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About MrKravin

Hi. I'm MrKravin and I play spooky games. I stream on Twitch. I have a co-op channel called Dangerous To Go Alone.

Banner Art:
Outro Art + Thumbnail Borders by Oweeo:
Avatar and SkeleKravin and Chibis by Kat Wynn:

My setup-

HP Omen X Desktop
GTX 1080
32GB DDR4 Ram
500GB SSD Main Drive
2TB WD Black Recording Drive

Microphone: Shure SM7B

Recording: OBS Studio, DXtory
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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STIFLED [1] - Sound Based Horror Game
Stifled is a horror game where you use sound to navigate the environment, as well as what gives you away to the monsters. I like it! Store:
2018-07-12 2:45:24 PM ● 5,732 views ● 1:07:02 99.30% liked
The Entity - Grandma's Pet Alien Escaped Again (Bad Indie Horror Game)
The Entity is about inheriting a house from your dead Granny, and surprise, it's all weird at night.
2018-07-10 2:42:42 PM ● 609 views ● 30:03 98.85% liked
DERE EVIL .EXE [Full Playthrough] Save Yanna + Delete Yanna Endings Dere Evil Exe is a pretty difficult platformer with horror elements. I really enjoyed this one! I found...
2018-07-09 5:55:00 PM ● 4,201 views ● 1:07:38 97.25% liked
Let's Play
Concluse comes to an end, but the story isn't over! I'm looking forward to the next part!
2018-07-09 3:05:05 PM ● 1,936 views ● 25:46 98.31% liked
CONCLUSE [2] - SEWERS + RUST WORLD (Free Indie Horror Game)
This game is super dark, and I did my best to make it watchable. Hope you enjoy! Love ya! - Patreon ► Twitch ►
2018-07-07 4:49:28 PM ● 4,423 views ● 1:03:54 97.79% liked
CONCLUSE [1] - Silent Hill Inspired Free Horror Game
Concluse is about trying to find your wife is a mysterious town no one has heard of, but it's all dark and scary and probably has monsters. Hmm......
2018-07-05 3:14:49 PM ● 10,421 views ● 37:45 97.99% liked
RAFT [DTGA SPECIAL] Spoilers: We Suck
I have a co-op channel with John Wolfe, Kita Nash, and KatFTW. Check us out! - Patreon ►
2018-07-04 8:14:12 PM ● 4,854 views ● 42:50 98.56% liked
Raft (2016)
INFLICTION [Kickstarter Demo] Spent too long trying to salvage the first part of this video to take pictures of art. Sorry! Wanna help out with the new...
2018-06-27 4:30:03 PM ● 13,346 views ● 23:14 99.34% liked
Infliction (2018)
This game used a song that got flagged for copyright. I used the "Replace song" tool at the 25 min mark, blame them for it being so...
2018-06-25 4:33:14 PM ● 11,678 views ● 28:28 98.66% liked
ARTHUR'S NIGHTMARE [Full Playthrough]
Arthur's Nightmare is about an... Arthur troll that gets what's coming to him? What? - Patreon...
2018-06-24 5:09:55 PM ● 6,315 views ● 25:51 96.93% liked
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