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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Singapore based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
3 hours agoSingapore Gamer's Loft Singapore11FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Walkthrough #151:00:00
3 hours agoSingapore STUDIO EIGHT2,150Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Abomination DLC Boss Jungle Awakens3:31
6 hours agoSingapore RealAsianRobot11,900Let's Talk Dauntless - More Bonus DAUNTLESS Time! - Members may join!0:00
6 hours agoSingapore Riwen Dai116,000Klip Video Lucu‼️Keren‼️Menarik‼️Memuaskan‼️Seru‼️menghibur‼️P422 #shorts0:20
7 hours agoSingapore Jin Yuan636[Dislyte] Gameplay #9: Rerolling - Chp 1 to 3 Duration26:49
7 hours agoSingapore IsaacCraftFTW123521Returnal Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7 Getting True Ending1:59:28
8 hours agoSingapore BroNinJa Yt24,100MLB-100$ B3188 tell 086 8970661:14
10 hours agoSingapore Mengz 19044,490MY HOMEMADE CHICKEN PIE || lutong pacham ni mengz || #yummy #chickenpie #short0:17
10 hours agoSingapore Gaming Kwee Vlogs400Is EOS 6D Still good for Videos?10:54
10 hours agoSingapore Retro Games Cheating111Batman Returns (SNES) | Mania Difficulty (Hardest AI) | Full Playthrough31:34
10 hours agoSingapore Bibi Pew78,800ALL SHIN GODZILLA GAMEPLAY Shin Godzilla 2016 シン・ゴジラ Kamata Kun Shinagawa-kun Godzilla Defence Force31:48
10 hours agoSingapore Axe Mobile Legends1,140,000MVP Support Diggie Supreme No.1 Gameplay! - Top 1 Global Diggie by Jordan. - Mobile Legends10:40
12 hours agoSingapore TOLA official11,600EP05 ~ Bike Racing Game gameplay with Tola official 🔥15:11
13 hours agoSingapore Dara7Gaming113,000ANGRY BIRDS 2 THE ARENA STREAK 5 (MAY/27/2022)13:58
16 hours agoSingapore Noveva1,080MechWarrior 5 | Salute to the Vindicator1:09
17 hours agoSingapore LeroyWR1,120IBG IS JUST TOO GOOD | Gragas Jungle Wild Rift Gameplay18:18
17 hours agoSingapore Kaizoku Zombie56AQ3D Cap'n Cursed SOLO BOSS FIGHT!2:00
17 hours agoSingapore Jaye10,500Pokémon Masters EX - All Special Team Edit Voice-overs and Victory Voice overs (as of June 2022)4:24
18 hours agoSingapore Zi Xian Qua9Arknights Blemishine Paradox Simulation2:01
19 hours agoSingapore Humdrum Singaporean React1,300🔴 LIVE - Let's React to @The Game Theorists3:53:01
19 hours agoSingapore Hekalium11,500LIVE Apex Legends | MALAYSIA | PS4 | Season 13 SAVIORS3:08:25
20 hours agoSingapore thelucario27246Itto team guide #shorts0:23
21 hours agoSingapore Lancer Lann5,340It's About Time to Do Ayato Story | Genshin Impact LIVE2:42:09
21 hours agoSingapore Best Indie Games105,000YET ANOTHER 10 MORE Upcoming 2D Action Platformer Indie Games – 2022 & Beyond9:30
21 hours agoSingapore Ricebits63Ricebits Plays | Mass Effect // Episode 22:22:35
21 hours agoSingapore Rambling Thunder904The Pentagon - The Divison 2 - Nvidia - GeForce NOW - Android20:53
21 hours agoSingapore Geek Culture61,600The Perfect Monitor For Productivity and Creativity | 27” 4K LG UltraFine Monitor8:51
22 hours agoSingapore Jeremy Tan523Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising - VS Boss: Sorcerer [Hard]0:45
22 hours agoSingapore Garena Call of Duty Mobile449,000Garena Masters II - Group Stage Day 3 Highlights1:33
22 hours agoSingapore Muse Asia5,160,000[Promotion Video] Fuuto PI1:02
