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Witam w moim kanale na YouTube. Często nagrywam MUGEN'owe filmy i przejścia różnych gier video.
(Welcome to my YouTube channel. I often make MUGEN videos and the various video game playthroughs.)

Programy do nagrywania, które używam: Fraps, Bandicam, LoiLo Game Recorder oraz Mirillis Action.

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Mortal Kombat Project - Baraka playthrough
This time I am playing as Barack Obama... I mean... Baraka from Mortal Kombat 2. He is a Tarkatan warrior, who is using blades, which are hidden...
2019-03-11 2:55:17 PM ● 814 views ● 19:53 95.65% liked
Mortal Kombat Anthology - Dark Kitana playthrough
An another edgy-ass edit. This time I am playing as Dark Kitana (aka Black Kitana). It's an edit of the UMK3 one, but with two extra moves: a...
2019-03-10 9:43:07 AM ● 1,082 views ● 28:10 94.44% liked
Anna the Anaconda - The evolution video (2010 - 2019)
The updated version of my character evolution video. This video includes: - All the drawings with her I made - The new drawings with her (that...
2019-03-10 5:43:21 AM ● 287 views ● 6:17 91.67% liked
Big Fight: Big Trouble in the Atlantic Ocean playthrough
I am playing an another obscure beat'em up game, which was not emulated properly. This time I am playing Big Fight: Big Trouble in the Atlanic...
2019-03-09 4:43:53 PM ● 484 views ● 54:26 92.86% liked
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Streets of Rage Remake - SoRMaker Mods: Sailor Moon Pretty Soldier playthrough
Because some of my watchers were complaining about my actual content, I decided to make an another SoRMaker mod playthrough. I am playing an...
2019-03-09 8:45:34 AM ● 294 views ● 40:31 100.00% liked
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OpenBoR games: Double Dragon Gold - Chin Tiamei playthrough
An another playthrough in this OpenBoR game. I am playing as an another boss character from Double Dragon 2, who is Chin Tiamei. He is a Chinese...
2019-03-04 3:59:29 PM ● 1,090 views ● 43:41 100.00% liked
Let's Play
The sign-ups for SM1o1MT - Cheesy Savagery III: A Spectator's Bet
Because a lot of people liked this idea, I decided to open the sign ups. All the entries will be annonymous, since it's Some Random 1-on-1 MUGEN...
2019-03-04 10:56:04 AM ● 378 views ● 0:45
Mortal Kombat Project 4.1 - Fronzen Sub-Zero playthrough
FROOONZENNNN. A playthrough with a certain fan-made version of Sub-Zero we know from MrGSTAR321's second MKChaotic playthrough because of Haso3D's...
2019-02-28 3:21:25 PM ● 4,897 views ● 16:18 94.12% liked
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Mortal Kombat Special Edition - Moon playthrough
A playthrough with a certain Mortal Kombat fan character, who was supposed to be in one of the projects, that may have been canceled and I mean...
2019-02-28 8:08:48 AM ● 1,223 views ● 25:52 82.98% liked
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OpenBoR games: Double Dragon Gold - Machine Gun Willy playthrough
Because my playthrough with him in Double Dragon Reloaded suddenly became popular after a year, I decided to do one in this Double Dragon fangame....
2019-02-28 1:31:26 AM ● 957 views ● 36:09 95.24% liked
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