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4.Canada Typical Gamer1,235,518,105
5. VEGETTA7771,207,368,510
6.Brazil Gameplayrj974,091,386
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9.Brazil LipaoGamer683,655,639
10.Spain Makiman131668,631,250

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1.Brazil Gameplayrj4,143
2.Brazil LipaoGamer3,371
3.Germany Yankeeunit913,111
4.Brazil YoshiGamer2,589
5.Brazil Hunters CLan2,555
6. Dat Saintsfan2,386
7.Brazil Dinata2,123
8.Brazil GamerZeal2,114
9.United Kingdom Elanip2,094
10.Spain Stratus1,993

Latest Let's Plays For Grand Theft Auto V

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1 day agoGermany MafuyuGTA 5 🚘 Mercedes G-Klasse für Trevor • Let's Play18:541,67197.37%
1 day agoPoland MarvoloGrand Theft Auto Online #14 - Napad (Gameplay, PL Let's play)35:1227293.10%
1 day agoGermany GermanLetsPlayDie Verfolgung eines Hackers in GTA Online!10:24137,14698.50%
1 day agoGermany DhalucardStarke Verteidigung - ♠ GTA V Online Season 2 ♠ - Let's Play GTA V Online - Dhalucard16:1517,21299.30%
1 day ago T HawkesGTA Online 5TH new series PS4 Let's Play Part 28615:220
2 days agoUnited States AlphaWhiskeySixGTA 5 - END OF THE ROAD! LSPDFR Let's Be Cops Episode #140 (Terminal, South Central Patrol)16:223,96696.46%
2 days agoFrance Coffee Gaming🔴GTA V #2 : Premeir braquage et enfin Trevor !!! La boucherie va pouvoir commencer !3:22:391,67694.38%
2 days ago brokin87Playing some Grand Theft Auto 5 smallstreamer road to 200 subs on ( PlayStation 4 )1:00:563285.71%
2 days ago DavetheGamer FTWGTA 5 LETS PLAY PART 8222:120
3 days agoUnited States Keith BallardLet's Play Grand Theft Auto V Online Part 16 - Parachutes Vs. Jets1:08:2750694.74%
3 days agoGermany KathaSnakeLet's Play Together GTA Online # 198 Doomsday Heist Rettungswagen im Einsatz19:573
4 days agoUnited States HeavyMetalGamerShowHeavy Metal Gamer Plays: Grand Theft Auto V - Episode 320:0752100.00%
4 days agoGermany LPmitKevUNENDLICHER AVALANCHE in GTA 5 (Kein Fake)19:4425,77098.78%
4 days agoItaly ale83 the playerGTA V ONLINE - Gameplay ITA - Colpo - Irruzione ai laboratori Humane46:174
4 days ago Kikiraider514Let's Play GTA V, Making Money for Night Clubs Update at July 17 & Enjoy by Kikiraide5141:17:5146100.00%
4 days ago The GoregrinderLet's Play GTA V Part 38: The Nut of Jesus Christ1:24:2910
4 days agoUnited States NEWS GAMENew PS4 Game Deals At The US PlayStation Store: $20 GTA 5 And More2:323
4 days ago Dalton paxsonGta-online- short helper named paxson44:125100.00%
5 days agoBrazil Marcos ReversoGTA V Online: Com Vinícius Lord Night (PlayStation 4-Live todos os dias)Rumo 1.200 Não fake!!1:14:1610876.74%
5 days agoCanada TheMissingSockE257 Our Benefactor V12 Schafter 4-Door Sports Customization! - Lets Play GTA 5 Online PC 60fps40:44707100.00%
2018-07-09United States Human InteractSaints Row Developer plays GTA V for the first time | PC Ultra settings1:59:1721100.00%
2018-07-09Austria MR. SMITH.MEDIA🍓Let's Play🍓 GTA 5 - GTA V - Grand Theft Auto 5, 100 % (PC) #025 - 1080p60 Deutsch51:3317100.00%
2018-07-09United States LetsPlayThe Vespucci Job - GTA V | Let's Play26:42255,98298.08%
2018-07-09United States susubeardehartLet's Play LIVE - GTA V, Trying Doomsday Heist Act 31:24:4028100.00%
2018-07-06India Unq GamerINDIANS PLAYS LIVE Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5 PS4) | DANCE BABY DANCE |1:10:4345686.84%

