.00%
2018-04-22Ecuador Pablo Gamer20BOWSER JR. SE ADUEÑA DE UNDETALE!!!!-/Unitale Mod Review/-(Undertale Mod)8:026,09997.77%
2018-03-20United States LTShowcaseUndertale - Neutral Pacificist Review. What did I miss? Does it live up to the Earthbound Hype?9:0412595.65%
2018-03-15 bendy headBendy head reviews UNDERTALE AU videos6:5245100.00%