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About Pixelmusement

Looking for info on some Ancient DOS Games? Then you've come to the right place! My name is Kris Asick; I am an indie game designer/programmer and a web show artist who's been operating under the business name "Pixelmusement" since the mid 2000s.

My main project at the moment is a web show entitled "Ancient DOS Games" where I take a look at all those old PC games few people play anymore. Unlike some review shows which simply try to critique these old games or make fun of them, I add my game design talents to the mix and analyze how these games work, how they don't, how to legally obtain them, and how to get them working on modern computers. I originally started the show on Blip in 2010, but migrated to YouTube after Blip shut down.

I also do a series called Shovelware Diggers where Patreon supporters are able to select folders from a massive shovelware archive I have for me to cover on a weekly basis. Given the nature of these archives, you never know what might get dug up! ;D

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Shovelware Diggers #79 - Not Minecraft
We have a couple new diggers joining the team today, leading us off with a very short and simple Tron Lightcycles clone and an average Missile...
2018-01-17 2:48:09 AM ● 257 views ● 19:35 100.00% liked
Minecraft (2011)
ADG Filler #70 - DOSBox Keymapper
Ended up getting sick just after getting the last ADG episode up and only got better halfway through the week, so I didn't have time to make...
2018-01-12 11:51:53 PM ● 395 views ● 15:48 98.15% liked
ADG Episode 226 - Test Drive
No, I don't have a drivers license in real life, why do you ask...? In today's episode of Ancient DOS Games, Gemini's kicking off the new year...
2018-01-06 1:27:23 AM ● 2,485 views ● 19:21 98.50% liked
Shovelware Diggers #78 - Crunching Numbers Hidden Effort
Our diggers started off 2018 with a lot of number-based games. The first is a Minesweeper clone, although with some minor alterations to the...
2018-01-02 11:31:48 PM ● 1,346 views ● 18:33 92.16% liked
ADG Filler #69 - End of 2017 Update
A number of things cropped up of the past couple months so I just wanted to address them all before we get back into the swing of the regular...
2017-12-29 7:52:42 PM ● 1,475 views ● 12:27 92.91% liked
Shovelware Diggers #77 - Coal in the Stocking
Christmas was a couple days ago and it appears the stockings were filled with coal as we start today's set of digs with an extremely short game,...
2017-12-26 10:58:56 PM ● 1,524 views ● 15:11 94.00% liked
ADG Filler #68 - Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Now here's a critically underrated game which deserves way more attention than it gets! Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project isn't a masterpiece of...
2017-12-23 5:20:13 AM ● 1,844 views ● 20:49 98.87% liked
Shovelware Diggers #76 - Gonna Need a Bigger Boat...
HIDDEN GEM ALERT! Today our diggers uncovered an old Baseball related game which came from Epic Megagames of all places, a very old underwater...
2017-12-19 7:25:18 PM ● 1,553 views ● 16:58 96.69% liked
Shovelware Diggers #75 - Decent³
Somehow, every dig today yielded a solid game! We kick things off with a smooth-playing Lode Runner clone, move on to an earlier version of Ken's...
2017-12-13 2:22:08 AM ● 1,863 views ● 15:42 98.55% liked
ADG Filler #67 - One Must Fall: Battlegrounds
Not every Windows sequel ended up being awesome and the perfect case-in-point is One Must Fall: Battlegrounds. The original game for DOS was...
2017-12-09 6:55:59 AM ● 2,011 views ● 19:55 97.06% liked