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Let's play games and have fun! I post funny let's plays, walkthroughs, cutscenes and full game movies, short clips and long gameplay footage, I love beat-em-ups by Omega Force like Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Orochi Musou, as well as other KOEI games like Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Nobunaga's Ambition strategy/simulation series, also other assorted videogames with samurai and whatnot, sometimes even occasional online multiplayer if my friends push me to it. Currently doing full playthroughs of PS2 Dynasty Warriors 3 on PCSX2 and PC version of Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper with facecam, Dragon's Dogma: DArk Arisen, Tomb Raider, Left 4 Dead, Borderlands and stuff! Love, Andi

I posted some Metal concerts before, but can't really risk it here, so I'm moving all of my music videos to my friend's channel: so subscribe it for more Heavy Metal shows in good quality.

#KOEI #KTFamily #letsplay #dynastywarriors #heavymetal

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DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 OFFICIAL ENGLISH TRAILER +Voiceover, New Voice Actors & Open World Info/News PV4
Cao Cao and Xiahou Dun got new voices, eh?.. Dynasty Warriors 9 Open World Overview Trailer, Assassin's Creed style + RPG elements!.. We also...
2018-01-16 9:41:02 AM ● 191 views ● 18:43 100.00% liked
Let's Play Fate/EXTELLA Saber 09: Kissing Saber Nero! Chapter 4, Not for Destruction nor Conquest
Caster Tamamo no Mae joins Red Saber as they together try to stop Altera and Velber, the Umbral Star; Living together two families of heroes,...
2018-01-16 7:55:20 AM ● 21 views ● 31:20 100.00% liked
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DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 NEWs: Character Select & Gameplay Trailers: Gan Ning, Zhang Chunhua, Xu Shu etc.
Official gameplay footage of Gan Ning, Wei Yan, Zhang Chunhua, Dian Wei & Xu Shu plus Initial selectable characters for Dynasty Warriors...
2018-01-16 1:29:40 AM ● 265 views ● 5:09 70.00% liked
Let's Play Warriors All-Stars Chaos 09: Recruiting Horo & Plachta; Cool, Calm & Collected #KTFamily
GO READ A BOOK! XD Literally half of this game is repeatedly recruiting yet another Rei Ayanami-clone emotionless kuudere girl with blue hair...
2018-01-15 12:30:00 PM ● 59 views ● 27:47 83.33% liked
Let's Play
Dynasty Warriors 3 Xiahou Yuan 07: Old Man on the Ding Jun Mountain! #DANCING Let's Play #KTFamily
#KTFamily, let's dance with Zhang He as Huang Zhong gets down the mountain, as Xiahou Yuan tries to dodge arrows with limited results... Anyway,...
2018-01-15 8:00:05 AM ● 40 views ● 44:49 80.00% liked
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Let's Play Fate/EXTELLA Saber 08: Enter Altera! Archer, Nero & Tamamo no Mae Caster vs. White Saber
Sorry for the break, I ALMOST finished this game, and this is the final appearance of Altera, the vanguard of Velber, the Umbral Star, as we...
2018-01-14 12:56:40 PM ● 72 views ● 21:34 85.71% liked
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Let's Play Dynasty Warriors 8 Shu Chaos 16: Guan Yinping's Fan Castle victory, Zhang Bao at Lukou!
Guan Yinping fights Cao Ren as Shu are victorious at Fan Castle, keeping Guan Ping alive via Xu Shu's plot, Pang Tong's reinforcements arriving...
2018-01-14 8:14:54 AM ● 79 views ● 41:12 71.43% liked
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Let's Play Nights of Azure 2 PC 40: Fragment of Rage, Alice gameplay, Dilinquent Girl, Abyss' Shadow
We try out fighting with Alice servan and her White Rabbits and Looking-glass shield (Gust, I see what you did here), and complete three quests...
2018-01-14 4:19:23 AM ● 56 views ● 34:03 100.00% liked
Let's Play
Let's Play Omega Quintet 07: Finishing 1st Chapter! Takt Pair battle, MAD Strength & Flash Effects
All right, the first chapter is done, Otoha completes her final exam and impatiently awaits the result, where Momoka and Ayumi will tell if she...
2018-01-13 1:34:29 PM ● 60 views ● 38:37 100.00% liked
Let's Play
DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 NEW Open World City & Sun Shangxiang Gameplay, All Weapon types, clones & Cao Xiu
MISTER, ARE YOU A BASKETBALL PLAYER?! New demo gameplay footage of Sun Shangxiang and Guan Yu taking a stroll, remembering the good times with...
2018-01-13 12:24:15 PM ● 737 views ● 18:18 83.33% liked