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Pokemon Lets Go Motion Controls Not Needed And Bethesda Using Fallout 76 Engine For ES6? | News Wave
Pokemon Let's Go is officially out tomorrow and more information continues to come out from people who are already playing the game. A more recent...
2018-11-15 6:00:13 AM ● 11,610 views ● 16:59 98.22% liked
Here's Why The PowerA Wireless Gamecube Controller For The Switch Surprised Me
The Wireless PowerA Gamecube Controller is out at the end of the month and is set up to more so compete with the Switch Pro Controller instead...
2018-11-14 3:30:20 PM ● 42,370 views ● 14:30 98.29% liked
Pokemon Lets Go Reviews Surprise And The PC Classic Is Real And It's Hilarious | News Wave
Pokemon Let's Go is out this Friday and review embargoes have now lifted giving us an idea as to how critics feel about this different take on...
2018-11-14 6:00:05 AM ● 44,332 views ● 15:54 97.33% liked
Nintendo WINS Lawsuit Against Roms For MILLIONS And THQ Nordic Moves Games To Switch | News Wave
After only a few months, Nintendo has effectively won their lawsuit against LoveRoms with both parties coming to an agreement of settlement for...
2018-11-13 6:00:09 AM ● 35,768 views ● 14:51 98.23% liked
Spyro Is Back, But Does He Still Work In 2018? - Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Spyro Reignited Trilogy is finally here after being delayed into November for some reason. Despite the delay the game still seems to require...
2018-11-12 7:58:04 PM ● 17,275 views ● 12:11 97.16% liked
Pokemon Let's Go LEAKS Online And Was A PlayStation 5 Feature Patented? | News Wave
Pokemon Let's Go has now leaked online and people are even datamining the game finding a ton of information about stats and items in the game....
2018-11-12 6:00:03 AM ● 52,525 views ● 16:23 96.84% liked
Let's Play
Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop Xbox 360 Is A Waste Of Money
Gamestop ran a Pro Day sale over the weekend and I thought I would take advantage of the sale and pick up a refurbished Xbox 360 system to check...
2018-11-11 8:00:00 AM ● 10,874 views ● 18:51 98.38% liked
XO18 Was Disappointing - Microsoft Is Ready To Move On
XO18 was a celebration for Xbox that took place in Mexico City with the biggest Inside Xbox ever. The only issue is this Inside Xbox really didn't...
2018-11-10 5:37:18 PM ● 24,734 views ● 12:23 92.81% liked
Fallout 76 Day One Patch Is Insane, Smash Bros, Diablo Immortal And Your Comments | Saturday Show
Fallout 76 is out next week and somehow the day one patch you need to download is bigger than the game itself. Smash Bros Ultimate was in the...
2018-11-10 6:00:04 AM ● 27,444 views ● 13:34 97.68% liked
Fallout 76
Fallout 76 (2019)
How Close Is The New 2018 Gamecube Controller To The Original?
Once again Nintendo has released a new Gamecube Controller for fans to pick up on the way to the release of Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch....
2018-11-09 8:05:35 PM ● 30,131 views ● 14:03 97.86% liked