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Hello everyone I'm Eric also know as emc150, or just emc for short, and welcome to my channel. I've been playing video games pretty my much my whole life, and this is just me wanting to share my hobby. I hope you enjoy.

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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd / Monday
Megaman 5 / Thursday

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MHP3 09 - The Dancing Queen of the Skies
The Elder has another urgent request of us today. The Queen of the Skies is causing trouble in throughout the peaks. It's time to put a stop...
2018-10-15 5:30:01 AM ● 1 views ● 20:24 100.00% liked
Legend of Legaia 06 - Biron Monastery
Biron Monastery. A place of honor and strength. A place where strict teachings forbid the use of Seru. Destiny still waits to be discovered by...
2018-10-12 5:30:01 AM ● 0 views ● 35:06
Legend of Legaia 05 - New Friends
They weren't too late after all. With some difficulty, Vahn and Noa have defeated the creature sent to stop them. The Genesis Tree will free...
2018-10-10 5:30:01 AM ● 0 views ● 33:59
MHP3 08 - The Iceter Bunny
Among other things we head into the tundra today. A slippery bunny has been cause some trouble. Not sure how much but let's be quick about it....
2018-10-08 5:30:00 AM ● 0 views ● 23:55
Legend of Legaia 04 - Golem Broke
As Noa and Terra race to the Genesis Tree, they're met with more resistance then they could have expected. Will Vahn and Meta reach them in time?...
2018-10-05 5:30:00 AM ● 1 views ● 32:32 100.00% liked
Legend of Legaia 03 - Raised by a Wolf
A new story begins. A lone girl raised by a wolf trains for a destiny not yet revealed to her. How will her story unfold?
2018-10-03 5:30:02 AM ● 2 views ● 30:36
MHP3 07 - Three Quick Beatings
A few more quests get cleared from the board today. Nothing to nasty, should be a quick day.
2018-10-01 5:30:00 AM ● 0 views ● 19:12
Legend of Legaia 02 - The Castle of Drake
Drake Castle is still shrouded in the mist. It's people all changed and possessed by seru monsters.
2018-09-28 5:30:01 AM ● 1 views ● 30:46
Legend of Legaia 01 - The Legend Begins
The Mist has covered the world turning once helpful, symbiotic creatures, into mad beasts.
2018-09-26 5:30:00 AM ● 1 views ● 55:25
MHP3 06 - Mud Brother
Today we load up and head out for our first Barroth hunt to kick off the 3 star quests.
2018-09-24 5:30:00 AM ● 0 views ● 31:16