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Do you love Dragon Quest? Is the SEGA Saturn your favorite console of all time? Do you love retro games, or listening to people talk about their glory days of gaming? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you're in the right place! Project COE is where friends get together to talk about classic games from their childhood, right up to the latest and greatest games they're playing today. We have two unique podcasts that alternate every second Sunday, and we have a weekly Let's Play of Dragon Quest X in English every Thursday, the longest running here on YouTube! On top of that we have more SEGA Saturn content than almost anyone out there.

We're always open to good discussions with passionate gamers, so come in and join the fun.

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Let's Play Dragon Quest X Ep. 194 (Finishing the Water Dungeon of Doom)
Today we tackle the water dungeon of doom.
2018-09-20 3:00:05 AM ● 218 views ● 1:13:49 100.00% liked
Let's Play
Let's Play Dragon Quest XI - Stream: Episode 2
Welcome back, I'm really enjoying this game, and more DQXI action to come! Please join us during our live streams of this amazing game folks!...
2018-09-17 3:00:05 AM ● 160 views ● 1:53:38 100.00% liked
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
Let's Play Dragon Quest X Ep. 193 (Unlocking the Goof Off Class)
Today Anoa and Cranberry goof off, and have a blast doing so.
2018-09-13 3:00:05 AM ● 314 views ● 40:56 100.00% liked
Let's Play
The Messenger is the Greatest Game of all Time – Nintendo Fanboyz Ep. 47
Today, Steven gets ditched by the evil warlord Jarrod and talks all by his lonely self about such games as Octopath Traveler, The Messenger,...
2018-09-09 3:00:04 AM ● 337 views ● 27:25 86.96% liked
Special Dragon Quest X Guest Broadcast - The Seredo Story by Nawaria
Greetings viewers! Jarrod is currently on a short absence, thus today we do not have a new episode of the Dragon Quest X Let's Play series available....
2018-09-06 3:00:02 AM ● 466 views ● 1:07:05 100.00% liked
Faeria - Stream: Monday Night Faeria
Welcome back, Some Monday Night Faeria goodness folks! Regards, Melfice Our podcasts are now on iTunes, so please subscribe today! Just search...
2018-09-03 3:00:09 AM ● 71 views ● 1:54:16 100.00% liked
Jarrod's Gaming History Part 2 - Canadian Gamers Ep. 101
Today Steven finishes his interview with Jarrod; discussing his time in the arcades from the early nineties up until the release of the Wii,...
2018-08-26 3:00:02 AM ● 162 views ● 1:00:21 88.89% liked
Let's Play Dragon Quest X Ep. 191 (An Underwater Adventure Awaits)
Today our thrilling trio goes on an underwater adventure. Our podcasts are now on iTunes, so please subscribe today! Just search for ProjectCOE,...
2018-08-23 3:00:02 AM ● 666 views ● 58:06 92.59% liked
Let's Play
SNES Classic Giveaway
Here are the rules, answer the following question: If Steven were a mermaid, what color would his seashells be? I'll let this run until Cranberry...
2018-08-18 3:00:03 AM ● 328 views ● 1:56 95.24% liked
2018 Birthday Unboxing - Cranberry Goes All Out
Enjoy this most glorious of unboxing videos. Our podcasts are now on iTunes, so please subscribe today! Just search for ProjectCOE, Canadian...
2018-08-14 3:00:13 AM ● 134 views ● 25:26 100.00% liked