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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Singapore based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
5 hours agoSingapore Zeeebo Gaming10,100Guardian Tales | Next Co-Op Dungeon(Fire) | Scintillia Co-Op Showcase!2:34
6 hours agoSingapore Deathless Franco226FRANCO ONE HOOK KILL!! |MLBB SHORT0:12
7 hours agoSingapore Jaeger Supreme3,270I like Bishoujo games and here I am playing Otome games! Tears Of Themis gameplay!16:42
8 hours agoSingapore Wedding Emcee Magician Martin Goh & Zazagamercat798Remember his NAME! NOOBsE7En Toxic Player Of The Month. Ubisoft can you do something about this?6:38
9 hours agoSingapore No Commentary Gameplays584Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War | Team Deathmatch (No Commentary Gameplay)8:11
9 hours agoSingapore WadaGames195,000Legends of Glory: Xihe (Mage) Gameplay10:55
10 hours agoSingapore PlayStation Asia47,000Lost Judgment - Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS45:11
10 hours agoSingapore MySX306,780Bakmi Agoan Puri Indah Jakarta Indonesia2:58
11 hours agoSingapore Bo Gaming Singapore7Why proper smokes is important0:49
12 hours agoSingapore The Invincible Guide2,030Sword Master Story - LATEST 196 Codes (6 VALID Codes + 190 Expired Codes)1:10
12 hours agoSingapore James YH66THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE - Finally the SSR is being drawn out from this Gacha1:59
12 hours agoSingapore QueenOsit1,220Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Walnut Cake3:26
13 hours agoSingapore Kaen3,280RimWorld - Ideology - A New Beginning #111:25:08
13 hours agoSingapore bossu finn2,720LIVE! The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - Part 2 - DANCE WITH ME HERLOCK!7:10:16
13 hours agoSingapore Braxy3,280CHOU S.T.U.N WIN RATE 87.8% MLBB6:54
14 hours agoSingapore Blinded by Light870🔴 LIVE: Genshin Impact (PC) | Asia | AR56 | Streaming to Nobody #genshinimpact #inazuma21:31
16 hours agoSingapore Shirayone176Crispy PS1 explosions from Ace Combat 20:16
16 hours agoSingapore CoolBeat Gaming664FFBE FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - Avalanche's Tifa Banner Summon2:07:35
17 hours agoSingapore Dopce Gamer72Disney Sorcerer’s Arena / this madam is too strong 迪斯尼魔法师竞技场/这个夫人太强了19:12
17 hours agoSingapore iFunzio687,000Watch This UNIQUE Competitive LEVEL 1 Action in League of Legends | Funny LoL Series #92110:16
18 hours agoSingapore Unique Gaming3,170After training Zed for 2 days | LoL: WR0:16
19 hours agoSingapore bloodyknight851,010Stealing Stasis18:01
19 hours agoSingapore SkyMiken スカイミカン58#MLBB #MobileLegendsBangBang 😊🙂😃 Solo Rank/Bawl Mage/Support. 😊🙂😃1:13:57
20 hours agoSingapore Fitz Plays2,500Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Non-Elemental Destroyer Build (Perfect for Any Occasion)5:56
21 hours agoSingapore Tanna Time21,300OK IT'S REALLY CURSED | NieR Automata Crossover Summon Collaboration | NieR Reincarnation Global13:02
21 hours agoSingapore ネオウルフ1,320Genshin Impact Ayaka (C0) lvl 80 (100 hp , lvl 1 dull sword) vs Childe lvl 90 Solo(no damage)7:54
21 hours agoSingapore Casual Gamers Online7,790Devour - Horror Survival Game Ep 021:40:11
21 hours agoSingapore Chloe Lim9,050🐝 2 NEW CODES AND BEE BOOSTS! ROBLOX TIMBER!14:48
21 hours agoSingapore Siglap plays Overwatch0Symmetra's photon projector is deadly at a distance.0:25
