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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from South Africa based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
6 hours agoSouth Africa DOA_Chipinator243Meeting a good teammate in Apex Legends7:43
7 hours agoSouth Africa Agro Squerril16,900The Tattoo by Egrediorta | Humans are space Orcs | HFY | TFOS97427:01
7 hours agoSouth Africa Exhausted Gamers116NO RESIN MEANS LARGE RESPONSIBILITY0:55
11 hours agoSouth Africa ZatriX535Starbase (Early Access) | #3 | Как построить корабль с нуля? (Незавершенный стрим)47:19
12 hours agoSouth Africa Luthais4,520Ultimate Character Creation Guide for Scum 0.6 - How to Plan The Ultimate Character38:48
13 hours agoSouth Africa Kazusa Konuki288Bayonetta Ep 15 Chapter 15 A Tower to Truth35:16
15 hours agoSouth Africa Jean's Gaming2,400ZombieDayz: The Right Way To Survive Day 1! | 7 Days to Die | ZombieDayz Mod | Alpha 19 s18 ep1034:39
15 hours agoSouth Africa Thee Kaizer46Final arena of season 98:11
15 hours agoSouth Africa The Legacy3,220First Goblin Shrine for the Season3:27
16 hours agoSouth Africa The Overclock12,200The Dirtiest Car I have EVER SEEN! // Car Detailing Simulator11:29
16 hours agoSouth Africa JimmyThe Clutch1,210Live Spiltgate Gameplay - First Time Playing3:26:49
16 hours agoSouth Africa Toteji-851,400Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite - Ultron [Special Moves + Hyper Combos + Lv3]3:55
17 hours agoSouth Africa Louis Mostert70Screamer 2 for the PC CD1:05
18 hours agoSouth Africa Flatzoid FE1,470Blue is confused.15:43
18 hours agoSouth Africa Crash B00M Bang10,700Monday Reset , Still Need Mora:/6:03:16
18 hours agoSouth Africa RekkQFF10op clutch freefire0:09
18 hours agoSouth Africa ConCon86,400REALLY FAST Cinderace Build ► Pokemon Unite3:42
18 hours agoSouth Africa NOVELL10,400#1 Apex Predator in Apex Legends BANNED FOR CHEATING... *NEW FOOTAGE (IQ Telekinesis BANNED)6:05
19 hours agoSouth Africa Andy O'tam9,700MK11 Kombat league : Online Gameplay (part 2 of 2/8/2021 stream)2:30:17
19 hours agoSouth Africa Kronos8084Detroit Become Human Play through Part 1 Intro31:44
19 hours agoSouth Africa Kyle Chetty15Apex Legends: Season 10 Care Package weapons go hard!!!7:46
20 hours agoSouth Africa Garies Gaming215Below Zero - 24 - Exploring Alien Structure and Escaping from Iceworms [Subnautica Season 2](Modded)30:15
20 hours agoSouth Africa Johnny Jay Appleseed186S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly - Artifact hunting18:34
20 hours agoSouth Africa Zarastro Ch.226【Forza H4】 I've joined Top Gear! 【EN/AFR VTuber】4:22:56
21 hours agoSouth Africa Atomic 1729ALL THE FUNNY PEPEGA V2 VOICE MESSAGES.25:58
21 hours agoSouth Africa Azjenco119Possession Action Roguelite Game | Steam Next Fest - Azjenco tries out Rogue Spirit24:44
21 hours agoSouth Africa Steffanton262Trapped Like Rats | A PLAGUE TALE: INNOCENCE - Chapter 616:51
22 hours agoSouth Africa JEJE-TV4,720CYBERPUNK 2077 - ESCAPE THE SCAV HIDEOUT21:00
22 hours agoSouth Africa Kamz 2538,800A Fresh NEW START! Buttt... Things Have CHANGED!| Ark Mobile [Living Off The LOOT(2.0) Ep1]15:28
1 day agoSouth Africa Marcel Smuts282The Kid Laroi Ft Justin Bieber - Stay (Guitar Cover)2:29
1 day agoSouth Africa MonzyGames59,900WORKING ON YOURSELF - Dead By Daylight Gameplay8:50
