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1. Misaki406,082,421
2. Elu Tran355,160,400
3.United States Sans Comic TV207,128,112
4.United States Undertale Comic TV145,014,851
5.Ireland jacksepticeye144,677,594
6.Canada Hub Cinema139,472,238
7.Austria Merg114,995,524
8.United States Man on the Internet112,862,989
9.United States NewScapePro - Minecraft SCP Roleplays!111,582,085
10.United States SharaX Official109,903,764

Latest Let's Plays For Undertale

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoMexico Juancho El CriticonDogetaro Plays Undertale16:39809
5 days agoAustralia SiIvaCummerYour Best Friend (Alpha Mix) - Undertale1:5758
2020-06-25United Kingdom MethkiritoMethkirito Finally Plays Undertale (Pacifist) Part 1615:154
2020-06-22 Heroic SpartansFor Players Who Need Help With Undertale 3D Boss Battles! (Read Description)1:20289
2020-06-22Argentina Thanos SansInverted Fate - Captain Alphys Battle | Undertale FanGame38:5314,982
2020-06-20 Neon-EclipseBad Child- Alphys’ Backstory- Undertale- Gacha Life8:012,852
2020-06-18United States Prince VegetaVegeta Plays Undertale23:4777,574
2020-06-18United Kingdom AntKeepsGaming🔴 Goat Mom Plays Undertale | Undertale #11:32:340
2020-06-17Japan 朱印豆腐`s Industring lab [SIL/シル][Scratch] Help_tale Sixbones戦 [undertaleファンゲーム]5:4419,611
2020-06-15 rjdash playsrjdash_plays's undertale pt 228:4554
2020-06-15India GreenGuy PrathamBatraLet's Play: Undertale Genocide - The End - episode 7 - Sans & Chara49:21428
2020-06-13United States gameguy888(LPIA XL) Undertale - [64] * ...6:07:2429
2020-06-09United States Mew2KingMew2King's BLIND Playthrough of Undertale!6:59:197,536
2020-06-08 Endless StupidityUndertale reacts to sans need help and a meme | gacha life |4:4225,121
2020-06-06 ViIvaNunnerMegalovania (Alternate Alpha Mix) - Undertale2:09314
2020-06-04 Shayan the GamerUndertale date with papyrus nuetral run59:311
2020-06-02 Callie Chanシ~ Undertale reacts // Sans needs Help ~3:028,965
2020-05-31United States TimmyTurnersGrandDadOnce Upon a Time (Alpha Mix) - Undertale1:331,077
2020-05-31 *Leo2604*UNDERTALE + Afton Family Plays "PIGGY" || Gacha + PIGGY ||11:21188,050
2020-05-15United States Sonicraft118UNDERTALE - Part 6 - The Hangout with Papyrus19:4527
2020-05-12Brazil GodenotO RETORNO DO METTATON E DR ALPHYS - Undertale Parte 2120:0926,250
2020-05-12 Gacha_ LynnUndertale reacts to ‘Sans Needs Help’3:3873,979
2020-05-11United States SiIvaGunnerCORE (Alpha Mix) - Undertale3:3925,737
2020-05-08United States JaspetWilker229Undertale Playthrough34:58443
2020-05-08 Kiki GailUndertale reacts to sans needs help4:0698,584

Latest Reviews For Undertale

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days ago EmilyEmily's Undertale Review!2:2910
2020-03-30United Kingdom xenom deluxe gamingundertale review7:383
2020-03-05Germany FrankydoodleBestGuyEver - Undertale Review [Deutsch] Beta28:4037
2020-02-13Brazil さん 火の と正義我makedragonghost満ROBLOX : fazendo uma review de Undertale Boss Battles (+13)16:17130
2020-02-07United States Kes GamingMy Thoughts on Undertale: A Rise to the Top Review!8:03135
2020-01-24Denmark ScribblyHootsA Sudden Review of The UNDERTALE Fandom...17:211,968
2020-01-10Japan Hibari Game♯2 UNDERTALE 【概要欄必読】 完全初見プレイ 2周目【PC】4:06:3374
2019-11-04United Kingdom MairusuUNDERTALE in REAL LIFE | Undertale Napstablook "Pillow Plush" Review8:004,613
2019-10-17 Heroic SpartansAlternate Determined 7 Review! Roblox Undertale 3D Boss Battles (Read Description)2:554,803
2019-09-26United States Nerd Problems GamingUndertale Review - Does It Live Up To The Hype?10:07154
2019-09-21United States tehRogueYou Know Me Better | Undertale Comic Dub Kustard Week | GAOMON PD1161 Pen Display Review7:1857,498
2019-09-03United States Critiquing DogeGame Spotlight - Undertale7:47142
2019-08-25Spain BortzProductions Reuploads[Resubido BortzProductions] ¿Deberías Jugar a Undertale? (Review)6:5014,535
2019-08-16Japan 恭一郎のゲーム放送局【初見】Undertale【ネタバレ禁止】2:1222,957
2019-06-30United States RennsReviewsWas Undertale Overhyped?18:45283,660
2019-06-28United States The Catholic Nintendo NerdUndertale Catholic Review 216:0834
2019-06-09Canada Project COEUndertale Review6:00317
2019-05-30United States The Actual Real PikachuFans2018Let's Play Undertale -Pacifist Run- Part 5: Dance-Off with Mettaton EX/Road to Asgore1:18:148
2019-05-15United States Doubleg392Undertale For the Nintendo Switch Review3:339
2019-03-05United States Constructive CriticismVelvet Undertale Character Review9:391,107
2019-02-23 ViIvaNunnerMegalovania - Undertale2:37861
2019-02-17 TwoAllNightersDifferent Kind of Review - Undertale/Zarla Comic Dub1:135,141
2019-01-25Sweden spyro15Undertale Walkthrough: part 10 Hotland 2/221:2834
2019-01-04Israel horheristoThe Undertale of Shmups? 【ZeroRanger Blind Speedrun Review】1:47:2215,677
2018-12-02United States Swiss Cheese GamingDELTARUNE Does a lot of things BETTER than UNDERTALE | Review7:411,018