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Channels With The Most Views

1.Mexico 31 Horas Music143,517,297
2. Dragon Smash96,605,035
3.Canada YEET Smash88,993,086
4. ProsafiaGaming73,669,973
5.United States ZeRo68,554,348
6. Super Smash Bros.68,273,706
7.United States Nintendo Unity67,704,044
8.United States VGBootCamp57,646,153
9.United States CommunityGame49,282,578
10.United States TrueAsianGamer47,109,798

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United States PolarisZenKai’s Amiibo Fights!8,381
2.United States VGBootCamp5,428
3.United States 2GGaming3,764
4.United States House Of 30002,255
5. Thunder Wolf Wyvern1,092
6.Mexico 31 Horas Music1,087
7.United Kingdom Forizen11,022
8.United States Carls493989
9. splatMeggy 2946
10.United States VGM Haven890

Latest Let's Plays For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited States PolarisZenKai’s Amiibo Fights!Super Smash Bros Ultimate Amiibo Fights – Request #14549 Dedede vs Alph3:25668
4 days ago Zack PainLet's Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Episode 28 : Le Sud Ouest de la Contrée des Ténèbres25:261
5 days agoCanada MaskedMetaKnight4Netplay Mania - Let's Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [27]11:0437
5 days agoUnited States Orange975🔴 Let's Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Live!!!1:21:45158
6 days agoCanada Kever M.Super Smash Bros Ultimate Live Stream Online Matches Part 132 Stream Collab With Marcos F. Diaz Nova3:48:18667
2020-09-09United States House Of 3000[Smash Ultimate] XeNOwifi 26 (L.Top 6) - Z minus vs Ho3K Ralphie16:1920
2020-09-09United States TheReviewPre GamingLets Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Mewtwo) 47:4315
2020-09-09United States Ralyc GamingRalyc Plays Smash Ultimate: Online Turny 9/9/202012:12376
2020-09-09United States Ultra CSuper Smash Bros Ultimate: The 3v5 Tournament! - Ultra Competitive21:49150
2020-09-05 Dragon SmashGalaxy Brain Plays in Smash Ultimate8:03143,969
2020-09-03Spain VidaoPantallaPor qué no quiero a Sora en Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | Shergiock Opina11:0673
2020-08-27Germany Cinétastic CécileSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate [German] Zurücklehnen und Replays saven - Livestream 2877:47:03131
2020-08-24United States wiiztecLettuce play Super Smash Bros Ultimate part 22525:576
2020-08-22United States Core GamesAfter Byleth - Smash Ultimate Replays #61:04:401
2020-08-20Canada LaidesManMr. Steal Your Main [ Super Smash Bros Ultimate] Copycat Challenge!32:3833
2020-08-19United States SonicGhostSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate Amiibo: Demon Lord VS MattsLPAdventures23:3112
2020-08-17Germany BroZoJeder kriegt auf die Fresse! 🎮 BROS ZOCKEN Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ⭐ #02624:0721
2020-08-15United States MatthewAranSmash Ultimate Replays #41: Jul 23-28, 202039:335
2020-08-11 TheBassSingerOh Dear God... (featuring The CCSF Crew) - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [EP69]39:45193
2020-08-09Jamaica SwitchXclusiveLets Play: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - SwitchXclusive Battle Arena1:51:18332
2020-08-07United States ethan0248910Ultimate Plays | Smash Ultimate Plays #42:1735
2020-08-04 Gamefreak10124The2ndLet's Play update Video over Smash Ultimate Amiibo Matches (2/2)19:249
2020-08-02United States DavidGXLIVE 🔴 The Jackbox Party Pack 6 - Super Smash Bros Ultimate5:20:21170
2020-07-31United States Benign Cactus"Palu Palpitations" - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Matches41:4035
2020-07-25United States gameguy888(LPIA XL) Smash Ultimate - [83] Battle Today?4:08:5157

Latest Reviews For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-08-24Austria Beefy Smash DoodsHow To Build A Zip Line In Smash Ultimate (feat. GimR) [SMASH REVIEW #80]16:56151,255
2020-08-14Greece DimXxNowSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch/Yuzu Early Access 865 | Links)6:08151
2020-07-06United States ShadicstickMin Min For The Win Win! | Min Min Smash Ultimate DLC Review8:48147
2020-07-03United States FelixthegamerLet's Try Min Min (REVIEW) | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate11:2192
2020-07-01United States mardiman641Mardiman641 Smash Ultimate DLC Review: Min Min/8.0 Update27:0921
2020-06-30United States The Catholic Nintendo NerdSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate Challenger Pack 6 Video Review11:3958
2020-06-24United States MicW3llingtonSmash Ultimate | Replay Review | Open Arena1:38:5062
2020-06-22United States CC MediaMin Min Reveal REACTION - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!7:07417
2020-06-17United States Eddy04tvHow to use the Best Controller for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate suggested5:2052
2020-06-16Canada Killer J GamingRMG Rebooted EP 300 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Switch Game Review20:5772
2020-06-15United States PushBlock GamingSmash Ultimate Character Review - Ridley27:116,590
2020-06-10Netherlands Gamekings VaultSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate Review: "Een gaming feestje voor iedereen"11:1068
2020-05-31 RaioHow GOOD is Fighters Pass One? (Smash Ultimate DLC Review)17:0091,772
2020-05-11 Meta Of SmashJoker Pikachu Match Up Smash Ultimate [Frame Data Review]29:331,698
2020-03-21 Mikey D. LuffyDoes MKLEO have BAD habits? How to think like a Pro. [Smash Ultimate] Review Episode 1.19:283,594
2020-03-03United States NearChrisFighters Pass 1 REVIEW (Smash Ultimate) - NearChris25:5114,717
2020-02-28United States Thunder PalsWonder If We'll See Some Greninja Mains? - T-Pals Presents: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Part 352:17:40137
2020-02-19United States Samurai KibijiTerry Bogard is AWESOME - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Terry Bogard Thoughts (2019)7:0056
2020-02-17United States Sunburned AlbinoSmash Ultimate 4-Player Arenas with Viewers 2/17/201:43:06968
2020-02-14United States TheBigOReviewSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate Livestream-TheBigOReview55:34662
2020-02-13Canada MockRockThe Clones of Super Smash Bros Ultimate - A Review and Analysis18:19340,089
2020-02-13Canada NitroAchillesFighters Pass for Review - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate17:16277
2020-02-08United States Mr WiiSuper Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch Review Mr Wii Reviews 25th Anniversary (Reupload)17:1114
2020-01-30United States IGNSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate: Byleth DLC Review3:0060,331
2020-01-28United States Cohesive Friendship UnitSmash Ultimate Byleth Early Review - Moves, Tier List and More!6:341,861