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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from South Africa based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
3 hours agoSouth Africa E News Mzansi108,000What MOJA LOVE DOES TO JUB JUB AND OTHERS WILL SHOOK YOU!3:40
13 hours agoSouth Africa RustyPieLover4,660If Ginger was a Gaming Difficulty - Part 3 ... #Ginger #gaming #Difficulty #sauce #subscribe0:31
17 hours agoSouth Africa That Girl Katy469Battle of the Bachelors #1 || Introductions10:06
17 hours agoSouth Africa Squally224,000Every Legendary Character In Cod Mobile ‼️😳 (11 Skins)0:47
19 hours agoSouth Africa RandomRobGames99Dead Space Remake - LAZERS AND HAND-TLER SUIT- Part 551:07
19 hours agoSouth Africa Garena Free Fire Middle East and Africa - English33,300Survivors!It's almost time for an exclusive collaboration Free Fire x Devil May Cry 50:19
19 hours agoSouth Africa Zarastro Ch.1,220【Yakuza Kiwami 2】It's Majima Time【EN/AFR VTuber】3:03:54
21 hours agoSouth Africa Solo ReacTalk2,950Greatest Love of All (WHITNEY - a tribute by Glennis Grace) | REACTION12:50
23 hours agoSouth Africa Mikemcsmurfy1,560Call of Duty - Black Ops 2 Trailer 2012 [Sabaton - Great War]1:57
1 day agoSouth Africa Grant Hinds34,900A Smart Watch you can probably afford0:43
1 day agoSouth Africa Coffee & Cream Gaming304F12022 - HOE Season 2 - COTA USA1:19:22
1 day agoSouth Africa ShaneyG1,040Pokémon Pokéverse World | Fun Android Game | Chapter 117:13
1 day agoSouth Africa TroubleChute151,000Reset Options/Change without launching | Hogwarts Legacy3:55
1 day agoSouth Africa The Grenade Squad1,870Solo vs. Duos #youtubeshorts #shorts #short #shortvideo #warzone #callofduty #mw2 #ytshorts #cod0:15
1 day agoSouth Africa Daniella DigiBun113Persona 5 Royal - Phantom Thieves: Assemble!0:15
1 day agoSouth Africa Jean's Gaming5,200LIVE | Undead Legacy | Having Fun On The Members/Patreon UL Server! | 7 Days to Die Livestream4:24:39
1 day agoSouth Africa Stealth Brawler258Ghost Of Tsushima Stealth Brawling7:52
1 day agoSouth Africa Kazusa Konuki429Fatal Twelve Ep 82 A Frantic Decision24:43
1 day agoSouth Africa ConCon140,000This OWL is not Impressed ► Hogwarts Legacy0:07
1 day agoSouth Africa Tobi21ZAR232MeatCanyon always freaks me out man...7:06
1 day agoSouth Africa iTz_Iceman189Executioner0:12
1 day agoSouth Africa Razeen Natha South Africa🇿🇦 Gaming Channel259Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith PS2 2005 Hayden Christensen Anakin Skywalker Walkth Part 125:25
1 day agoSouth Africa The Jude2,610Hogwarts Legacy Arrival at Vault 120:31
1 day agoSouth Africa GameFaceZA4,150️⚔️Hogwarts Legacy / Part 1️ LIVE STREAM3:12:39
1 day agoSouth Africa Garies Gaming819Fallout 4 Stream - Part 24 - 100% Completion Stream1:39:16
1 day agoSouth Africa RoMike201311,5009yo Fortnite Goat Dominates The Lobby | !play !code ROMIKE 11:53:06
1 day agoSouth Africa Just Trev1,870F1 22 Multiplayer with Flaristic & Aidonator Gaming - PVP - LIVE STREAM!0:00
1 day agoSouth Africa Patrick VDV1,550PROVE You're Grateful🔥0:59
1 day agoSouth Africa ChubsC6,810- Tuesday Night Fortnite ZoneWars for Cash $$$ -1:43:13
1 day agoSouth Africa Apple Sauce X4,740STOP Wasting Gem Shrines! Be Marvelous & Get Perfect Gems! #d2r #d2resurrected #diablo20:18
