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United Kingdom
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About AJ PuzzleFerret

I love gaming and creativity. So join me as we explore games and generally chat on about stuff!
I aim for 2 video's a day every day! You might notice the odd few extra videos sneak on too :D.
I like a vast variety of gaming experience, so expect retro, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, racing, puzzle, indie and triple A titles.
Please feel welcome to make suggestions of your own, say hi! and subscribe today!

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X4 Foundations Ep15 - Accomplish much and achieve nothing!
We set off with great hope of finding the little Boron friend we made way back at the beginning. But life is full of distractions and wrong turns...
2018-12-16 8:27:31 PM ● 25 views ● 28:04 100.00% liked
Planet Centauri Ep15 - Shadow dungeon Swords!
After upgrading his armour and weaponry Explorion sets his sights on the shadow dungeon once again, with an eye towards the treasures contained...
2018-12-16 8:25:08 PM ● 11 views ● 25:23 100.00% liked
X4 Foundations Ep14 - Working on the Free station!
Having discovered the free base, I have been busy working out how to build more stuff onto it. However I need traders and traders need information,...
2018-12-15 9:28:34 PM ● 59 views ● 30:05 100.00% liked
Planet Centauri Ep14 - Leaf Fairy boss!
After making our smith create a new armour set for us, Explorion teleports to the leafy ancient dungeon of the forest to see what delights reside...
2018-12-15 9:27:23 PM ● 11 views ● 26:43 100.00% liked
X4 Foundations Ep13 - Opening the rift in space!
We take our little beginner ship and use it to blast open the space rift to see what wonders await. But the excitable Boron we are dealing with...
2018-12-14 8:28:36 PM ● 8 views ● 20:32 100.00% liked
X4 Foundations Ep12 - Processing another free ship!
This time I take us through the process I have been following to strip down the free ships we have been finding from beginning. Then we set off...
2018-12-13 8:26:21 PM ● 21 views ● 18:35 100.00% liked
Planet Centauri Ep12 - ice dungeon!
A number of places have caught Explorions eye so its time for a tour around the mine looking into the new places we have uncovered and the strangeness...
2018-12-13 8:24:01 PM ● 10 views ● 26:41 100.00% liked
X4 Foundations Ep11 - Free Ship Madness!
Having been spoiled with the discovery of many free ships I can't resist searching for more and explaining how I found the previous ones. We...
2018-12-12 8:27:32 PM ● 87 views ● 25:22 100.00% liked
Planet Centauri Ep11 - Desert dungeon boss!
The adventures of Explorion continue as he attempts the desert dungeon once more then visits the depths of some pretty warm sounding areas lower...
2018-12-12 8:25:52 PM ● 18 views ● 22:55 100.00% liked
X4 Foundations Ep10 - Over the boundary!
Curiosity takes us to the very edge of a sectors of space and beyond the lines to discover what resides in the distant reaches. We continue furthering...
2018-12-11 8:31:03 PM ● 22 views ● 29:36