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About Joesephyr

Hey there everyone!

My name is Joe and I'm here to show you a ton of different things to keep the geek, the child and the grown-up in you! Being most associated with the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, having given coverage for it since it began, as well as other videos including other card games like UFS to Drawings and Art, Video Games to Vlogging and chatting with others about subjects frivolous and otherwise, competitions to just sitting down with a cup of tea!

I've painted many a card alter and have posted a large number of them as speed paintings so you can see how they're made for yourself! You can also come here to see my growing levels in Street Fighter and other fighters, or chill with me as I tell you more about my travels for work and otherwise! I'm all about showing that there's more to gamers than games, and that we're all just here to enjoy ourselves!

You can also catch up with me on the Joesephyr Facebook page or tweet me @Joesephyr!

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