Latest Channel Activity From South Africa

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from South Africa based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
7 hours agoSouth Africa Stefanton Gaming249DEATH STRANDING - Episode 2 - Amelie - Part 3 - (PC) Gameplay Walkthrough (No Commentary)54:47
11 hours agoSouth Africa Hammer7Jnr4,440🔥 We need to Win a Game 🔥3:10:50
13 hours agoSouth Africa ConCon60,500Can I beat the BEST PLAYER In Toribash? | ConCon Vs Lisa14:32
14 hours agoSouth Africa SyleGaming3,340PES 2016 - NEXT SEASON PATCH 2021 & UPDATE11:31
14 hours agoSouth Africa Chitty Let's Play312Marvel Avengers Beta Gameplay Stream1:40:00
15 hours agoSouth Africa Jean's Gaming949Membership: Different Levels & Perks2:16
19 hours agoSouth Africa Super2bit3,950Friday afternoon hot drops Time to own Stadium Warzone (PC) Digital Fitness1:19:24
23 hours agoSouth Africa Baboon King3,790SEASON 9 MORE GRINDING (live stream) Last Day on Earth season 915:39
1 day agoSouth Africa BOX13-_-961,690Late Night VibeZz !members !discord !insta South African Player35:13
1 day agoSouth Africa Stobbie1493,210XCOM2 – Long War of The Chosen 3.1 beta (Legend/Modded). Episode 01.51:59
1 day agoSouth Africa Kamz 2531,200Taming A lvl 590 DIRE WOLF! WHAAT THE FREAK!!| RAFT 2.0 Survival Ep23 W/Kamz25| Hard Ark Mobile20:05
1 day agoSouth Africa Squally90,100Season 9: Possible Release Date + Required Specifications To Play! Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9!5:55
1 day agoSouth Africa ZatriX107Satisfactory #9 - Мост через бездну4:53:14
1 day agoSouth Africa E.I.E ANIMATIONS122,000Horror Animation Compilation 2 w/ Freddy Krueger, FNAF, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees AND MORE!52:44
1 day agoSouth Africa Electron Gaming199Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 | HDR Obsidian Montage2:53
1 day agoSouth Africa Garies Gaming197Grounded - 05 - Attacking the Spiders32:30
1 day agoSouth Africa Expresso Show115,000Artscape Women’s Humanity Arts Festival 20206:35
1 day agoSouth Africa TroubleChute16,800Steam: How to clear Download Cache | Can fix not launching/stuck downloads1:24
1 day agoSouth Africa Baker Gaming10FaceIT csgo South Africa LIVE #541:36
1 day agoSouth Africa Kronos8065Grounded 02 The mysterious Machine24:14
1 day agoSouth Africa Naija Pikin TV338eFootball 2020 | Online Friendly Series | HD16:53
2 days agoSouth Africa Chris Teale19LEGO Batman The Videogame Gameplay Walkthrough 10 - Full Game - No Commentary (Xbox 360) (1080p)16:45
2 days agoSouth Africa Luthais3,220The Best Fallout 4 Modded Playthrough : Day 5 - Clearing the Area and Molotov Showcase30:36
2 days agoSouth Africa RozeBlackAxe74GIT GUD: Investing For Millenials | DYOR & Cryptocurrency Markets43:34
2 days agoSouth Africa WheresLee1,520HONEY I SHRUNK *MYSELF* | Grounded Gameplay14:11
2 days agoSouth Africa Chrissie's Corner3,530FAIRYTALE TOWER 🧚‍♀️ The Sims 4: Speed Build (No CC)16:24
2 days agoSouth Africa CyberToad4450105Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain - Everything is Pain!2:31:41
2 days agoSouth Africa Momentum1,130Venessa Buthelezi Owns Her Success2:02
2 days agoSouth Africa Jacques Wilken58,700Incent ON - GTA Online (Webmaster Stream)3:48:46
