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1. Misaki618,451,669
2. Elu Tran423,100,351
3.United States Sans Comic TV400,240,774
4.Austria Merg280,698,577
5.Canada Undertale Comic TV209,724,793
6.United States Nick Nitro199,643,787
7.United States Man on the Internet173,224,076
8.Ireland jacksepticeye168,318,602
9.United States SharaX Official167,014,645
10.United States Smooth McGroove142,993,468

Latest Let's Plays For Undertale

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days agoJapan Lrlf_games\れるりふサンズが乱雑になってしかもヘルプパンツ…?【Help Pants】ABOLOTOON Fresh Saneeees3:071,057
4 days agoUnited States Professor ChucklesLet's FIRST PLAY Undertale - Part 14 - FINALE?8:0719
4 days agoIndonesia MILIHARHOTLAND Tempat yang Sangat PANAS!! | Undertale Indonesia - Part 1026:249
5 days agoUnited States BFLReactsUndyne! Friend or Foe? Let's Play Undertale Part 841:09241
6 days ago El LagunPLAYING AND COOKING WITH METTATON... AGAIN - Lagun Plays Games: Let's Play Undertale #1923:287
2022-01-17 SkyJon117Undertale Crazy Multiverse Timeline - Alpha Judge Sans and new Player Skin8:17948
2022-01-16Viet Nam [LOG] AGENT 7[CODE] Alpha Judge Sans / New Skin For Player [Showcase] [Undertale Crazy Multiverse Timeline]5:4722,327
2022-01-16Taiwan, Republic of China 1tw_SK物語Alpha Judge Sans/Player Skin [Showcase]【Undertale Crazy Multiverse Timeline】3:171,139
2022-01-16Russian Federation DustSans_268Undertale Crazy Multiverse Timeline Alpha Judge Sans,Skin for Player.5:005,475
2022-01-16 EmpedUndertale - Full Neutral Playthrough5:01:0521
2022-01-15France Lily Lota[Lily Lota] UNDERTALE (PACIFIST RUN) | EPISODE 1 : Welcome to Snowdyn [LET'S PLAY]2:36:25131
2022-01-15United States wallsocks productionsMy Mom Plays Undertale for the First Time! (Part 1)56:057
2022-01-15United States Two Moons Gaming🔴 UNDERTALE - True Pacifist Playthrough!1:56:58204
2022-01-14United States Melody T. AdachiHi So Sorry! Hi Mettaton! - Undertale Bonus Round #21:17:4229
2022-01-13 StorytimePlaythroughs[EN/PNG] Storytime Playthroughs: Undertale: Under the Tale2:31:340
2022-01-12United Kingdom UNKNXWN_F3XR_2211[LIVE] Undertale genocide ending playthrough [episode 1]34:0927
2022-01-12 fluffyintrovert archivethe most wholesome pacifist run? undertale playthrough #1! l vod archive4:00:273
2022-01-11United Kingdom GTArajgamingLET'S KEEP GOING! A NOOB PLAYS UNDERTALE!1:22:2460
2022-01-11Germany Cinétastic CécileLet's Play Undertale [German/4K] Part 33: Chara erwacht! - Bonus Endings27:1715
2022-01-11Netherlands SiIvaGunnerSnowy (Alpha Mix) - Undertale1:2921,153
2022-01-08United Kingdom Stitch626TheAlienGamerStitch Plays Undertale Part 748:04293
2022-01-08Spain DkparraCuriosidades Undertale: Todas las posibilidades en la cita con Alphys.15:483,555
2022-01-08United States partyarliePlaying Undertale for the FIRST TIME | Undertale Playthrough [1]25:32282
2022-01-07United States Implausibly AverageUndertale (03) - Alphys, Mettaton, & Muffet1:55:179
2022-01-07Australia Lego Man Creations and AnimationsUndertale pacifist run pt5 - Alphys lab stuff1:12:06183

Latest Reviews For Undertale

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2022-01-09United States VexolyteUndertale Review - I'm Sure You Know This Game, But Does It Hold Up In 2022? (Game Review)12:4026
2021-12-06 LuckyFalcothe best (worst) undertale bad review1:1535
2021-11-25United States tehRogueClosed Door Undertale Comic Dub + Gaomon s620 review3:582,530
2021-10-26El Salvador Josh_pro 7Mini Review + Instalador de Undertale: Bits & Pieces (V4.2.1) Sin tener que comprarlo en Steam :D1:172,815
2021-10-18United States CainTheBossPlaying Undertale Until Action Button Review Drops PART 258:4524
2021-09-07United States DustPanManFunny Undertale Steam Reviews1:5230
2021-09-06United States davidvincMy Undertale Experience And Review - Does It Live Up To The Hype?8:273,244
2021-08-11United Kingdom SwitchWatch20+ North American Switch Exclusives! Physicals Europe Didn't Get!9:494,661
2021-08-03Viet Nam Kiritokrm OfficialThings I Like And Things I Don't Like About Undertale Crazy Multiverse Timeline | UCMT review ig ???5:072,282
2021-08-03Indonesia Asakura Succubus Ch.🔴 LIVE | Undertale ☕ #TidurSiangReview | 【Vtuber Indonesia】1:53:4696
2021-07-10 RoamerWhy i love Undertale (A review... Kinda) (Spoilers)13:20968
2021-07-05 IGN ChinaIGN 10分,《傳說之下》評測: 讓人永生難忘的遊戲體驗 Undertale Review2:17783
2021-06-23Japan Lrlf_games\れるりふサンズに6つのタマシイを吸収…そして凄まじい攻撃そんなウルトラサンズと戦闘…Undertale -fanmade Ultra $@ns review7:206,669
2021-06-21United States SuperBeastGNFunny Steam Reviews - Undertale0:391,589
2021-06-18United States GSpiderUndertale: The New Golden Standard (Spoiler Free)7:2480
2021-06-14United Kingdom Captain Cap ReviewsWhat was Undertale ?: A Reviewmentary1:23:13115
2021-06-14United States SegaCDUniverseUndertale (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC) (Video Game) (Review) I Finally Played Undertale!6:0672
2021-06-13United States CaptainPajamaPantsi played undertale in 2021 and you should too - a super review8:47397
2021-06-02United States Huggable HipsterDespite everything, its still you undertale review WARNING SPOILERS9:2738
2021-05-28United States ChaseYamaWHAT THE HECK IS THIS GAME??? - Undertale Review | Video Game Review | ChaseYama5:02154
2021-05-12 coolmanoscarUndertale’s strange Xbox one reviews #shorts0:5022
2021-04-27United States Critiquing DogeOne Minute Reviews | Everhood1:00881
2021-04-24Mexico Wolf Lebrega¿Te Recomiendo Jugar Undertale? | Review4:4540
2021-04-11United States G-MineoUndertale 5 Years Later! | G-Mineo Editor Joe Game Review16:0612,818
2021-04-09United Kingdom gospvgUndertale (PS5) - Completed Review4:31268