1 day agoSouth Africa Flatzoid’s Perspective2,540Space Cadets. They were fooled!0:00
1 day agoSouth Africa Azjenco's Den188Where Madness Begins - Azjenco Plays Sanitarium Part 0144:01
1 day agoSouth Africa CGVega1,710PLAGUE TALE REQUIEM X THE OFFICE0:14
1 day agoSouth Africa The Core Gameplay7,930Easy Way To Manage Your Inventory New World0:50
1 day agoSouth Africa Exhausted Gamers955UPON EVERY HIT SCREAM LIKE YOU MEAN IT | Elden Ring0:34
1 day agoSouth Africa MJGHD174Assassins Creed Unity - Part 13 - The Prophet (PS5 - No Commentary)10:51
1 day agoSouth Africa Largely Unemployed2,600Pardon my French | Tarkov Unlocked Day 11 !rules !wildcard3:57:51
1 day agoSouth Africa Kusemek238,000Dead Cells, But Cultured... ❤️5:14
1 day agoSouth Africa clinty boy171Playing Paladins ranked seige1:02:43
1 day agoSouth Africa 🕹️Toteji - FG Playlist🎮1,740👑 The King of Fighters XV - Kukri ⌛️ (Max/Quick Mode Combos)5:35
1 day agoSouth Africa Asylum Productions329Alien Isolation - 93 - Security10:04
2 days agoSouth Africa GamerBitto2,650Freddy Spaghetti 2 | Full Game Playthrough | Easy Platinum | PS5 | 4K HDR29:51
2 days agoSouth Africa Chani_ZA19,000Meet Echo 🖤 | #shorts #shortsafrica0:14
2 days agoSouth Africa Motionless Gaming283Portal | Test Chamber 14 Challenge (2 Portals)1:02
2 days agoSouth Africa MuffinFuzz865What Did I Get Tonight? | GTA V Role Play Livestream4:18:00
2 days agoSouth Africa Mitz Gaming Records1,010Valorant14:27
2 days agoSouth Africa Luthais18,000Scum - The Ultimate 1 Life Survival Challenge on The Meat Grinder - Day 43:55:24
2 days agoSouth Africa Pwned Games97Madden NFL 21 - Next Gen Reveal Trailer 1080p1:35
2 days agoSouth Africa Next Stop46Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - ABSTERGO INTERLUDE 1!! - Gameplay Walkthrough6:55
2 days agoSouth Africa Wer_81825Let's Play Factorio Ep'2 - Solar42:28
2 days agoSouth Africa GAmerUnKwn74MW2 gameplay (but just a quick peek on what I am using )2:05
2 days agoSouth Africa MaddSmoke101,000IQ 4000 OUTPLAY - GTA San Andreas #shorts0:25
2 days agoSouth Africa UIP South Africa24,600FAST X - FAST & FURIOUS 6 LEGACY TRAILER1:01
2 days agoSouth Africa Rolo 732232Defeating Rekka | Hi-Fi Rush | Ep.431:46
2 days agoSouth Africa Elapso298Persona 3 Portable - Chidori (Boss Fight) / Чидори (Битва с боссом)13:08
2 days agoSouth Africa Meta Mike33,900*NEW* BEST META PLAYERS IN EACH POSITION! (ALL PRICES)21:47
2 days agoSouth Africa Agro Squirrel Narrates58,700The Bright Lights of Humanity | Best of r/HFY | 2007 | Humans are Space Orcs | Deathworlders are OP17:08
2 days agoSouth Africa C.K.M1,050God of war ragnarok|Episode 13| Chef Kaylan plays (4K) (PS5)1:05:14
2 days agoSouth Africa CARL886CJ JOHNSON338GTA 5 online cars ARE MODDED???!!!!!!! #Shorts #gta5 #gta0:32
2 days agoSouth Africa Davey Wen331Double date draft: Win1:01
2 days agoSouth Africa ZatriX859Scrap Mechanic | #08 | Переезжаем поближе к деду4:06:45
2 days agoSouth Africa theosisza272HACKERS AND CHEATERS ARE IN OUR SERVERS!!!6:48
2 days agoSouth Africa SassyFPS449A Plague Tale: Requiem playthrough - Part 15 (Start of Chapter 6)15:33
2 days agoSouth Africa Caitlin De Ville716,000My electric violin cover of Physical by @dualipa0:16
2 days agoSouth Africa DPoet Gaming167Plains Safari Lodge - Valheim - Creative Builds Series3:17
