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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from South Africa based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1 hour agoSouth Africa eNCA901,000Funeral parlours protest over issuing of death certificates9:11
2 hours agoSouth Africa Momentum2,230Jeanette Marais' #AdviceForSuccess on teaching kids about money2:27
2 hours agoSouth Africa S4S375[ENG/AFR] Bad at everything boys for life || Warone1:59:46
4 hours agoSouth Africa r0j0e gaming38r0j0e gaming, Minecraft RTX without RTX39:14
6 hours agoSouth Africa Agro Squerril4,880Voyager 1 detects deep space hum - Quick Science News ( Science , Nasa , Interesting , Space)1:00
7 hours agoSouth Africa FROUD THIAGO145só mais um emulador genérico 😅🖥🇧🇷3:53
8 hours agoSouth Africa DonuTT2,790[Live]🔴ANNOUNCEMENTS🔴South African Streamer (Use code DonuTT #ad​)1:29:32
11 hours agoSouth Africa Jean's Gaming2,200Need To Start Looking At Better Armor! | 7 Days to Die | Darkness Falls Mod | Alpha 19 s15 ep1635:44
11 hours agoSouth Africa Zarastro Ch.179【Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC】 Rebuilding Pribislavitz! 【EN/AFR VTuber】7:10:17
12 hours agoSouth Africa MonzyGames58,300Grenade Launcher Only - Infinite Ammo - Resident Evil 8 Village Part 2 Gameplay2:13:34
12 hours agoSouth Africa JimmyThe Clutch1,160Battlefield 5 Live Gameplay -- Getting Better At Battlefield. Is It Worth It?3:47:17
13 hours agoSouth Africa Super2bit4,070Drive and Discuss - Lets talk about E-Sports and Sim Racing2:37:19
14 hours agoSouth Africa Curls?20What's It Worth? Without Escape - Into Another Dimension37:00
15 hours agoSouth Africa kingandrethe940Satisfactory update 4 Iron Factory gamplay22:14
15 hours agoSouth Africa JEJE-TV4,550THE DIVISION 2 - BEST TANK TU 1214:43
16 hours agoSouth Africa ZatriX385Empyrion - Escape from Purgatory+Reforged | #14 | Роняем сервер зираксов... на землю.4:04:45
17 hours agoSouth Africa Andy O'tam1,83071% Unbreakable Damage0:35
17 hours agoSouth Africa Garies Gaming195FTB University - 02 - Loot from Huts (Modded MineCraft)29:57
18 hours agoSouth Africa Azjenco's Den116Pirate Ship Open World Adventure Game - Azjenco's First Impressions - King of Seas27:34
18 hours agoSouth Africa The Core Gameplay3,080Star Citizen: Hercules C2 How Much Can You Make Trading?16:31
18 hours agoSouth Africa Chris Teale24Knack 2 Part 2618:39
18 hours agoSouth Africa Kronos8082Evil Genius 2 Season 1 Maximilian Part 1029:22
19 hours agoSouth Africa BeastGamering VIDEOCREATOR25CTORRETO drift(Asseto corsa) Steeringwheel+Paddles2:55
20 hours agoSouth Africa Mique86,500Paimon Big Brain Time (Traveler Observation Report/Albedo Story Quest Pt.2) Genshin Gameplay #4214:53
20 hours agoSouth Africa Kamz 2537,600EPIC 250+ MAMMOTH Taming! + ASCENDANT Fishing Rod! | Let's Play Ark Mobile [Surviving Redwood Ep13]15:54
20 hours agoSouth Africa BOX13-_-961,900Join us on Twitch #Shorts0:10
21 hours agoSouth Africa ConCon81,500Pro KNOCKOUT Tournament ► Toribash14:43
22 hours agoSouth Africa Expresso Show156,000The Importance of Sleep with @doctor.siya7:17
22 hours agoSouth Africa The Gareth Woods2,230Celestial C'thun Druid - The most fun druid deck I've played in ages! Hearthstone Best Decks28:27
22 hours agoSouth Africa Squally156,000*NEW* Warzone Coming To Mobile!? Warzone Mobile News!4:13
