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Kevin: A Catholic Gamer

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About Kevin: A Catholic Gamer

Welcome to Kevin: A Catholic Gamer! Here we have a kid friendly Let's Play Channel that also has a few prayers at the end of each video, that way we welcome all. We have the Let's Play Footage at the beginning followed by a prayer that way those that want to partake in only one, or both can. However on Sunday's their will be only a prayer video as it is the day of rest and praise. We welcome everyone to join us and have fun! All we ask is that a friendly environment is kept. God Bless!

I'm also introducing something new as a reward as of March 26th, 2017! For every 100 additional subscribers the channel gets I'll Let's Play an RPG! Why is that a reward you may ask? Well, it's mainly because with RPG's they typically require a lot of editing for how I personally am happy, having a 4 month old son cuts down on my time but I'm more than glad to do it as a thank you. So for the first RPG we have: 100 Subscribers - Skies of Arcadia Legends.

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