1 day agoSouth Africa Mique88,700The Crux Clash Round 1! (Genshin Impact Gameplay #77)16:28
1 day agoSouth Africa prod. theoo259{Free for profit} Playboi Carti × Lil Uzi Vert × Pierre Bourne type beat "star shuttle" (prod.theoo)2:43
1 day agoSouth Africa CrimsonFox4516Set Tomorrow Ablaze Story Chapter 25 - Honkai Impact 3rd | CrimsonFox451:35:01
1 day agoSouth Africa Tobi 21216this NEW HORROR game is TOO MUCH for me (Horror Tales - The Wine)18:38
1 day agoSouth Africa Momentum2,460How to Build Generational Wealth58:41
1 day agoSouth Africa Poké Trainers United34Trapping with Crustle - Pokémon UNITE0:22
1 day agoSouth Africa Monrayza19Resident Evil 3 | Part 3 | Full playthrough 20211:28:45
1 day agoSouth Africa ThePearOG31Dota 2 Turbo with Silencer28:51
1 day agoSouth Africa Apple Sauce X3,830Star Wars ATAT Found on Google maps! #shorts #starwars0:16
1 day agoSouth Africa Squally166,0002nd Year Anniversary Free Skins Creation + LEGENDARY Ak117 Cn Exclusive! Cod Mobile!4:49
1 day agoSouth Africa The Gareth Woods2,810Back from the dead! It's Nzoth Paladin! Hearthstone best decks25:35
1 day agoSouth Africa D4RK R3AP3R107Need For Speed Heat - Bmw M3 GTR Nfs Mw 20055:48
1 day agoSouth Africa Garena Free Fire SSA13,400What's Up Free Fire with Kelly Show: 4nniversary | Free Fire SSA4:06
1 day agoSouth Africa GhostGamer X1,550Resident Evil Village Full Gameplay PS4 (PART 5) - LADY DIMITRESCU (Full Game)32:46
1 day agoSouth Africa Vlieg 180827Casuals pt31:04:40
1 day agoSouth Africa TroubleChute61,100Deleting commits | How, why and why not | GitHub Tutorial5:38
1 day agoSouth Africa GreyBeard RL2,020Indy Gaming League time | 1v1 | 3v3 | Competitive Rocket League3:39:04
1 day agoSouth Africa Ghost 1704143I ACTUALLY WON!!!16:35
1 day agoSouth Africa Hyper Hanks7,180Solo Cash Cup Tournament🔥 | South African Streamer (120 PING) | 🔴3:30:32
1 day agoSouth Africa TwoFaced3,000🔴Free fire tournament AA group 4 5 63:46:01
1 day agoSouth Africa RoMike20136,190LIVE FORTNITE ARENA 11k - 12k Points into DUBS w/ SUBS | Family Friendly !play !exitlag !newvid4:20:41
1 day agoSouth Africa ForeignDrip01,460#Fortnite SA || Fortnite || Just Chilling & FDrip0 vs Swift2:22:48
1 day agoSouth Africa Tales of Lumin32,200New World (Beta) Let's Play - Part 6 - Exploring, PvPing (High Latency / Authentic Experience)44:18
1 day agoSouth Africa Larkison Labs221The Lark Arts - The Trilogy!2:43:13
2 days agoSouth Africa CrymsonFang2,800Summer Skye Skin In Fortnite!2:59:40
2 days agoSouth Africa Madd Smoke47,100Big Smoke's order but Madd Smoke orders instead! (GTA San Andreas)1:34
2 days agoSouth Africa r0j0e gaming45r0j0e gaming, Brawlhalla friendly 2s.. but random stocks and random team mates!49:55
2 days agoSouth Africa WheresLee1,950The one where Everyone is NAKED... and there's a DRAGON | Inter Realms 2 - 217:30
2 days agoSouth Africa SyleGaming18,700Fastest Bugatti in Forza Horizon 4 - EB110 SuperSport w/Tunes Drag & Top Speed | 4k 60fps6:22
2 days agoSouth Africa I.M.A As Phase313 idiots play a horror game | Copycat's Phenomenon41:37
2 days agoSouth Africa TechNick262,000My First Collab with Frankie Tech! (Replay)1:23:19
2 days agoSouth Africa MountainSpyder2,040First impressions of the old Ember Spark theme deck / Pokemon TCG Online24:48