1 day agoSouth Africa Stobbie4,120XCOM2 – Long War of The Chosen | Devbuild 26 | Commander | Honestman | Episode 05.1:06:20
1 day agoSouth Africa Mercs_0071,830[ZAR]We do What We Love, Gaming!! #Gaming #BuildingTheCommunity3:16:43
1 day agoSouth Africa CrymsonFang2,800Toon Meowscles! | Fortnite: Battle Royale - Part 6712:02
1 day agoSouth Africa Admiral André1,640Random Drive on the Mun27:42
1 day agoSouth Africa DJ DeePee TV1,150Failed Cash-In-Transit Heist Because Driver Has Balls Of Steel3:53
1 day agoSouth Africa Prince of Darkus119Pokemon Nuzlocke Announcement!4:10
1 day agoSouth Africa Hammer7Jnr4,560🔴 Arena's Season 9 Coming in Hot 🔴42:12
1 day agoSouth Africa TwoFaced2,210Freefire League of legends tournament group 4 5 6 round 14:38:47
1 day agoSouth Africa Shkaapy88Assassin's Creed: Origins | A Disappointing Beauty9:43
1 day agoSouth Africa N-tertainment X-tended2,950Soul Reaver 2 - Legacy of Kain | PS2 vs Windows pc vs PCSX2 Comparison5:07
1 day agoSouth Africa Tales of Lumin32,300Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - Part 183 (Let's Play / Playthrough)2:43:26
2 days agoSouth Africa ClapGNF171THIS HOT TUB STREAMER MUST BE STOPPED!!!! (Amouranth)9:38
2 days agoSouth Africa TroubleChute50,500Auto scroll to bottom of Google Sheet | Hotkey & Script guide3:44
2 days agoSouth Africa SyleGaming17,200Forza Horizon 4 1993 Porsche 928 GTS All Engine Swap Top Speed Battle - FH4 Update 356:36
2 days agoSouth Africa GhostGamer X1,460Outriders Full Game Gameplay Xbox One X - PART 5 (TRICKSTER CYCLONE SLICE)33:39
2 days agoSouth Africa Largely Unemployed1,050Kenshi: Genesis | Black Desert City or Bust | Part 136:53
2 days agoSouth Africa Madd Smoke39,200Fully Upgrading & Customizing ALL Lowriders (GTA San Andreas)18:05
2 days agoSouth Africa Polarisu12,900So I Remade All My Auto-Deploys Using Amiya...0:37
2 days agoSouth Africa Kazusa Konuki276Perfect Gold The Alchemy of Happiness - Ep 3 Chapter 3 The First Day, Chapter 4 Festival18:32
2 days agoSouth Africa Sanctum Gamer51,200The Talenin house - Cities Skylines: The River Valley [LIVE]2:29:14
2 days agoSouth Africa Loy Meets World3,280An Immortal Ranked Aya STYLES on his Opponents | Eternal Return: Black Survival16:43
2 days agoSouth Africa Daniella DigiBun66RDK (RED DIAMOND KOALA) Ep 2 | Borderlands 23:18:38
2 days agoSouth Africa Doge Steriodog543MINE DOGECOIN0:30
2 days agoSouth Africa DPoet Gaming36Trolling for Troll - Valheim - Journey to Valhalla - SMP - EP915:11
2 days agoSouth Africa GoldenTurtleGaming19Fnaf 2 mobile (remastered iOS)Ending nights 3-522:19
3 days agoSouth Africa The Jude138Community Fly along through the Namib Desert! - Takeoff 21H001:43:26
3 days agoSouth Africa Awesome Gaming Vidz1,010AC Valhalla Part 10 - FINISHING WHAT WE STARTED!!!33:15
3 days agoSouth Africa Motoring Mayhem SA4,190COFFEE & CHROME by CAPE CLASSIC CARS at Skål Bar - CLASSICS MUSCLE CAR MEET34:02
3 days agoSouth Africa RM Gaming97Exploring Red Dead Online by Train|Relaxing scenery32:45
3 days agoSouth Africa Dragonsoul115184Miss The Rage AMV - Trippie Redd3:58
3 days agoSouth Africa Chitty Let's Play362Battlefield V - Worth it in 2021? PS+0:55
3 days agoSouth Africa Lightning H8808Final fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 News! Different Atmosphere! Development Is Going Great!6:59
3 days agoSouth Africa Luthais4,100The Ultimate Single Player Guide for Scum [ 0.5 ] Part 10 - Plans don't always work out29:25
