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United Kingdom
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About AJ PuzzleFerret

I love gaming and creativity. So join me as we explore games and generally chat on about stuff!
I aim for 2 video's a day every day! You might notice the odd few extra videos sneak on too :D.
I like a vast variety of gaming experience, so expect retro, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, racing, puzzle, indie and triple A titles.
Please feel welcome to make suggestions of your own, say hi! and subscribe today!

No playlist is beyond reviving, if you want to see more of something say so! and it shall be so... possibly... its well worth a try :D

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Resident Evil RE2 Ep16 - Mutant Crocodile!
Leon descends into the sewers and is greeted by a wonderful creation of the lizard like nature as he wades swiftly through the unpleasant sludge!...
2019-02-16 8:15:24 PM ● 2 views ● 26:52 100.00% liked
Far Cry New Dawn Ep1 - Meeting The twins!
Society has slowly started to crawl its way out of the ruin of its former existence and a group of survivors set off to help others build their...
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Assault Android Cactus Ep1 - Give me an A!
Checking out a ship that has not got sent a message in a while our hero cactus find the employees have been taken hostage by their machines and...
2019-02-15 8:15:02 PM ● 34 views ● 23:11 100.00% liked
X4 Foundations Ep49 - Joining the SCA!
We set off into pirate space to join the pirates themselves and try to grab some EMP devices for stealing blueprints with! :D Skip to 12:31 to...
2019-02-15 8:11:59 PM ● 266 views ● 23:34 100.00% liked
Portal Knights Warrior Ep23 - Ice dragon attempt!
We take our hero over to the hollow king filled with confidence that we can wipe him out in mere moments... then we move on to the chilly realm...
2019-02-14 8:13:45 PM ● 46 views ● 18:08 100.00% liked
Resident Evil RE2 Ep15 - Car park key!
With the last of the electronic parts in our possession we set off to the parking garage door and find ourselves back in the pleasant company...
2019-02-14 8:10:20 PM ● 8 views ● 21:19 100.00% liked
X4 Foundations Ep48 - This is HOP space!
Having done a little spring cleaning on our factories we set off in hopes of finding the habitat modules for improving them further and the HOP...
2019-02-13 8:11:32 PM ● 185 views ● 22:20 100.00% liked
The Forest Ep3 - Day one energy bars!
Having survived the first day our hero having munched through the last of the energy bars has already turned to a less than wonderful food product,...
2019-02-13 8:10:13 PM ● 29 views ● 26:22 75.00% liked
Cardlife Ep4 - Bountiful wildlife!
We explore a little of the local area around our now developing home, put on some stone armour and check out the nightlife as we continue to...
2019-02-12 8:11:02 PM ● 0 views ● 17:45
Resident Evil RE2 Ep14 - The Bell tower of Fear!
With the Tyrant hot on our every footstep we are chased through the police station at every turn. But we have been gathering various key items...
2019-02-12 8:08:42 PM ● 9 views ● 22:40 100.00% liked