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1. Misaki740,225,099
2.United States Sans Comic TV455,809,755
3. Elu Tran [Archived]442,951,564
4.Austria Merg317,508,883
5.United States Nick Nitro242,118,794
6.Canada Undertale Comic TV224,494,531
7.United States SharaX Official188,255,189
8.United States Man on the Internet184,721,905
9.Ireland jacksepticeye177,170,866
10.United States Smooth McGroove153,640,980

Latest Let's Plays For Undertale

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoCanada XEI ProtocolPEACE & BETRAYAL! | First Time Playing UNDERTALE | COMPLETE Blind Playthrough14:33:2650
1 day ago swift3dge🔴 I'm Coming For All The Monsters | Undertale Geno Run2:15:4087
2 days agoViet Nam Chị Đố VuiTRẬN CHIẾN ĐẶC BIỆT🔥Thế Lực Thù Địch Giữa UNDERTALE Và ALPHABET LORE Ai Sẽ Chiến Thắng | Chị Đố Vui9:5015,833
2 days agoUnited States NeatMcKinleyOH NO...HE'S HOT | Undertale - Part 435:01105
2 days agoUnited States GGaemerUndertale - Let's Play Episode: 1 (Feat. Chubby Ch3rub) #undertale29:461
3 days agoUnited Kingdom Bare BuddiesHELP! - Undertale - 34 - Bare Buddies11:1339
3 days agoUnited States colie's cornerUndertale Stream #23:17:334
3 days agoFrance AntistarUndertale (let's play FR) : découverte en live (2ème partie)4:05:0736
3 days agoUnited States Dark MatterEmbodiment Of A Yellow Devil: Glitchtale Alphys Theme- Original Lyrics Revamped (Read Description)2:57145
4 days agoColombia Andy's Lag CornerUndertale - Alphys, Metatton, Tierras Calientes (y mi perro al final)31:0413
4 days agoMalaysia LoafyKitt【Kat-B】The Knightmare Looms | Kat-B plays Undertale Prt 3 (EN/MY)2:38:3452
5 days agoUnited States TGN The Game NerdMettaton EX | Undertale Part 1819:543
5 days ago kingxproscopeUndertale genocide route (Help me) actually this time11:301
5 days agoNetherlands CiirellaThe Adventure Begins | My First Undertale Playthrough (unspoiled) Part 11:29:39183
5 days ago CULT OF THE AUTOR~SpeedPaint~ {IbisPaintX} Альма/Alma ×Undertale AU OC× (Альфис/Alphys0:361,142
5 days agoUnited States TheWaffleGalaxy💀 What Is Undertale? ❤️ Blind Playthrough, Underground World of Monsters, Puzzles! - Undertale Ep.140:563,279
6 days agoCanada Dad's BacklogDad Plays Undertale For The First Time37:5758
6 days agoUnited States Cool ComicsSans Plays Prank On Frisk0:48616
2023-01-28United States Divine LeeYOU DESERVED THIS ASGORE HAHAHAHHAHA! | Undertale Genocide Route Playthrough #2 | Divine Lee LIVE2:49:35234
2023-01-28Canada RinqueenMy First Time BEATING Undertale True Pacifist | #4 (END)1:09:333,267
2023-01-28United States BCKingGamesUndertale: Genocide Run Playthrough (Part 3) | Twitch Livestream1:49:105
2023-01-28United States CiblesGDDid you know this about Alphys? (Undertale)0:085,530
2023-01-27 Fruit Bowlers 🅥THE 2D GRIND#letsplayfootball1:37:2940
2023-01-27Russian Federation ПИ-ПРОХОЖДЕНИЕ ИГРPainttale начало1:2574
2023-01-27Canada MaxVilocityUndertale - Alphys - Vilocity Remix2:4746

Latest Reviews For Undertale

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-01-27Indonesia Fredy SuryaUndertale REVIEW Indonesia9:0198
2023-01-27Austria WilBotUndertale's Steam Reviews are... something0:324,055
2023-01-22Singapore JustBrianChanWhen Indie games use Undertale music #shorts #horrorgaming #undertale0:101,614
2023-01-22 KinderedUndertale Review11:3256
2023-01-21 CGDannyBIf you like #Undertale, check out #AthenianRhapsody ! #indiegame #firstlook #gamereview0:591,270
2023-01-20 IhazapplesIs Undertale Worth Playing? Game Review #11:04:237
2023-01-20Germany InoujiGoing Blind Into Undertale - Storming the Core!2:56:52104
2023-01-18Colombia Dragon ExtremeUndertale Hardmode Sans Review completa del sub JuandiGamer, en su descripcion su canal!11:30239
2023-01-16United States DkUniverseSomeone Made UNDERTALE In SCRATCH!!! | Scratch Game Reviews9:59177
2023-01-14Mexico TrasimetroUndertale mod Review | Undertale en Minecraft | Minecraft ESPAÑOL 1.12.226:1636
2023-01-12United States OglesUnderDungeon Review - Zelda Meets Undertale... Plus Cats (Nintendo Switch)9:241,341
2023-01-11 Worth A Minute ReviewsUndertale 60 second review #worthaminute #Undertale #indiegame0:590
2022-12-27United States Robbie1219lelUndertale Boss Battles | Carnage Sword & Horseman's Pumpkin & Christmas Bosses Review & Showcase5:1259
2022-12-23 ROBLOX_레드리퍼[Undertale Crazy Multiverse Timeline]neko frisk{Xmas} review0:50494
2022-12-12 Re@lDealGamingThis game will BLOW your mind. (Undertale review)3:1785
2022-12-11 Eli?Undertale Collector Edition Review4:10317
2022-12-08Japan Nunu Ch. 猫ノ目ヌヌ[TAS Review] Undertale もTAS動画になる時代がやってきました!【猫ノ目ヌヌ】1:42:108
2022-11-29United States FlabbsXZGamingUndertale: Our Full Review1:16:3230
2022-11-26 Kevin Best ReviewsUndertale Game Review0:429
2022-11-15 Break Room of GeeksUndertale - an overdue review14:461,118
2022-11-14 Luvly BonniWhat is Ink Sans like?7:217
2022-11-11 rem azureUndertale Soul OPs Boss Rush: Extended: HyperDust Review | He's meh8:413,792
2022-11-11 El Noah!El Noah’s undertale review9:085
2022-11-09United States CDJAndybotUndertale [Review]2:594
2022-11-06Indonesia UnknownUndertale 3D Sans Ultimate Fighting (SMB but 3D?) ll Review w/ @Robotpetch12310:3440