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About Aliahsan

So you're one of the few people who actually read the channel description.

Well, this channel is just a place where a guy like me can express his opinions and let off some steam about some games he loves. This channel mostly covers JRPGs but I don't want to be limited to anything specific...I want my videos to make you think, have you learning something new or give you some sort of general takeaway.

I also like adding skits here and there as a personal touch.

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Can Kingdom Hearts III Save Square Enix?
Square Enix, a company that is widely recognized for its iconic games and the creation of one of the best JRPG series in history being Final...
2019-01-11 4:30:00 PM ● 137 views ● 9:28 95.00% liked
Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn Theory / Trailer Breakdown | Analysis
Final Fantasy XV released a short teaser trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV DLC, Episode Ardyn The Prologue. The anime is coming February...
2019-01-11 10:15:56 AM ● 169 views ● 16:07 100.00% liked
Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn Teaser Trailer Reaction
Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn got its second teaser for the upcoming anime "The Prologue". Watch as I react to it and give my thoughts...
2019-01-10 9:15:00 PM ● 149 views ● 7:40 91.67% liked
Final Fantasy XV
My Thoughts on Final Fantasy XV Comrades 2.0 | Update Review
Final Fantasy XV recently had their multiplayer expansion Comrades get its own standalone release and with that came some new perks and updates....
2019-01-09 1:30:01 PM ● 209 views ● 4:21 95.00% liked
Final Fantasy XV
Takeshi Aramaki was recently announced to be the new head of Luminous Productions. Essentially, becoming the replacement for previous director,...
2018-12-23 8:15:00 AM ● 509 views ● 10:19 100.00% liked
Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Battle Trailer Reaction / Analysis
Watch me react to the newest Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Battle Trailer and go through some scenes and break them down and give my thoughts on them....
2018-12-17 4:09:06 PM ● 823 views ● 13:52 86.36% liked
Kingdom Hearts III
Dragon Quest XI Rumination - Aliahsan
My first Rumination video is Dragon Quest XI, a delightful game that seriously follows the classic JRPG-formula and delivers it in a impactful...
2018-12-15 3:46:53 PM ● 119 views ● 27:59 91.67% liked
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
Final Fantasy XV NEW Anime IS COMING!
Final Fantasy XV put out a video for its 2nd anniversary which had many voice actors from the game give their thoughts on the game's two year...
2018-12-13 7:06:09 PM ● 1,422 views ● 13:40 98.51% liked
Final Fantasy XIII HD Trilogy on PS4?
Recent news from Microsoft's X018 event confirms Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy for Xbox One and even HD textures for the game. Is the Final Fantasy...
2018-11-20 1:00:04 PM ● 795 views ● 4:01 100.00% liked
Truth Behind FFXV DLC Cancellation and Tabata
The truth and true reason behind Square Enix cutting the dlc for Final Fantasy XV and Hajime Tabata resigning from Square Enix and Luminous Productions....
2018-11-18 7:27:16 AM ● 2,302 views ● 24:02 91.85% liked