2 days agoSouth Africa CrymsonFang2,780Unlocking The Eternal Knights Enlightened Skin! | Fortnite: Battle Royale - Part 4212:35
2 days agoSouth Africa Kazusa Konuki152Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Ep 24 Kyoko Found Her Father, The Truth is Unbelievable1:24:51
4 days agoSouth Africa N-tertainment X-tended1,060Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters - PSP vs PS2 vs PPSSPP vs PCSX2 Comparison4:51
4 days agoSouth Africa Tales of Lumin32,900Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - Part 110 (Let's Play / Playthrough)5:04:44
4 days agoSouth Africa HTE Gaming71There’s Gonna be a Fight - Stellaris Federations 2020 👾 Season 1 Part #1114:06
5 days agoSouth Africa Lightning H8785Spiderman Is In Marvel Avengers!!! Teases, Release Date And My Thoughts!!14:03
5 days agoSouth Africa SIMVIO25F1 2020 || Racing in confusion8:19
5 days agoSouth Africa DaDexo328British PUBG Trolling5:47
5 days agoSouth Africa Jakhals23Scary Suprises... Crysis 3 Part 548:59
6 days agoSouth Africa Callan Maart20Code Vein! Weeeeeee4:03:51
6 days agoSouth Africa unscalableyt39playing minecraft over server3:38
2020-08-01South Africa DRAGONSOUL11560Naruto Yankee Ultimate chad Storm 44:02
2020-07-31South Africa Sanctum Gamer47,200Cities Skylines - Nomasburg: 05 - Let's build a ranch19:59
2020-07-31South Africa RAINKINGX1629Skelattack Bubbly Broth for the Bones Achievement13:38
2020-07-31South Africa Nexus Hub843Developer Interview | Rich Lambert - Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director|| Nexus Hub-Endseeker7077:57
2020-07-30South Africa Minimacks113IM DROPPING AN EP!!!6:18
2020-07-30South Africa PeyperCut221,790Samsung Galaxy A31 | SM-A315 | Unboxing2:05
2020-07-30South Africa Gamer Mengel374KARDS | Theaters of War | USA Single-Player Campaign Part 511:56
2020-07-29South Africa Skaven 9391109On the WESTERN Front: World War 1 Strategy Game - Lets Check it Out the Eastern Front55:50
2020-07-27South Africa GamingFourCharity21Ghost of Tsushima Hard Stream Kurosawa & Colour Mode2:35:30
2020-07-27South Africa Billy Gee334FIFA 19: My TOP 10 GOALS4:52
2020-07-27South Africa Rosalyn Kent433THIS IS TOO PRETTY! JUST! WOW! - (Journey - Full Gameplay!)59:41
2020-07-25South Africa UnknownSoldierZA21Halo 2020 07 25 - Static Scene1:19
2020-07-25South Africa StarSystemStudios9,920Huh: and the adventures of something EPIC trailer1:16
2020-07-25South Africa Rolo 732206Double Trouble: Zane clone Build | Mayhem 10 Farming | South Africa | Live Stream1:56:10
2020-07-24South Africa Hans Haupt753Herman Miller Cosm Review - Sitting on Air [High Back + Adjustable Arms]21:20
2020-07-22South Africa Darrien Joseph104Warzone class setup!! | My Best Grau Class setup | Warzone Gameplay10:08
2020-07-21South Africa Mique69,700Mobile Legends Funny Moments With The Otaku Squad (Birthday Upload!🎉)3:37
2020-07-20South Africa SoldinPlay141Domus Showcase - Last Oasis ( The King Clan Base )2:18
2020-07-20South Africa NAG1,230rAge Expo 2019 Aftermovie3:35
2020-07-19South Africa Momentum Gaming650Division 2 Gameplay #18 - Taking down another Lieutenant [Part 2]21:57
2020-07-18South Africa Stealth Brawler SA56Gladiator: The Ringfighter3:30
