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About Pixelmusement

Looking for info on some Ancient DOS Games? Then you've come to the right place! My name is Kris Asick; I am an indie game designer/programmer and a web show artist who's been operating under the business name "Pixelmusement" since the mid 2000s.

My main project at the moment is a web show entitled "Ancient DOS Games" where I take a look at all those old PC games few people play anymore. Unlike some review shows which simply try to critique these old games or make fun of them, I add my game design talents to the mix and analyze how these games work, how they don't, how to legally obtain them, and how to get them working on modern computers. I originally started the show on Blip in 2010, but migrated to YouTube after Blip shut down.

I also do a series called Shovelware Diggers where Patreon supporters are able to select folders from a massive shovelware archive I have for me to cover on a weekly basis. Given the nature of these archives, you never know what might get dug up! ;D

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Shovelware Diggers #63 - How to Fail in the Oil Industry
This week we start with a board game which produces excessive quantities of chain reactions, move on to a trio of number and logic puzzles, and...
2017-09-20 1:55:40 AM ● 96 views ● 17:40 85.71% liked
ADG Episode 223 - Street Fighter II
I should point out that ALL of the live action, while scripted, accurately depicts how making this video went! In any case, today on Ancient...
2017-09-16 8:52:44 AM ● 2,628 views ● 25:13 97.52% liked
Shovelware Diggers #62 - Even the Bananas want Me DEAD!
After starting up with a failed team dig, we move on to a game with a ludicrously awesome/stupid title, then move on to an action/puzzle game,...
2017-09-13 4:32:55 AM ● 1,534 views ● 23:12 97.33% liked
ADG Episode 222 - PopCorn
Still not entirely certain why this game is named as it is... Today on Ancient DOS Games Gemini's taking a look at PopCorn, a Breakout clone...
2017-09-09 12:04:10 AM ● 2,161 views ● 15:01 98.35% liked
Shovelware Diggers #61 - We're Not on Bajor Anymore...
Sorry this one's up a day late! In any case, we kick things off with a broken text adventure, move on to some pool hustling warez, and finish...
2017-09-06 11:15:21 PM ● 1,958 views ● 21:31 93.10% liked
ADG Episode 221 - Lords of the Realm
So... just how possible is it to review a game when you're virtually incapable of actually progressing in it? Let's find out! 8D Today on Ancient...
2017-09-01 10:29:50 PM ● 3,082 views ● 15:11 97.33% liked
Shovelware Diggers #60 - Fiddle Me This
This week begins with an OK Hangman clone, moves on to a surprisingly fun puzzle game, then finishes off with the most annoying Pong "game"...
2017-08-29 9:40:16 PM ● 1,687 views ● 14:09 96.47% liked
GMG - Soluminite - Design Part 6
OK, so... I wanted to avoid procedural generation since it can be more difficult to code, but doing the progression entirely by hand was taking...
2017-08-28 7:30:37 AM ● 487 views ● 9:25 91.18% liked
Shovelware Diggers #59 - Slooooooooooooow
This week we start off with a pre-release demo of a fairly simple and unique though clearly unfinished game, move on to a two-player Mastermind...
2017-08-23 4:43:23 AM ● 1,881 views ● 22:34 95.29% liked
GMG - Soluminite - Graphics Part 4
Getting some more draft work done on the graphics today using Deluxe Paint 2E. This time we're primarily handling powerups and also deciding...
2017-08-20 11:37:35 PM ● 526 views ● 7:50 92.68% liked