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Monthly Game Review! Yaaay, go team, no one? Just me... oh.
"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?"
This is just some of the words you may think to yourself when here. Let me answer these for you. I am a British University Student of the Biochemistry and I make videogame reviews!
Because who doesn't do that, right?
I make "hilarious" reviews about games of the past, present.... only those two. Indie, Retro and modern! EVERYONE WINS!
So sit down and enjoy the show.
Oh, and I'm eating your bread.

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Devil May Cry 5 - Game Review
It's time to become so incredibly stylish with Devil May Cry 5 as Dante, Nero and the mysterious V destroy demons and look good doing it. So...
2019-03-22 4:39:45 AM ● 38 views ● 12:14 100.00% liked
Mechs vs Minions - Behold, Board Games!
League of Legends may be a steaming pile of scum and villainy, but it has managed to produce an outstanding programming game of fun... and more...
2019-03-03 9:45:46 AM ● 131 views ● 14:15 100.00% liked
Cooking Sora - Kingdom Hearts III - Games Within Games
It's like Cooking Mama, except Sora is now your mother. Let that sink in. It's time for some more mini-games with Kingdom Hearts! What could...
2019-02-22 11:10:15 AM ● 13 views ● 20:06 100.00% liked
Kingdom Hearts III - Game Review
Several thousands of years have passed, but Kingdom Hearts III is finally here. So join me in a generally spoiler-free review where we take a...
2019-02-09 1:37:47 PM ● 39 views ● 14:50 100.00% liked
Kingdom Hearts III
A Kingdom Hearts Story Summary
Kingdom Hearts III is literally just around the corner and it's now as good a time as any (the last possible time) to look back over all of the...
2019-01-25 12:13:19 PM ● 54 views ● 38:26 100.00% liked
Kingdom Hearts II - Retro Retrospective
Sora wakes up from his big sleep and finds that the story has become a lot more involved in the sequel to Kingdom Hearts. A touching tale of...
2019-01-21 10:04:40 AM ● 53 views ● 10:32 100.00% liked
Kingdom Hearts II
Tiny Epic Galaxies - Behold, Board Games!
It's time to take a jump into outer space and get ready to manage your own galactic empire with Tiny Epic Galaxies, a small box with a whole...
2018-12-25 1:57:47 PM ● 68 views ● 7:58 100.00% liked
Equipment, Towns and Progression - Critical Critique
I take a look at how different styles of equipment acquisition can ultimately provide very different feelings of progression and how towns are...
2018-12-11 1:52:56 AM ● 14 views ● 11:07 100.00% liked
Valkyria Chronicles 4 - Game Review
War, war never changes. Except it does in Valkyria Chronicles as it takes a fantasy approach to major modern conflicts and sees you delve deep...
2018-11-26 2:35:47 PM ● 53 views ● 16:00 100.00% liked
Root + Riverfolk Expansion - Review - Behold, Board Games!
A whole new venture! Board games! Today we're looking at Root, a delightful game about woodland creatures murdering each other in bloody war....
2018-10-31 9:09:08 AM ● 418 views ● 22:48 100.00% liked