22 hours agoSingapore Nasser Amparna181,000First Yacht Experience in Singapore (RATED SPG) | SgVLog 0620:05
22 hours agoSingapore Dark Kitz4,500Arena Of Valor - Batman gameplay20:41
22 hours agoSingapore Superfrycook359Let's Play Overwatch (May 25 and 26, 2022) - Quick Play #4364:32:58
23 hours agoSingapore Kak Blaze166You can't run from me Granger0:34
23 hours agoSingapore Washi Gurukam Sinhala12,000ගුරුකම් බලයෙන් එතෙර මෙතෙර සැමට පිහිට වු ලංකාවේ ප්‍රබලම ගුරු මෑණියෝ - කුසුමාවති ගුරු මෑණියෝ6:07
23 hours agoSingapore AloysiusTai2,660Hub & Spoke Cafe at Changi Airport Terminal 2 to Changi Jurassic Mile | East Coast Park, Singapore4:30
23 hours agoSingapore JT Hayashi9,000APEX LEGENDS LETS GOOOO!! | JT Hayashi0:00
23 hours agoSingapore WadaGames226,000Onmyoji Arena: Kinnara (Marksman) Gameplay11:53
23 hours agoSingapore Ferios15,000SKIN MAKES YOU BETTER | Ootengu - Onmyoji Arena | Season 1720:46
1 day agoSingapore World of Tanks Asia48,800Battle Pass Season VIII: Warhammer 40,000 in World of Tanks—Full Details4:29
1 day agoSingapore DaddyF2P8,770BLAZE THROUGH THE STORY WITH THESE USEFUL TIPS! (1‐8, 8-8, 11-8) | DISLYTE8:49
1 day agoSingapore BrandonTan91543,000I Might Get Banned For Doing This in Pokemon GO17:31
1 day agoSingapore Lewis Toh46,400Budget Thocks or Premium Clack???7:38
1 day agoSingapore Kakuchopurei16,700Kao the Kangaroo - All boss fights walkthrough31:16
1 day agoSingapore Genny Box2,650Is GTX 1050 TI Still Good For Gaming At 2022?2:23
1 day agoSingapore Samurai Katana & Air soft Gun4,850E&C EC-807 unboxing8:32
1 day agoSingapore TITAN GAMERS458,000My HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Julian Hybrid Damage Build | Mobile Legends Bang Bang9:01
1 day agoSingapore Bryne1,760Mano x Gusion Be Like Jungle Carry Teammate - Ep.10516:11
1 day agoSingapore MTV ASIA349,000SILVY Sings Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana & Joji In Karaoke Roulette7:31
1 day agoSingapore Happy Durian2,310Exploding Arrows! The Most Lethal Bow Build in Backpack Hero!26:25
1 day agoSingapore ian fann3,900TRN TA1 Max Earphones | Review17:41
1 day agoSingapore Bandot TV26,200🔴LIVE - RRQ Bandot : a Weapon Has No Emotions ! - League of Legends Wild Rift4:19:24
1 day agoSingapore Manique LoL1,730Morgana Montage - Satisfy Plays & Kills10:01
1 day agoSingapore Mamiko518,000Wyprawa jachtem, Sentosa Cove10:08
1 day agoSingapore ESL Asia5,450Snapdragon Pro Series | AP Open Season 1 | Free Fire Weekly Recap 22:38
1 day agoSingapore PlayStation Asia49,200Prehistoric Planet | Apple TV+0:16
1 day agoSingapore MAHALACTO3,920Popol & Kupa vs Gusion #mlbb #popolandkupa #transformers #gusion #mugiwara #onepiece0:11
1 day agoSingapore Blurrhhh182LIVE PS4! APEX LEGENDS RANKED. SEASON 13! LIVE STREAM3:40:39
1 day agoSingapore jkor783pokemon livestream PLA shiny hunting0:00
1 day agoSingapore Ta Nouk-តាណុក408,000Episode 119 Magic Power World រឿង ពិភពថាមពលវេទមន្ត,Ta Nouk-តាណុក11:29
1 day agoSingapore BBYCAI VLOG1,530Water Dance0:26
1 day agoSingapore Yahoo Southeast Asia734Elections 2022: Keep Mocking The Marcoses1:04
1 day agoSingapore - ! KeZ =359'' I'm still waiting... '' 💓 / glm / og / Kei0:15
1 day agoSingapore Rexlent57,000【战双帕弥什 Punishing: Gray Raven】Chrome Arclight Beta Secret Upgrade2:31
1 day agoSingapore APPROVED DTX Gaming6,930【DTXMania Drum Rhythm Game LIVE 配信】 2022.05.28 | REQUESTS OK!! 【Anisong / BanG Dream / Hololive】0:00
