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Monthly Game Review! Yaaay, go team, no one? Just me... oh.
"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?"
This is just some of the words you may think to yourself when here. Let me answer these for you. I am a British University Student of the Biochemistry and I make videogame reviews!
Because who doesn't do that, right?
I make "hilarious" reviews about games of the past, present.... only those two. Indie, Retro and modern! EVERYONE WINS!
So sit down and enjoy the show.
Oh, and I'm eating your bread.

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Pooh's Mud Chute - Kingdom Hearts - Games Within Games (Mini-Games)
Read words here: We take a deeper dive into Kingdom Hearts 1 with a...
2018-07-16 9:33:14 AM ● 8 views ● 11:34 100.00% liked
The Top Cats in Video Games!
Cats! That's right it's time to look at your favorite feline companions to assist you in your grand journeys through the world of video games!...
2018-07-08 8:25:51 AM ● 5 views ● 8:38 100.00% liked
Kingdom Hearts - Retro Retrospective
Written Review: Coming soon! Take a stroll through history with the original Kingdom Hearts, except it's the Final Mix version, so no the original....
2018-06-30 11:26:04 AM ● 12 views ● 15:20 100.00% liked
Parlour and Gambling Mini-Games! - Yakuza 0 - Games Within Games (Mini-Games)
Yakuza 0 Review here: It's time to go all in. All on black. Never fold. Put...
2018-06-15 9:48:24 AM ● 11 views ● 17:13 100.00% liked
Yakuza 0 (2015)
We Are Bad Boys - Yakuza 0 - Games Within Games (Mini-Games)
Yakuza 0 Review Here: Taking the first of two looks at the plentiful mini-games...
2018-06-05 4:26:42 PM ● 11 views ● 18:47 100.00% liked
Yakuza 0 (2015)
God of War - Game Review
More words to be found here: SOON! Kratos is back with attitude and a bigger beard, as well as a small smart mouthed child. Can Kratos last long...
2018-05-23 10:50:18 AM ● 4 views ● 15:13 100.00% liked
God of War
God of War (2018)
Parenting 101 with Kratos
We learn some hot tips for raising a child from the latest dad of videogames, Kratos, The Ghost of Sparta. What sort of exciting knowledge will...
2018-05-08 1:04:49 PM ● 30 views ● 7:18 50.00% liked
Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom - Game Review
Read more here: SOON We take a jump into the fairy tale world of Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom and enjoy the visual splendor of its bright and...
2018-04-17 12:45:44 PM ● 32 views ● 15:00 33.33% liked
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Video Game Fashion Obsessions - Critical Critique
Some days a game presents you with enough outfits and style choices that you drop saving the world and decide to start seeking out the best dress...
2018-03-31 1:16:00 PM ● 25 views ● 14:03 60.00% liked
Monster Hunter World - Game Review
MORE WORDS: COMING SOON Take a trip to Jurassic World, I mean Monster Hunter World, it's not an amusement park, instead it's a great game about...
2018-02-21 11:48:52 AM ● 59 views ● 13:33 50.00% liked
Monster Hunter: World