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Capcom Continues To Confuse With Their Switch Games And Days Gone Needs Some Work | News Wave
Capcom has been doing some odd things during the first year of the Nintendo Switch and this last announcement for Resident Evil 7 has confused...
2018-05-22 6:00:03 AM ● 13,651 views ● 17:08 98.27% liked
Building The SNES Classic Raspberry Pi Edition! | Tech Wave
The SNES and NES Classic have been around for a while now, but for some they have been tough to find. Today we'll be building a more capable...
2018-05-21 12:53:09 PM ● 8,444 views ● 21:50 98.01% liked
Mysterious Pokemon Statues Appear In Brazil And Kingdom Hearts III Is Real | News Wave
Pokemon statues have been appearing in Brazil alongside Pokemon Go releases. These statues appear to be very detailed and look great. Unfortunately...
2018-05-21 6:00:01 AM ● 22,707 views ● 15:12 97.64% liked
Resident Evil 7 Announced For Nintendo Switch...Well Kind Of.... | News Wave Extra
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is going to the Nintendo Switch in Japan and they way it's doing it is odd. Capcom will be using servers to render...
2018-05-20 8:21:30 PM ● 16,185 views ● 4:05 97.87% liked
Mario Tennis File Size, Pokemon Lets Go Rumors, Black Ops IIII And Your Comments | Saturday Show
The Mario Tennis Aces file size was discovered and it appears to be continuing the trend of small file sizes from Nintendo's first party software....
2018-05-19 6:39:27 PM ● 18,181 views ● 14:45 97.17% liked
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
A Game On The Switch eShop Wants To Charge You For Save Slots...And I'm Not Surprised
Monetization strategies after the initial sale is something game companies are heavily focused on right now. Going forward it appears that a...
2018-05-19 2:03:58 PM ● 18,059 views ● 7:24 97.46% liked
Let's Build Some Knock Off Nintendo Labo Stuff Because Why Not (ft. RGT85)
The Nintendo Labo has been out in the wild for almost a month now and of course knock offs were right behind. Today Shawn and I will be building...
2018-05-18 7:40:06 PM ● 13,427 views ● 11:04 96.10% liked
Runner3 Review Nintendo Switch - Platforming Rhythm Action!
Runner3 is set to hit the Nintendo Switch and Steam next week with PS4 and Xbox One to follow later. This game is the third game in the Runner...
2018-05-18 9:07:39 AM ● 3,451 views ● 7:49 92.57% liked
Mario Tennis Aces Gets An Offline Demo And Black Ops IIII Causes Controversy | News Wave
Mario Tennis Aces is set to receive a tournament beta ahead of the release, however after some new information came out from Nintendo PR it appears...
2018-05-18 6:00:04 AM ● 20,245 views ● 18:01 97.65% liked
Nintendo Wants You To Reserve A Spot To Play Smash Bros At E3 And Scalebound Appears?! | News Wave
Nintendo is preparing for the E3 crowd this year by having those interested in Smash Bros reserve a spot ahead of time. Those who are interested...
2018-05-17 6:00:02 AM ● 28,543 views ● 15:16 97.75% liked