3 days agoSouth Africa Kryptic Saint184Marvel's Avengers: Black Widow MCU Skin0:58
4 days agoSouth Africa TheoVZ2,010My bru whaat #shorts0:25
4 days agoSouth Africa Savage Gaming9,080Breathedge where to find lots of beef and canned beef3:15
5 days agoSouth Africa Minimacks154Demonitized- Apex Legends57:47
5 days agoSouth Africa Darrien Joseph116Stranded Deep |*LIVE* | Playthrough1:11:09
5 days agoSouth Africa Painted Dog Gaming131Skeleton Spawner & Enchanting - Minecraft Java Nuclear Apocalypse Challenge Ep. 720:22
5 days agoSouth Africa Chrissie's Corner4,290🎓 ALTO HOUSE DORMS || Building Pleasantview || The Sims 2: Speed Build18:49
5 days agoSouth Africa WheresLee1,950Nomad Playthrough - Part 25 | Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough10:46
5 days agoSouth Africa unscalableyt51Never play phasmophobia by your self at 11:00 pm29:12
2021-05-03South Africa Stealth Brawler SA65Battlefield 4: Good old first person action.7:06
2021-05-03South Africa AeoCat_123Resident Evil Village Live PS4 Broadcast1:10
2021-05-02South Africa Steffanton253How to setup a Single Player / Local Server in Cryofall | Tutorial2:05
2021-05-01South Africa Rolo 732205Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 in 202154:43
2021-05-01South Africa Ghost 1704138The End of it All! || Assassin's Creed Valhalla (End)23:27
2021-05-01South Africa CrimsonFox45154.7 gameplay [part 2] - Honkai Impact 3rd | CrimsonFox4528:35
2021-04-29South Africa 8-Bit Mark 1013,140This is not even SCARY... right? | FNaF: Five Nights at Thomas's: Dehydrated (Night 1+2)11:46
2021-04-29South Africa Tobi 21208Assassin's Creed Unity Stealth Assassination Kills and Infiltration #SHORTS0:58
2021-04-28South Africa Jakhals42Saving Ethan... Resident Evil 7 (Part 7)1:05:25
2021-04-28South Africa RozeBlackAxe228Combat Changes Coming to Amazon's New World15:44
2021-04-28South Africa I Try To Fly Guy68Area 51 in Microsoft Flight Simulator42:04
2021-04-27South Africa Xavier Dabrowski3,590Clash of clans - Town Hall Wrecking Tutorial2:07
2021-04-27South Africa ReefTV808GTFO \\ Rundown A1 \\ WHY DO THEY PULSE SO QUICKLY!?49:11
2021-04-26South Africa HTE Gaming71Did we find a Creepy Possessed Teddy Bear in Phasmophobia? 👀48:21
2021-04-26South Africa DaDexo483Scribble Art: Drawing a Bush Baby2:37
2021-04-23South Africa RUBZ4692,0202015 Audi S3 TOP SPEED!!! ~301 KMH~0:56
2021-04-22South Africa 3rd Gen68Chess in a nutshell1:37
2021-04-20South Africa StarSystemStudios9,460Fivio Foreign - Self Made (AUDIO) + Reverb2:27
2021-04-20South Africa LessVanilla MoreMods350Street Fighter V Champion Edition mod Chun Li V Laura5:49
2021-04-17South Africa StonebrickMuffin23HOI4 but I'm playing it weird: Getting started12:14
2021-04-16South Africa Carver Edlund2,900Every jacksepticeye Jumpscare in At Dead of Night !!7:23
2021-04-15South Africa Nexus Hub887Elder Scrolls Online - All Roads Lead To Deadlands 4K Trailer1:52
2021-04-12South Africa Arcade ZA7,050Free Fire Mobile Game: First Impressions | #ArcadeZA5:18
2021-04-11South Africa Paul Roux414SiS Votrex86 eBox 2300 200Mhx 586 PC10:08
2021-04-10South Africa DukeZepplin158Premier Hunt Showdown Experience5:58
2021-04-09South Africa E.I.E ANIMATIONS172,000Five Nights at Freddy's vs Willy's Wonderland (Parody Animation)11:12
2021-04-09South Africa RAINKINGX1641Going Under Overtime 7 Imposter Mode Completed45:19