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Looking for info on some Ancient DOS Games? Then you've come to the right place! My name is Kris Asick; I am an indie game designer/programmer and a web show artist who's been operating under the business name "Pixelmusement" since the mid 2000s.

My main project at the moment is a web show entitled "Ancient DOS Games" where I take a look at all those old PC games few people play anymore. Unlike some review shows which simply try to critique these old games or make fun of them, I add my game design talents to the mix and analyze how these games work, how they don't, how to legally obtain them, and how to get them working on modern computers. I originally started the show on Blip in 2010, but migrated to YouTube after Blip shut down.

I also do a series called Shovelware Diggers where Patreon supporters are able to select folders from a massive shovelware archive I have for me to cover on a weekly basis. Given the nature of these archives, you never know what might get dug up! ;D

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ADG Filler #72 - Patreon $512 Milestone Reached!
( NOTE: Please ignore the camera glitches. I was using my webcam for simplicity sake and because of how sunny it was when I recorded this. :P...
2018-05-19 9:32:54 AM ● 747 views ● 41:50 95.06% liked
Shovelware Diggers #96 - Full Maximized Windows
Our diggers have a bunch of Windows games for us today, starting with a very simple puzzle game, moving on to a sports management title of all...
2018-05-15 11:08:11 PM ● 1,380 views ● 20:59 95.45% liked
Just a reminder: I censor or warn about graphic violence to appease parents and YouTube, not because I'm actually offended by such things. :P...
2018-05-11 9:57:03 PM ● 2,216 views ● 14:21 92.50% liked
Boppin' (1994)
Shovelware Diggers #95 - Cat!
Today our diggers kick things off with a Chinese variant of Chess, then we move on to some warez which either isn't working right, was badly...
2018-05-09 6:29:45 AM ● 1,522 views ● 17:42 97.33% liked
ADG Episode 236 - Big Red Racing (Game Dungeon Vid)
Check out Ross's Game Dungeon videos over here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6PNZBb6b9Ltgl6WM5rn2pjrXd_qdit2S So, I've been wanting...
2018-05-05 11:07:57 AM ● 2,562 views ● 25:29 96.26% liked
Shovelware Diggers #94 - Don't Tulips have Petals?
Today's Shovelware Diggers is all Windows 3.1 stuff as we start off with a weird neural-network simulation thing, move on to a Mastermind clone,...
2018-05-02 2:44:29 AM ● 565 views ● 20:57 95.56% liked
Probably the longest Shovelware Diggers video yet, but we can blame the first game dug up today for that one because it's... umm... "interesting"......
2018-04-25 3:47:35 AM ● 832 views ● 32:33 85.42% liked
ADG Episode 235 - Thinkin' Things Collection 2
The first one was great so the second one's also gonna be awesome, right? ...RIGHT?! In today's episode of Ancient DOS Games, Gemini's finishing...
2018-04-21 12:26:18 AM ● 498 views ● 15:24 100.00% liked
Shovelware Diggers #92 - Probably Retreading
This week our diggers start us off with a game which showed up briefly in an old ADG episode, move on to a Risk clone which we MIGHT have seen...
2018-04-17 11:41:59 PM ● 524 views ● 16:48 97.92% liked
ADG Episode 234 - Kid's Zoo: A Baby Animal Adventure
Welp, guess my memory failed me on the quality of THIS tripe... :/ In today's episode of Ancient DOS Games, Gemini's continuing Edutainment Month...
2018-04-13 10:58:07 PM ● 237 views ● 15:35 92.86% liked