1 day agoSingapore Tropic Monsters TV70,900Are Poly Students good at Riddles? *$100 REWARD*11:18
1 day agoSingapore AppleArgus1,530ARGUS TANK EMBLEM IS META!!! ~ ARGUS MLBB GAMEPLAY 20228:58
1 day agoSingapore Sneaker In Common4,080What your favorite Nike Dunk Low says about you, black panda dunks are banned0:51
1 day agoSingapore Techno Hein250Wuthering waves GAMEPLAY || NEW OPEN WORLD GAME by Kuro0:54
1 day agoSingapore SoulzWind676Neopets EP5: Day 5 - Game Fiesta or Game Fiasco?28:42
1 day agoSingapore EODGamer1,800SERVAL Full Gameplay CBT2 | EN & JP Voice | Honkai: Star Rail Gameplay11:16
1 day agoSingapore long kong1,350Mech Arena Gameplay Walkthrough Part 34:10
1 day agoSingapore Bro LH Gaming40,700របៀបកែ Sitting MLBB លេងកុំអោយ Slow និង ទាក់ 👍 | Mobile Legends8:26
1 day agoSingapore Oxe Gill4,640Undertale React to FleetwaySonic Vs ExEtior (Sonic.EXE)3:56
1 day agoSingapore mienyok351Tutor Ling dong Kakak - Mobile Legends0:52
1 day agoSingapore Paper Rex28,500Best Plays of VCT MY/SG Stage 2 Group Stage 2022 [Tournament Highlight] | Paper Rex VALORANT8:19
1 day agoSingapore BetterTNothing50,900【原神】最快乐的BUG?2.6版本无限大跳跃!100%成功教学...人人都能体验靖妖傩舞!2:56
1 day agoSingapore NYEP13Apex Legends S13: shaking my hand while aiming, with molo and wut5:15
1 day agoSingapore Youthopia SG2,450Niche Hobbies: Pro Wrestling4:35
1 day agoSingapore FuFu Gaming17,600Rise of Heros - Best Action Game 2022 New /#FuMaster /FuFuGaming18:17
1 day agoSingapore AyinMaiden57,100GW2 - Tassi Master achievement3:29
1 day agoSingapore James YH237King of Fighters All Stars - Collab Fighters Pick Up Gacha 1st Batch Dead or Alive 60:54
1 day agoSingapore Bandai Namco Entertainment Southeast Asia15,200SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE - วิดีโอเปิดตัวเกมพร้อมวันวางจำหน่าย7:08
1 day agoSingapore Enchanted565Ling M-World Deadly Rotation Gameplay | Ling Best Build & Emblem 2022 | Mobile Legends7:16
1 day agoSingapore Project GF Channel553Ichiban Kuji | Jujutsu Kaisen 0 The Movie: Manifestation Review15:39
1 day agoSingapore Sopheak IT Show1,250Ought To || Modal auxiliary verb - shall, should, can, could, will, would, may, must, might12:01
1 day agoSingapore PeachZaddy_Bossu2,660BDSP BEST GAME im free Grand Underground! Shiny Hunting?【bossu】2:41:02
1 day agoSingapore C mango27Don’t destroy my teammates #Xpose #mobilelegends0:16
1 day agoSingapore YDCB Games236,000TIER LIST MAY 2022 - EPIC SEVEN22:11
1 day agoSingapore Flaming Centurion3,470AI vs Editor - Camera Tracking Dance Short to Silk Sonic' Love's Train1:39
1 day agoSingapore MartyTV Station1,750NBA Hoops Jersey swap Zion Williamson & Ja Morant8:01
1 day agoSingapore GAMEBRO38,700Everybody React to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R Release Date Trailer11:22
1 day agoSingapore Theo Ong Science and Engineering6,150spiceSharpFluidFlowSolver 7 - Code Exploration OnePort Class and Nodal Analysis Eg with Resistor43:32
1 day agoSingapore Jaeger Supreme3,350Merge Everything Kill Everything! and that's it6:22
1 day agoSingapore Kuroha Zone1,9909-nine-:Episode 1 (Part 7) No Commentary27:26
1 day agoSingapore ATA MLBGChanger12,800Tigreal Starlight Skin (ATAMLBGChanger)20:43
1 day agoSingapore GosuGamers27,500Epic Moment Playoffs Round 2 | Pinnacle Cup 4 #Shorts0:52