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Hi, I'm Ruskie but some like to call me Henry, here we do video essays on gaming. I hope you enjoy your stay :)

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The Day Metal Gear Died
Metal gear survive killed the metal gear series, but how? In this video essay I answer how that happened. Support me on patreon:
2018-09-19 10:29:41 AM ● 89,298 views ● 1:10:27 92.31% liked
How Blizzard Won The Gaming Community - Overwatch
Blizzard has achieved an incredible relationship with their fans but how... Support me on patreon: Please...
2018-06-28 8:31:36 AM ● 15,593 views ● 18:22 92.31% liked
Overwatch (2016)
The Day Mass Effect Died
Mass effect used to be a beloved franchise but now it has joined the long list of games assassinated by EA... This is a documentary on the death...
2018-04-06 11:38:13 AM ● 870,800 views ● 55:44 91.00% liked
FrankieonPC - How To Become A Gaming Legend
For many Frankieonpc is their favourite youtuber but why? In this video essay I break down his craft and ask how Frankie has built such a legendary...
2018-03-05 10:39:16 AM ● 423,855 views ● 12:45 95.28% liked
The Future Of This Channel
Big things are happening to this channel... Support me on patreon: Please Like and Subscribe for more videos...
2018-02-28 10:51:56 AM ● 22,687 views ● 16:28 98.75% liked
The Dark Truth Behind Lootboxes - Are Lootboxes Gambling?
Governments are questioning the legality of lootboxes but are they right to? Support me on patreon: Please...
2018-02-23 8:26:03 AM ● 29,501 views ● 11:24 98.34% liked
Why G2A Is Killing The Gaming Industry
G2A is putting money in the pockets of criminals and crippling the gaming industry... Support me on patreon:
2018-02-03 10:21:03 AM ● 437,322 views ● 8:19 89.46% liked
Why Fallout 4 Failed
Fallout 4 was the weakest entry into the fallout series. In this video essay I ask why... Support me on patreon:
2018-01-29 9:36:47 AM ● 950,656 views ● 23:46 81.02% liked
Fallout 4
Fallout 4 (2015)
The Day Dayz Died
Dayz used to be a thriving community but now it is a ghost town, in this video essay I answer why that happened... Support me on patreon:
2018-01-29 9:36:40 AM ● 1,319,973 views ● 25:24 92.94% liked
DayZ (2013)