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Welcome to our gaming channel where Let's Plays and Killing Floor 2 content is uploaded. This channel is currently run and owned by the two of us Jam, and Fat Cat. we upload videos on a loose schedule.
Jam handles Let's Play
Fat Cat handles Killing Floor

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Killing Floor 2: HoE Solo Monster Ball Commando Long Game w/Hans
The opt-in beta for the Halloween update Monster Masquerade is underway for PC. Sorry console users! The presentation for this year is astonishing....
2018-09-07 10:51:01 AM ● 27,571 views ● 33:18 98.24% liked
Killing Floor 2: HoE Lockdown Solo Support Long Game w/Hans
The Summer Sideshow is ongoing. In this video I showcase the new weapon for Support on the map Lockdown. The "Doomstick" the Hunting...
2018-05-25 9:11:13 AM ● 172,890 views ● 28:48 96.26% liked
Killing Floor 2: HoE Airship Solo Sharpshooter Long Game w/Hans
The Summer Sideshow show event has finally arrived. Featuring, 2 new maps, 3 new weapons, and a complete weapon overhaul upgrade system, new...
2018-05-22 10:09:14 AM ● 117,739 views ● 37:19 94.65% liked
Killing Floor 2: HoE 6P Krampus Lair Gunslinger ASL_V1 w/40max Waves 8/10 w/Boss Wipe
An intense clear of waves 1-10 done on Krampus Lair. By far the most difficult map we've ever had trouble beating. Krampus Lair is by no means...
2018-05-14 6:01:04 AM ● 16,310 views ● 20:47 97.55% liked
Killing Floor 2: HoE 6P De_Nuke Gunslinger DTF_V1 w/72max Waves 8/10 w/Patriarch
We cleared De_Nuke that was ported from Counter-Strike to KF2. We attempted this and miraculously managed to beat it on our first run. For our...
2018-04-19 5:58:56 PM ● 23,125 views ● 17:18 97.23% liked
Killing Floor 2: HoE 6P Hell's Crypt Gunslinger DTF_V1 w/72max Waves 8/10 w/Abomination
Another quick upload for you all. Had this video sitting for a few days until I got around to finally uploading it. It's a clear on Hell's Crypt...
2018-04-04 5:31:47 AM ● 15,500 views ● 15:28 98.64% liked
Killing Floor 2: HoE 6P Museum Gunslinger DTF_V1 w/64max Waves 8/10 w/Abomination
We cleared Museum on DTF_V1 with 64 max zeds eliminating the previous record of 48 max. Our perk set up was basic for the run. 2 Sharps, 3 Gunslingers,...
2018-04-02 6:18:42 PM ● 12,115 views ● 16:27 98.68% liked
Killing Floor 2: HoE Power Core Solo Firebug Long Game w/Hans
The spring update for KF2 has arrived. Featuring 2 new maps, 3 weapons new weapons, and a brand new mode Endless. And much more to follow. Changelog:...
2018-03-02 12:19:23 AM ● 33,337 views ● 32:38 98.61% liked
Killing Floor 2: HoE 6man Gunslinger|Slaughterhouse_v2|GSO_V1| W10 w/Patriarch [No Com]
Back again with more CD content. We've have started playing a new spawn cycle created by Tiger "GSO_V1". This spawn cycle was to present...
2018-02-25 8:31:42 PM ● 16,352 views ● 41:44 98.65% liked
Killing Floor 2: HoE Krampus Lair Solo SWAT Long Game w/Krampus
The opt-in beta for the Christmas event is live for PC. The update officially becomes accessible on the 12th of December for all platforms. To...
2017-12-06 1:54:55 PM ● 464,503 views ● 37:11 95.19% liked