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About Gaming Faster than Light!

Let's hang out and find games that inspire you to be creative. I make gameplay videos of things like Slime Rancher, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone and others!

Every day there are new gameplay videos of early access, released and free games.

Let's build a community that helps you create awesome things!

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Here are a few games Josh has covered and recommends that you play. Enjoy!

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I FOUGHT A VOLCANO AND LOST - Volcanoids Gameplay #1
Josh has to survive against a Volcano eruption and fight steampunk robots in Volcanoids! Download Volcanoids:
2019-02-01 1:00:02 PM ● 1,242 views ● 14:32 97.30% liked
Josh joins doom49, Blitz and Baron to DESTROY THE SUN in Worbital! It's villainy has been allowed to continue for too long so it's time to blow...
2019-01-31 1:00:02 PM ● 1,043 views ● 11:58 100.00% liked
Worbital (2019)
I HACKED THE RUSSIANS - Spy Who Shrunk Me #1
It's time for some smooth spying in The Spy Who Shrunk Me. Josh hacks the russians and shrinks their security and flushes them down the toilet....
2019-01-23 1:00:04 PM ● 1,317 views ● 10:48 98.08% liked
Hang Line lets you rescue people trapped on a mountain with your trusty climbing hook. Goats also live on this mountain, they suck. Josh shows...
2019-01-19 8:00:03 AM ● 2,183 views ● 14:55 97.67% liked
I Collected all the Twinkle Slimes with TIME TRAVEL! - Slime Rancher Wiggly Wonderland
Slime Travel? Time Rancher? The Twinkle slimes can only be found during the Wiggly Wonderland Holiday event so Josh shows you how to time travel...
2019-01-15 1:00:02 PM ● 10,869 views ● 21:00 95.68% liked
Tried to escape my boring life, now I owe the Mafia $99000! - Family Man Beta #1
In Family Man you accidentally shoot your friend and owe the mafia money! Josh tries to dig himself out of that mess while looking after his...
2019-01-11 1:00:00 PM ● 2,451 views ● 20:53 95.52% liked
Mafia (2002)
SPREADING HOLIDAY CHEER WITH LASER SWORDS - NEW Clone Drone Last Bot Standing Christmas Levels
Josh explores Clone Drone's new battle royale maps update, and they're Christmas themed! Download Clone Drone in the Danger Zone:
2018-12-27 1:00:09 PM ● 3,504 views ● 13:31 98.78% liked
Cooking Christmas Dinner for EVERYONE! - Overcooked 2 Christmas Dinner Boogaloo
The Overcooked 2 DLC Kevin's Christmas Cracker Update lets you make Xmas food! Josh is hungry but Christmas is a time for giving food to other...
2018-12-24 2:00:02 PM ● 1,148 views ● 17:54 100.00% liked
DECORATING THE RANCH FOR CHRISTMAS - Slime Rancher Wiggly Wonderland #3
Josh explores the Slime Rancher Christmas event with the new slime, the Twinkle Slime! He uses the christmas decorations and chimes to decorate...
2018-12-22 1:27:42 PM ● 13,836 views ● 19:20 97.36% liked
HOW TO MAKE THE SLIMES SING FOR US - Slime Rancher Wiggly Wonderland #2
Josh explores the Slime Rancher Christmas event with the new slime, the Twinkle Slime! He hunts it down to find the presents it gives. The new...
2018-12-20 1:00:03 PM ● 24,535 views ● 11:45 97.26% liked