2020-07-18South Africa GoldenTurtleGaming17GTG playz the Escapist #1 (Android)18:58
2020-07-18South Africa Paul Roux356Trying to fix a dryer belt - it did not last. Beer was had.3:50
2020-07-15South Africa kingandrethe936state of decay 2 juggernaut edition new map gameplay30:19
2020-07-15South Africa Anilinator919129Worms Rumble: Beta Gameplay: Full Deathmatch10:34
2020-07-14South Africa That Guy Shaun77CPT ST CRW // HAM Charity Run5:08
2020-07-10South Africa The Core Gameplay2,270Assassin's Creed Odyssey Warrior Build 202011:26
2020-07-09South Africa LostConnection Gaming34Morthal- Jewel of the Marshes5:09
2020-07-08South Africa Skimpyflea375Season 4 - Highlights | Call of Duty: Warzone3:03
2020-07-06South Africa Dreyer Smit64Child 'sarcastically' walks alongside my character in a bid to mock me? - Assassins Creed Odyssey0:29
2020-07-02South Africa WelshPixie11,200Let's Play Veloren, #329:28
2020-06-30South Africa Bradley Grobbelaar9Evolution 2 battle for utopia invisible enemies.0:29
2020-06-30South Africa Kaswa1015,240The Last of Us Part II | "Hurt"1:50
2020-06-29South Africa DJ DeePee TV1,080List of South African actors on Black Is King1:11
2020-06-24South Africa Savage Gaming6,740Ark Survival Evolved How to Automate Gacha Gavager & Crystal Cracker4:44
2020-06-13South Africa SwaJi165How to vibe on Siege - Rainbow Six Siege15:57
2020-06-13South Africa LQ Game Clips1FFXV Finale Part 4: Chapter 14 | The End (Royal Edition)1:24:14
2020-06-11South Africa Jarrius176I Made A 1v1 Box Fighting Map // Fortnite Creative5:25
2020-06-10South Africa Marius23C&C Red Alert Remastered - Funny stalemate19:37
2020-06-04South Africa Steriodog499WOODEN BONSAI POT WITH 3 EUCALYPTUS TREES14:54
2020-06-03South Africa Atroc_ZA1Derail Valley Overhauled - Harbor & Town Service Station LOCATION1:40
2020-05-31South Africa Largely Unemployed801Free Mechs? | Stellar Safari [Season 2] | Episode 241:01:10
2020-05-30South Africa Gareth Wall26Rainbow Six 1v5 Clutch2:01
2020-05-23South Africa Duke Stardust10,700Beach Bomber Drawing #Fortnite #FanArt | Photoshop Drawing | Live (and music:)1:14:59
2020-05-14South Africa Raru133WRC9 Gameplay 60FPS2:48
2020-05-08South Africa Ash Glover363The SplAsh Report Episode 14:59
2020-05-05South Africa Free Lives5,020GORN hits PSVR on May 19th0:56
2020-04-16South Africa CyborgNinja7869,010KYOSHO MINI-Z AWD (MA-020S) - GYRO DRIFTING (PART 3)1:09
2020-04-03South Africa Friendly Liamkie44Team Pineapple Express Revive Board game (UISP)8:55
2020-03-17South Africa NightOwl Gaming58Rimworld Mountainous Ice Sheet Savage Naked Season 1 Episode 1446:29
2020-02-21South Africa Admiral André1,510How do you like it, Elon Musk? (Ft. Magnificent Mun Machine)1:24:12
2020-02-11South Africa 50/50 Gameplay163RESIDENT EVIL 7 BIOHAZARD | PART 02 GARAGE FIGHT | PS4 PRO 1080HD19:36
2020-02-01South Africa DeathmilkGaming308Curb your Warcraft 3 Reforged Expectations2:15
2019-11-24South Africa Speedycar17Tokyo Ghoul: re [Call to Exist] review3:35
2019-11-15South Africa Painted Dog Gaming95Traffic Issues in Our City [7] | Skagun Map28:44
2019-11-07South Africa Razzy503The Tower of Remembrance (Short Film)2:34
2019-10-22South Africa Max and Luka - The Mortals of the Modern Flab131Farewell Max and Luka...2:02