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Focused on highlighting the best of the independent developer offerings for the Nintendo Switch! Most video here will be in the form of long plays and highlights but I'm also experimenting with a format I'm calling The Rundown, where I will try to give a game summary and light review as I play the game itself and without a script so you'll probably tend to get a much more raw opinion on things to contrast reviews which can be more stuffy (though you can find those as well on my blog).

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Let's Play: Animal Super Squad
A complete surprise of gameplay that is both challenging, funny, and a bit crazy. Includes a level editor and community maps as well!
2018-05-17 9:00:01 AM ● 39 views ● 45:04
Let's Play: FRAMED Collection
This collection featuring the original FRAMED, as well as its sequel, provides a very different and interesting take on the puzzle game. You'll...
2018-05-17 8:00:03 AM ● 446 views ● 21:43
Let's Play
Let's Play: Battle Chasers Nightwar [First Hour]
The gorgeous turn-based RPG action looks and plays very well right from the start.
2018-05-17 7:00:03 AM ● 139 views ● 1:12:47
Let's Play
Let's Play: Runner 3 [First 90+ Minutes]
If you love a challenging "endless runner" style, but one that is meticulously designed, will have you carefully making your moves...
2018-05-15 7:00:05 AM ● 408 views ● 1:36:48
Let's Play: InkSplosion
Relatively simple twin-stick shooting with minimal rules and complications...
2018-05-13 8:00:04 AM ● 35 views ● 19:04
Let's Play: Where Are My Friends?
Mixing up genres and play styles at different phases Where Are My Friends can be confusing as you try to determine the local control scheme or...
2018-05-13 7:00:08 AM ● 21 views ● 14:21
Let's Play: Fairune Collection
A collection of somewhat puzzle/adventure/rpgs there's a visual Zelda vibe but a unique style of play.
2018-05-13 6:00:01 AM ● 59 views ● 18:44
Nindie Preview: Trailblazers [PC Release]
The somewhat crazy mix of F-Zero and Splatoon (perhaps with some Fast RMX thrown in) team-based racing is coming to the Switch pretty soon. Check...
2018-05-09 8:30:00 AM ● 73 views ● 26:34
Nindie Preview: Last Encounter [PC Release]
Take a look at the challenging twin-stick roguelike shooter set to release sometime in Q3 of this year on Switch. I'd gotten to check it out...
2018-05-09 7:30:01 AM ● 77 views ● 36:07
Let's Play: Hyper Sentinel
Look out old-school arcade shooting fans, Hyper Sentinel has a classic feel mixed with some modern sensibilities and lighting effects.
2018-05-09 7:00:10 AM ● 123 views ● 26:06