21 hours agoSingapore Sis KH 1681,450Gusion build 2021,Gusion gameplay,Gusion , Sis KH 1681:01
22 hours agoSingapore Hiseta Nia Ch.1,160【 Random 】Getting Better, let's talk about my (Almost) Debut Anniversary 【VTuber ID / EN】3:05:08
22 hours agoSingapore Best Indie Games69,700Indie Gaming This Week: 02 - 08 Aug 202125:11
22 hours agoSingapore SoulzWind541Gemcraft Frostborn Wrath EP56: [Iron Wizard] Field Z4 - Iron & Brass Stash15:57
22 hours agoSingapore iFooder967,0008 Minutes "SUPER LUCKY MOMENTS" in Mobile Legends ✅8:32
23 hours agoSingapore NeuroIsDelicious2,380Solo Legendary DUA !Builds - The Division 26:04:02
23 hours agoSingapore IonStorm3,350Genshin Impact - Keqing/Xingqiu/Kazuha/Bennett in 2.0 Spiral Abyss 1210:10
23 hours agoSingapore WinterNight Gaming349Romancing SaGa Re: Universe, Event - Seekers' Path UH11 Battles & Jewel Beast Romancing!!!9:24
1 day agoSingapore Ferios10,200AFTER FEW ASURA TESTING | Asura - Onmyoji Arena | Season 1415:56
1 day agoSingapore Geek Culture48,600This Backpack Does It All! | 22seven Design Orion Modular Backpack18:31
1 day agoSingapore porkguy2,660Please teach Ayaka magic meow!【Genshin Impact Animation】0:13
1 day agoSingapore Brevis122,000BUTTERJAFFA VS BREVIS: Demon Slayer SMP #7 | Minecraft 3rd Life Anzhoung12:14
1 day agoSingapore Qaizher Vladislav169Noosphere Gameplay Playthrough | Let's Play Episode 2 | Chopped17:38
1 day agoSingapore Cultured Left Foot5,510PES 2021 MASTER LEAGUE #23 - Full Manual | BACK WITH POSITIVITY!20:55
1 day agoSingapore FireMegas76,400Fatui Couple.......0:47
1 day agoSingapore KingTBP14Mobile Legends | OP Mage Lunox [Lunox tutorial]13:09
1 day agoSingapore jeanlex TV2,410SABER VS LANCELOT AND GUSION WHOS THE BEST ASSASSIN'S??13:44
1 day agoSingapore Manique LoL1,540Thresh -//- Season 11 - Best Thresh GAMEPLAY | 4/4/18 | - League of Legends - #121:02
1 day agoSingapore Heartly You1,660Lisa Swimming With Ruin Guard0:17
1 day agoSingapore MeliodasZ700How To Play Claude When Enemy Have Full Counter!!? | Claude Best Build And Emblem | MeliodasZ - MLBB17:13
1 day agoSingapore Mahoマホ7,600[Princess Connect! Re:Dive] Carmina Summer Live SP Boss | 3 turns (Physical Team) (Queen Utakurage)9:02
1 day agoSingapore Garena Call of Duty Mobile376,000Day and Night Cycles in Undead Siege | Call of Duty: Mobile - Garena0:20
1 day agoSingapore Pu Troll SR34,700Primitive Boy go to find fish for dinner Technology catch fish survival skills8:02
1 day agoSingapore Clumsy37,200R.I.P. G27? - Flight Yoke Trucking - Jon Ruda 362 - ATS - VOD - 2021-07-302:44:11
1 day agoSingapore Dhampirs644DHAMPIRS, SOLO RANK WITH WAR AXE DYRROTH TO COUNTER OFFLANER | EXECUTE - Mobile Legends14:56
1 day agoSingapore Amanda 'Tania Mae' Tan46Natan - Juking with Entropy ultimate | Mobile Legends0:21
1 day agoSingapore Unknown Knight3,590Farming RobbedACop [Payday 2]17:13
1 day agoSingapore Noveva396Barotrauma moments | I'm sorry, brother...1:36
1 day agoSingapore Jeremy Tan524Genshin Impact - Domain of Blessing: Dance of Steel V1:10
1 day agoSingapore EdyMLBB969Rya Budding Blossom - Magic Chess Comamnder Rya 3rd Skill Gameplay24:07
1 day agoSingapore Zi Xian Qua11Spiral Abyss 2.0(1 Aug 2021) Floor 12 9 Stars13:56
1 day agoSingapore Jay DIY & Gaming1,540When Swan Princess Sings!!13:01
1 day agoSingapore Jin Yuan563[War of The Vision: FFBE] Farplane Events -UR Three Stars' Trials of Reckoning Normal Quest #1 to #516:19