2 days agoSouth Africa Tales of Lumin - Character Creation & More!34,400Ring of Elysium Character Creation (Male & Female, Full Customization, Cosmetics, Outfits, More!)45:47
2 days agoSouth Africa TechNick415,000POCO X5 & X5 Pro Unboxing and Review12:51
2 days agoSouth Africa Hypertext968Hogwarts Legacy: Sorting Ceremony7:41
2 days agoSouth Africa Master Raven Clan2,120Shaoling Highlights - King of The Hill IV | Twitter Archives | Master Raven | Tekken 72:11
3 days agoSouth Africa UnknownSoldierZA53GT7 LNR S2R11:17:39
3 days agoSouth Africa Just_Teen1,070APEX LEGENDS is a disaster...sometimes3:22
3 days agoSouth Africa Arries Is Hier896Dotah lol38:33
3 days agoSouth Africa The Reel Broadcast1,120Transformers #Shorts #Action0:38
3 days agoSouth Africa Jakkal'sFox27Taking Care of Necessities! Oxygen Not Included (Ep 2)20:15
3 days agoSouth Africa r0j0e gaming247Pact of Poison color, all legends and skins showcased (+Brawl code giveaway) - Season 7 Battle Pass1:33
3 days agoSouth Africa Betta-ah Gaming2,780🔴LIVE - HoAG Testing with more Damage & Might have to get a Voices + Levels - Path of Exile 3.205:57:20
3 days agoSouth Africa Ghost75Selling our Produce Stockpile | 10 Mil Farm No Man's Land EP.24| Farming Simulator 2223:21
3 days agoSouth Africa GAM3R ZA974Evil West Chapter 4: From Dusk till Dawn | GAM3Rza17:41
3 days agoSouth Africa Lucky Shot20,200100 Days To Beat One of Arks Hardest Mod Primal Fear - Episode 115:23
3 days agoSouth Africa Poovan49Gaming0:00
3 days agoSouth Africa Koby Works1,370Played In a *ZERO BUILDS CASH CUP* And This Happened😱33:17
3 days agoSouth Africa JayBoy48Playing Free Fire after a long time(No audio :( )15:51
3 days agoSouth Africa shadesplitter448God of War 4 (2018) Walkthrough Playthrough Longplay (PS5) -with commentary-15:42:21
3 days agoSouth Africa Marcel Smuts333I mean she wasn't wrong. #falloutboy #sugar #loser #crush #musician #guitarist #cover #ibanez0:33
4 days agoSouth Africa PeepSZN73Skater XL Chill sesh1:18:17
4 days agoSouth Africa Motoring Mayhem SA5,950BEST CHEVY BLAZER in SA? & MORE! @ WEST COAST CAR SHOW | Langebaan 202322:01
4 days agoSouth Africa HRS6,050Mbuma ya Ngolu - Serge Kambanga feat Michel Bakenda5:38
4 days agoSouth Africa PiratesTV68,300Orlando Pirates | 2022/23 DStvPrem | vs Mamelodi Sundowns | Post Match Press Conference21:47
4 days agoSouth Africa DarkLgaming7Marvel's Avengers, 3 Years later [PS5]9:06
4 days agoSouth Africa Johnny Jay Appleseed711FIRST TIME PLAYING - Against the Storm1:56:46
4 days agoSouth Africa TLes Gamer46COUNTER STRIKE GLOBAL OFFENSIVE K IS FOR KILLS PT 0031:36
4 days agoSouth Africa KN Developments58"CONSISTENT FORM!" | FIFA 07 Manager Mode | Part 1831:52
4 days agoSouth Africa Noble_Noonz92Multistreaming with Restream.io1:24:07
4 days agoSouth Africa The PC Gaming Zone2,620Battlefield V : All Weapons Reload Animations ( PC )13:55
4 days agoSouth Africa MobieGamer9,450These 10 Mobile Games Will Take You Back To Ww2 In 20235:31
4 days agoSouth Africa CyberSloth51The Goliath Forza Horizon 5 Sim | 1994 FORD ESCORT RS COSWORTH WRC COSSIE V2 | Logitech G29 Gameplay16:07
4 days agoSouth Africa Channel XL6French speak to Chinese for first time1:24
4 days agoSouth Africa JEJE-TV6,610THE DIVISION 2 - HEAD HUNTER FURY SHOTGUN BUILD TU 16.4 TU16.48:23
4 days agoSouth Africa OSG18562Alligator Steaks || New World (No Commentary)9:02