Latest Reviews For Grand Theft Auto V

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2018-07-06United States GeauxBurnsGTA Online: Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series Review21:0020895.00%
2018-07-03United States mustangbugatti xpertAMERICAN VEHICLES GO WILD (Gta 5 Reviews Special)9:479
2018-06-08United States 7Day GamingGrand Theft Auto 5 Mod added Thanos | Review Game2:151033.33%
2018-06-06United States MoneyGlitchGodGTA 5 - SOLO MONEY GLITCH #REVIEW! SICK OF THE 🐶💩BMX! (MUST SEE!)27:575,68685.32%
2018-05-29United States Digital Car AddictGTA 5 - DLC Vehicle Customization (Lampadati Michelli GT) and Review15:2718,40393.54%
2018-05-29United Kingdom Pyrerealm gamingMichelli review! - GTA Online guides2:1524,93996.55%
2018-05-26United States Kahliek ClemmonsGrand Theft Auto V Online (GTAV ONLINE) (GAMEPLAY) (LIVE) {PS4 Pro}2:44:0763100.00%
2018-05-18Canada TIGER x GAMINGGta 5 Online Rare Cars: Bollokan Prairie Review + LOCATION! - (Rarest Cars!)7:2159100.00%
2018-05-18 God Slayer AdamGTA 5 Online - $2.5 Million Overflod Tyrant Super Car Review and Customization Gameplay11:05690.00%
2018-05-01United States ZolaGamesHDGTA V: 100 Bikes / Motorcycles (Add-On) Compilation Pack 201811:2053555.00%
2018-04-29Canada TheMissingSockE232 Our Buckingham Pyro! A Stealth State Customization & Review! - Lets Play GTA 5 Online PC 60fps44:44975100.00%
2018-04-24United States GameHuntReviewsGTAV | GameHuntReviews w/ Friends1:26:41107100.00%
2018-04-22United Kingdom Agar4Gta Online Weeny Issi Classic Review Guide 2018 GTA Agar4 Channel Videos3:251360.00%
2018-04-19Canada Below Pro GamingFive Second Reviews: Grand Theft Auto V0:0621100.00%
2018-04-17 Dat SaintsfanGTA Online NEW CARS REVIEW - Flash GT and Weeny Issi Classic (Should You Buy?)10:5969,20787.32%
2018-04-17 Golden GamerGta v online car review weeny issl classic3:4612100.00%
2018-04-17Russian Federation TripleGTA 5 Online: Flash GT + Issi Classic + Sea Sparrow | ОБЗОР + ТЕСТ + СРАВНЕНИЕ | Патч 1.432:28:1326,10094.21%
2018-04-15United States Swiss Cheese GamingGTA V is an Important Step to Mission Structuring in Open World Games | REVIEW4:3222470.00%
2018-04-09Brazil Fliper ManíacosGTA V Online - Vapid Caracara (Olha o tamanho da criança)9:5055100.00%
2018-04-06United States Cruizers MotorsportsGTA 5 Hotring Racers Review5:25108100.00%
2018-04-04United States Gundam ReviewReview: Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)| kapacking.club8:390
2018-03-31United States Fries101ReviewsGrand Theft Auto V Online #14 (With Fries101Reviews) (Ft. IngloriousJDubz & Insignia)47:545100.00%
2018-03-27United Kingdom AurousBRAND NEW SUPERCAR - PEGASSI TEZERACT REVIEW | GTA V6:4821083.33%
2018-03-27 George StogsdillGTA Online: Is the Hydra Jet Worth $3,000,000? (GTA 5 Heists DLC Hydra Review)7:5011