1 day agoSingapore Flare Less8Scarlet Nexus Part 23 - Reunited [Yuito's Side - Hard Mode]54:38
1 day agoSingapore Koizumi Shimu18[POKEMON UNITE] Playing rank not having fun.....1:33:56
1 day agoSingapore KyuzoPlays2,600Red Rank Dead By Daylight | Doctor15:59
1 day agoSingapore Bro LH Gaming25,600ឈុតក្រៅ Starlight Luo Yi Cute Cute 😍 Admin លង់ស្នេហ៍ហើយ | MLBB Luo Yi Starlight Skin | Mobile Legend26:40
1 day agoSingapore AyinMaiden52,600FFXIV - Call of the Desert & Into a Copper Hell (Level 17 MSQ - Copperbell Mines Duty)50:08
1 day agoSingapore Lustier47VALHEIM WALKTHROUGH PART 15 - NEW CASTLE BASE BUILDING!5:37:05
1 day agoSingapore xHana Moba124Battle Academia Ezreal Skin Review! League Of Legends Wild Rift iPhone 1222:10
1 day agoSingapore SOLEMPNIS2,080新年到了1:22
1 day agoSingapore OFFICIAL ɪᴄᴇ.110And his name is khufra cena!! 1000 IQ OUTPLAY 🔥0:16
1 day agoSingapore Mystikun376Fanny is coming.. Choose a protector: #fannyphobia #mobilelegends0:16
1 day agoSingapore PowerisTsutsun710I had to use my Lucky charm #MONA on this one! #genshinimpact0:15
1 day agoSingapore Kakuchopurei6,670SoR 4 Survival Week 4 - Level 30+53:58
1 day agoSingapore Jim NulTis879Payday 2 - Bank Deposit: Gold (Mayhem Stealth) - Robbing "quietly"20:35
1 day agoSingapore zhaoway327[FEH] Your chaos is no match for me! L!Robin True Solos Yune MHB Abyssal4:28
1 day agoSingapore Chubbybots371,000My custom Lego Mech0:15
1 day agoSingapore The Absolian72The crit matters ... Week 2 RPDL Diamond vs Blaziken Blazers49:49
1 day agoSingapore Cryston1,060[Genshin Impact] Court of Flowing Sand - Domain of Forgery: Sunken Sands IV2:57
1 day agoSingapore Aaron Yxy5,860[神魔之塔] Dubious Mercy (Ultimate Stage) [0 diamond clear] [Himiko]5:20
1 day agoSingapore Leong Yu Hin Leong8,200Mirika Hoshizaki - "I'm going to make you fall for me! ☝️😠"0:23
1 day agoSingapore M PRO GAMING248,000Fifa 22 Android Offline MOD PS5 900MB New Faces Kits & Last Transfers 2021/22 APK+OBB Best Graphics14:59
1 day agoSingapore Ashser Gaming29Diamonds! Also I built TangoTek sugar cane farm [Scarworld S3 EP3]8:15
1 day agoSingapore RTG REVIEW4,150PES 2017 - NEXT SEASON PATCH 2021-2022 - NEW OPTION FILE 2022 V6 AUG 812021 PC7:51
2 days agoSingapore jJae Studio716Semi-Solid Platform with 5 nodons! As seen in Super Mario | Game Builder Garage Tutorial5:26
2 days agoSingapore TITAN GAMERS413,000T1-T5 Students Play Class Rush15:47
2 days agoSingapore sammymmas11Detroit: Become Human Part 3 Gameplay2:34:50
2 days agoSingapore RYAN DO4,690Bullet angel: USP-CYBER Max level 152:57
2 days agoSingapore AKaMiKz13,000Shadow Hunter - Lost World | Android Gameplay6:21
2 days agoSingapore Comic Art895How to draw Bikini Anime Girl | Manga Style | sketching | anime character | ep-29813:30
2 days agoSingapore Chibinaroath6,420Fate/Grand Order - 6th anniversary : Koyanskaya (Tamamo Vitch)'s Noble Phantasm0:21
2 days agoSingapore Rambling Thunder835Infinite Painter - Alcohol Ink17:40
2 days agoSingapore Randy Alter Reviews8,480FGO Assassin Koyanskaya Noble Phantasm Fate/Grand Order0:24
2 days agoSingapore TOBH AD324Katarina Montage 7월 카타리나 매드무비 !7:39
2 days agoSingapore ADRENA GAMING240Moonlight Sculptor - Guildie's mirkhan 90 run2:26
2 days agoSingapore Nova Tang2,440【塞尔达传说:御天之剑HD】26畅游大水森林,讨好水龙大人!52:45
2 days agoSingapore Rebels Squad427Rank Only - Layla2:05:12