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1.Mexico 31 Horas Music207,474,157
2. Super Smash Bros.140,074,462
3.Japan Zackray / ザクレイ118,907,629
4. Dragon Smash106,880,455
5.Canada YEET Smash102,496,900
6. ProsafiaGaming101,645,168
7.United States Nintendo Unity82,011,316
8.Japan MKR Channel73,098,037
9.United States VGBootCamp71,723,079
10.United States ZeRo69,655,675

Latest Let's Plays For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days ago EvenMatchupGamingEMG Smash Ultimate Plays of the Week 2021 - Episode 8 (SSBU)8:022,822
4 days agoUnited States Supreme SmashBEST GANONDORF PLAYS! | Smash Ultimate10:044,371
4 days agoGermany Drabo GamingSuper Smash Bros Ultimate Let's Play #021/Link VS Corrin17:189
2021-02-16United States KwingsLetsPlaysMario Vs Geno Super Smash Bros Ultimate14:221,720
2021-02-16United States Austin John PlaysTOMORROW's 50-minute Nintendo Direct, Smash Ultimate, and #Zelda35?4:26130,533
2021-02-15Germany Cinétastic CécileWarum DU in SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE NICHT BESSER WIRST [German/4K] - Cécile Akira 👸🏼 ❤17:090
2021-02-14 Dragon SmashMassive Brain Plays in Smash Ultimate8:13119,065
2021-02-13United States Core GameplayAfter Steve - Smash Ultimate replays #817:245
2021-02-10United States Emerald MastersKnuckles plays Super Smash Bros Ultimate LIVE!1:23:356,924
2021-02-09France Powerjulien - Let's Player[FR] #39 Let's play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mewtwo pas encore King1:36:3376
2021-02-08 Jt playslets play super smash bros ultimate part 5018:430
2021-02-05Spain VidaoPantallaGeno TODAVÍA puede estar en Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Teoría) | Escenario Smash2:4375
2021-02-04United States CBGP EmTVSUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE - Random, Random, Random #LetsPlay #NintendoSwitch3:2416
2021-02-01United States joeiacoLATE NIGHT PLAYS! | SMASH ULTIMATE2:10:3111,634
2021-01-31United States Reactavlogger55Let's Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate World Of Light Part 11:29:2911
2021-01-24Canada Tuna PhishSuper Smash Bros Ultimate: Spirit Adventure Let's Play Pt. 41:16:479
2021-01-22United States MabiVsGamesGod Jigglypuff Plays! | Online 1-on-1 Touney Event - Super Smash Bros Ultimate [Mablin Tales]18:29111
2021-01-22United Kingdom Super Gaming FamilySUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE HAS RETURNED19:273,338
2021-01-11United States PolarisZenKai’s Amiibo Fights!Super Smash Bros Ultimate Amiibo Fights – Request #16400 Alph & Olimar vs Ness & Lucas6:432,144
2021-01-10United States HappyAnimaidCafeManagerSuper Smash Bros Ultimate: Let's Play: Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Spirits 2/24:423
2021-01-09United States Around The ClockEx-Halo Composer Wants To Help Work On Master Chief If He Joins Smash Ultimate2:113,643
2021-01-09Germany KansharioSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate - Die Dunkle Samus kämpft nun mit! Stern der irrenden Lichter Part 12320:4415
2021-01-08United States MatthewAranSmash Ultimate Replays #63: Dec 29, 2020-Jan 03, 202152:1564
2021-01-04United States Dark Sparxx GamingThe BIG DAMAGE King K. Rool Plays!! | Smash Ultimate Coaching18:32449

Latest Reviews For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-02-08Austria Beefy Smash DoodsThe Miracle Combo In Smash Ultimate [SMASH REVIEW #104]12:5090,024
2020-12-23United States Mardiman641Mardiman641 Smash Ultimate DLC Review: Sephiroth/10.0 Update37:289
2020-12-19Indonesia VERY STUPID GAMERSMASH BROS New DLC : SEPHIROTH Review14:33107
2020-12-18United States The Catholic Gaming NerdSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate Challenger Pack 8 Early Access Video Review11:2026
2020-12-13United States Thunder PalsThunder Pals Live Review - Game Awards - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Sephiroth Reveal26:5549
2020-12-08 もやっしぃ【参加型】プリン使いのスマブラSP 配信#593:46:31146
2020-12-04United States DZ LegendRandom Only Smash Ultimate Live Arena3:17:20143
2020-12-02United States MicW3llingtonHangin out | Smash Ultimate Vod Review2:16:2054
2020-11-30United States ActorBryantToBryant To Reviews - Nintendo switch pro controller super smash bros ultimate edition3:1218
2020-11-24Japan うめきちゃんねる【スマブラSP対戦会】プロトバナム、うめき4:47:579,207
2020-11-06United States Phillip ChumleySuper Smash Bros Ultimate Review for Nintendo Switch13:186
2020-10-31United States CrosisGamingNEW JACKBOX, WHO DIS? | 31 Days of Halloween - Jackbox 74:14:2572
2020-10-30United States SGRAngry Video Game Nerd 1 & 2 Deluxe Nintendo Switch Review9:36680
2020-10-25United States DelzethinA Closer Look at Steve and Challenger Pack #713:034,822
2020-10-22United States MinnMaxShowMinnMax's Anniversary, Amnesia, Jackbox Party Pack 7 Review - The MinnMax Show2:31:277,598
2020-10-20Canada 2 Left ThumbsThe Jackbox Party Pack 7 Review & Individual Game Summary | Jackbox 7 Review23:28145,877
2020-10-17United States TimeToGrindThe Jackbox Party Pack 7 Review | One of the Best Packs Yet!9:1511,048
2020-10-16United States LarryLurrSmash Ultimate Patch 9.0.0 Patch Review8:0920,554
2020-10-15United States IGNSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Review - Minecraft Steve6:01158,684
2020-10-11Canada RandomTensSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate In-Depth Review | Smash's FINAL Destination31:565,426
2020-10-07United States PunchNpieJoker and Hero Amiibo Unboxing and REVIEW!6:51150
2020-10-07Japan ふぁくとりー【スマブラSP】紅白戦参加者を募集しながら専用部屋とか2:58:25291
2020-10-04 Wade CuevasSuper Smash Bros - Ultimate (Nintendo Switch) (EU Version) review1:462
2020-10-02India Reaction JukeboxSuper Smash Bros Ultimate A New Seed Trailer Reaction Mashup & Review3:42227,970