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About Pixelmusement

Looking for info on some Ancient DOS Games? Then you've come to the right place! My name is Kris Asick; I am an indie game designer/programmer and a web show artist who's been operating under the business name "Pixelmusement" since the mid 2000s.

My main project at the moment is a web show entitled "Ancient DOS Games" where I take a look at all those old PC games few people play anymore. Unlike some review shows which simply try to critique these old games or make fun of them, I add my game design talents to the mix and analyze how these games work, how they don't, how to legally obtain them, and how to get them working on modern computers. I originally started the show on Blip in 2010, but migrated to YouTube after Blip shut down.

I also do a series called Shovelware Diggers where Patreon supporters are able to select folders from a massive shovelware archive I have for me to cover on a weekly basis. Given the nature of these archives, you never know what might get dug up! ;D

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Shovelware Diggers #71 - NEVER Peel Twice...
This week we kick things off with a simple dungeon exploring game, move on to a neat but again simple puzzle/strategy game in Windows, and finish...
2017-11-14 8:39:13 PM ● 1,080 views ● 16:40 97.44% liked
ADG Filler #65 - Descent 3
Kicking off our look back at Windows sequels to DOS games with Descent 3! This game was pretty much everything the fans wanted out of a third...
2017-11-11 3:45:51 AM ● 1,738 views ● 20:45 99.26% liked
Shovelware Diggers #70 - Please Register your Shareware
YES, I noticed the "ORDER.DOC" file after editing. I checked and it does indeed have a proper order form inside it, so... that goof's...
2017-11-08 3:04:46 PM ● 1,381 views ● 19:31 96.70% liked
Shovelware Diggers #69 - Probably Should Censor That...
Today's digs start with a boating-related program which we can't really take a good look at, then we move on to a very basic dueling game with...
2017-11-01 3:35:40 AM ● 1,638 views ● 19:55 96.94% liked
ADG Filler #64 - Final Weeks of 2017
Just a quick update video to talk about various things which have come up. There's a handful of things I wanted to mention but forgot to so you...
2017-10-27 11:27:54 PM ● 1,390 views ● 9:57 95.80% liked
Shovelware Diggers #68 - Pelvis Has Left the Building
(NOTE: I'm aware HD quality isn't working on the video yet. Hopefully it's just a glitch and I'll be able to remove this notice next time I check.)...
2017-10-25 2:58:31 AM ● 1,394 views ● 23:37 95.60% liked
ADG Episode 225 - Hugo's House of Horrors
I wonder how many people will get the joke with the drinks...? Today on Ancient DOS Games Gemini's taking a look at Hugo's House of Horrors,...
2017-10-21 12:59:20 AM ● 2,334 views ● 13:12 98.77% liked
Shovelware Diggers #67 - We're All a Little Loony!
Today we start off with a sort of anti-text adventure, move on to a roguelike / text adventure hybrid, then finish things off with a PCS pinball...
2017-10-18 1:49:25 AM ● 1,439 views ● 20:00 96.55% liked
ADG Episode 224 - Mortal Kombat
Doing things slightly differently with this episode; let me know what you guys think! :) In any case, today on Ancient DOS Games, Gemini's taking...
2017-10-14 9:12:30 AM ● 2,077 views ● 20:07 95.78% liked
Shovelware Diggers #66 - Back to the Drawing Board
Pretty much every game today suffered from major code or design issues. We start off with a failed dig with a game that needs DOS environment...
2017-10-11 12:17:39 AM ● 1,418 views ● 17:00 96.34% liked