2 days agoSouth Africa 8-Bit Mark 1013,610Five Nights at Freddy's on the PS1!! | FNaF: VISITING FAZBEARS part 111:04
2 days agoSouth Africa Sanctum Gamer52,500Slums - Cities Skylines: The River Valley [LIVE]2:03:47
2 days agoSouth Africa Dons Plays31,200🔴 MY LAST STREAM || EFT || SOUTH AFRICAN STREAMER 🔴2:41:08
2 days agoSouth Africa Painted Dog Gaming157Nitty gritty of City Management - Ep. 14 (Northwood Hills Map)43:19
2 days agoSouth Africa SINZAHH18,800I Claimed The Most Hidden SOLO Base Location In ARK On DAY 121:54
2 days agoSouth Africa DPoet Gaming39Wall it off! - Valheim - Journey to Valhalla - SMP - EP1924:44
3 days agoSouth Africa Dave the Mantis114Outriders Expeditions Livestream - Episode 9 (Part 3?)1:51:10
3 days agoSouth Africa IN10Z20Learn How To Play Oracle in less than 10 minutes | Dota 2 | Hero Basics | Oracle Guide | Become Pro11:37
3 days agoSouth Africa Largely Unemployed1,170Scav Hunting | Episode 6 | EFT: Hardcore Challenge52:17
3 days agoSouth Africa GamePlan0159Apex Legends pubs live come choose my loadout!!!!1:01:27
3 days agoSouth Africa The Jude143Project Cars Tournament Night!47:27
3 days agoSouth Africa TheoVZ1,990Most satisfying snipes0:22
3 days agoSouth Africa Marz77Lets try Skully Part 26:43
3 days agoSouth Africa Kryptic Saint255Noob Plays DBD! - Dead By Daylight (DBD)9:21
3 days agoSouth Africa Curls?279 - Bathroom Talk in SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE23:15
3 days agoSouth Africa Jayfang18GAREN & JAX CARRY ME IN ARAM LEAGUE OF LEGENDS11:21
4 days agoSouth Africa Dragonsoul115255Miss The Rage(Regrets) AMV - GRAVEHOURS, TRIPPIE REDD3:11
4 days agoSouth Africa LetsTalkAboutGamesSA77Halo 1 (Journey 7)23:43
4 days agoSouth Africa IYN_Flame27playing some fortnite32:34
4 days agoSouth Africa Jarrius176Fortnite Highlights - May 20216:36
4 days agoSouth Africa Manjra6,320🔴LIVE 🔴 FNCS Middle East Trios Qualifier 12:47:31
4 days agoSouth Africa StarSystemStudios9,380The Adventures of Dinobot and Tiara! Launch trailer1:51
5 days agoSouth Africa KOODOO South Africa1,750Is F1 2021 the Best iteration yet? | KOODOO Coffee Chat11:49
5 days agoSouth Africa COD Clips8,440THE ITALIAN STALLION IS BACK!!0:48
5 days agoSouth Africa Awesome Gaming Vidz973Forza Horizon 4 - Part 410:41
5 days agoSouth Africa Polarisu16,200Zhongli Doesn't Work As Advertised0:26
5 days agoSouth Africa Hammer7Jnr4,620🔴 Ivan and Sam the most important thing || Join the !discord | !member 🔴1:31:02
5 days agoSouth Africa NotStuart212Saturday Morning TV Episode 14:31
6 days agoSouth Africa Labs167Mabeezy - Angsazi Manje3:02
6 days agoSouth Africa The Core Gameplay3,340New World: Beginners Fishing Guide6:01
6 days agoSouth Africa Daniella DigiBun69Dragoon Quest - Final Fantasy XIV Online7:51
6 days agoSouth Africa DonuTT2,930🔥EATING the *GHOST PEPPER NOODLES* Live!!🥵🔥 [Follow my twitch, Link in description]48:10
6 days agoSouth Africa Lightning H8812Marvel fighting Game Roster Leak!10:05
6 days agoSouth Africa Nomad 466479Horizon Zero Dawn Playthrough2:58:25
6 days agoSouth Africa Rolo 732207The Dawn Has Arrived ! | Level 7 Leona Ranked | League of legends1:31:03
6 days agoSouth Africa Danieee177FIRST TIME playing Fortnite in SEASON 7!10:27
6 days agoSouth Africa Nicolene Roets12Hanzo vs Hanzo but I can't aim!1:48