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Comedy game play, featuring the talents of Aaron Yonda, Adam Koralik, and Emre Cihangir! Plus, celebrity impression comedy by Jason Stephens.

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Fallout New California For Pimps | THE SEARCH FOR COOCH (E04)
Ive Nojohnson finds a suitable cooch and searches for a doctor to do the operation in our Fallout New California playthrough. **HELP US MAKE...
2018-12-14 1:15:00 PM ● 287 views ● 18:16 97.62% liked
Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Emre Will Lose
Let's Smash! It's Super Smash Bros Ultimate time for the Nintendo Switch. Get your Emre fails counter ready. WE'RE LIVE TWICE A WEEK ON TWITCH:...
2018-12-12 9:01:16 PM ● 3,328 views ● 2:08:56 95.45% liked
Kingdom Come | Bro Fight (E22)
Some crazy stuff goes down in this one, bro. You'd better crack open a cold one with the boys, bro. • LIVESTREAMING ON TWITCH twice a week:...
2018-12-08 6:45:01 PM ● 4,655 views ● 14:46 99.22% liked
KINECT TORTURE - Power Rangers Super Samurai
Yes, we did this. We played, or made Emre play, Power Rangers Super Samurai Kinect for the XBox 360. It's as amazing as it sounds. • HELP US...
2018-12-07 2:15:00 PM ● 3,181 views ● 24:35 99.39% liked
Red Dead Redemption II Online LIVE - Ugliest Posse Ever
It's time for Red Dead Redemption II Online! Let's saddle up and ride with the ugliest posse of all time. WE'RE LIVE TWICE A WEEK ON TWITCH:...
2018-12-05 9:04:22 PM ● 4,373 views ● 2:12:56 96.72% liked
Kingdom Come | Pleasuring Theresa (E21)
Third date with went Theresa was great...until the surprise ending. • LIVESTREAMING ON TWITCH twice a week:
2018-12-01 5:00:00 PM ● 6,576 views ● 16:41 99.11% liked
Co-op Homeless Simulator "Nowhere to Poop" (E03)
Emre and Aaron find out just how hard it is to poop while homeless, at least without getting it all over themselves. Hobo Playlist:
2018-11-30 9:13:56 PM ● 6,842 views ● 20:42 98.81% liked
Tonight's show will be something special. We'll be "playing" WWE 2K19. Actually, the game will play itself. We'll do commentary, because...
2018-11-28 10:21:30 PM ● 3,711 views ● 3:12:06 97.80% liked
Red Dead Redemption II Online LIVE - First Impressions
We've got early access to Red Dead Redemption II Online! Let's saddle up and ride! WE'RE LIVE TWICE A WEEK ON TWITCH:
2018-11-27 9:20:19 PM ● 8,010 views ● 2:23:43 92.78% liked
Skyrim for Pimps | Black Turdas (S7E10)
Mai Dik must rush into action to save Falskaar by attending a meeting and slowly walking around. • HELP US SURVIVE:
2018-11-24 7:00:01 PM ● 6,598 views ● 15:20 99.43% liked