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NearlySeniorCitizen Yetagamer is an American YouTube content creator with more than 214 thousand subscribers. His content totals over 23.72 million views views across at least 8.81 thousand videos.

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2024-06-12Playing FABLED LANDS #6 | From The Ashes Rises A New Life36:037A New Life
2024-06-12Dr. Appt. Today (Not Sure Why), Showing Boardgames, Being Sad About My Brain, Squirrel Moments, More25:4518
2024-06-11Cottage Infrastructure Inspection Day, ADHD & Squirrel Moments, Utokk & The King In Crimson Redux22:1892
2024-06-10Life, Memories, Squirrel Moments, Wonky AC Units, And MORE25:08110
2024-06-10VIBIN' Is Our Name, Filmora Generated Music Is Our Game #1220:3067
2024-06-09Perpetual Dawn, Sliding In Walmart, Sleep Without Melatonin, Hidden Leftist, So Much More! :)29:04123
2024-06-08General Life Talk, Reassurances About Dementia Worries, Solo RPG Setting Infodumping, Lots More34:06132
2024-06-07Positive AC Unit News, Solo RPG Talk, Life And Future Talk, More24:20110
2024-06-07A Lot Of Solo RPG Lore And Discussion, Medication Effects, So Much MORE28:48105Discussion
2024-06-06We Vibin' SO HARD To Filmora Generated Music #1125:3989
2024-06-06FABLED LANDS #5 | Jaluda Discovers Some Ends Are Extremely Final27:2189
2024-06-05Crying Over 'Everywhere At The End Of Time', Solo RPG & Cosmic Horror Talk, Dogwater ISPs, More :)25:52148
2024-06-04Solo RPG Talk, Life Talk, A TON Of Squirrel Moments, And Much More!28:3299
2024-06-03Emotional Stability & Daily Life, Life In General, And 'Head Empty, No Thoughts' Syndrome19:47157
2024-06-03We VIBIN' 'Til The Cows Come Home To Filmora Generated Music #1020:4056
2024-06-03FABLED LANDS #4 | Izza Onna Steam, We A-Playin' It35:16104
2024-06-02"Two Types" Of People, Playing CRPG's UNOptimized, Being A Thrillseeker, West Adanya merchant Group22:43125
2024-06-02We Still VIBIN' To Filmora Generated Music #925:4199
2024-06-01FABLED LANDS #3 | It's Sold On Steam, We're A-Playin' It37:24133Fabled Lands
2024-05-31Hip Muscle Pain, V.A. Debt Relief, Mike Lambo Solo Games, Deathclaws & My FO3 Character, More :)32:32112
2024-05-30Therapy Day, Being Busy, grief And Mourning, Narrative Therapy, Life Talk, Solo RPG/Cosmic Horror29:33196
2024-05-29Skoventyr, Rambley Raccoon, And A Host Of Off-Topic "Squirrel!" Moments Because I Have Severe ADHD27:48158
2024-05-29FABLED LANDS #2 | The Gamebook Series Played On Steam37:48115Fabled Lands
2024-05-28Fallout 3, Fabled Lands, Googled Ruining The Internet, And A PASSEL Of Random "Squirrel!" Topics25:40138
2024-05-27A Very Relaxed And Gentle Talk, A Nice Cup Of Tea, A Few Random Squirrel Moments, And Some Peace25:10149
2024-05-27FABLED LANDS #1 | It's On Steam, And We're Playing It39:321,163
2024-05-26Cosmic Horrors & Cosmology, Life, Solo RPGs, And A Lot Of ADD/ADHD Fueled "Squirrel!" Moments25:46125
2024-05-25A Late Morning Walkies Through Parts Of Shelton, WA, On 5-25-20249:23385
2024-05-24The 'Good' Caffeine In Green tea, Bag O' Dungeon Talk, Facing Life Issues, Life Talk, More28:36166
2024-05-24We Vibin' With Filmora Generated Music #615:17104
2024-05-24FOUR AGAINST DARKNESS #5 | Gotta Get That Gold For The Bagman - Solo Analog RPG|32:48101
2024-05-23Therapy Day, 'Shave, Shear, And Shower' Day, And Something Kinda Scary Happened yesterday25:51131
2024-05-23Vibin' The Night Away With Filmora Generated Music #520:02100
2024-05-22Doctor Appt Results Talk, yesterday's TERRIBLE Mental Day, Space Marine Adventures, MORE19:06197
2024-05-22Downtown Vibin' With Some Filmora Generated Music #420:1169
2024-05-21Rainy Grey Days, Life Talk, RPGs, And More!23:44134
2024-05-20Even More Vibin' With Some Filmora Generated Music #321:1371
2024-05-20More Vibin' With Some Filmora Generated Music #225:3393
2024-05-20Fallout New Vegas #36 | DEAD MONEY DLC | Endless Explosions & Unpleasant Endings15:25173Fallout: New Vegas
2024-05-19Life And Solo RPG Setting Talk With VERY Generous Hepings Of "Squirrel!" Moments Mixed in21:10128
2024-05-19Vibin' With Filmora #1 Sampler0:58105
2024-05-18A Mega-Basket of Random And Semi-Random "Squirrel!" Topics because I Love Having Severe ADHD/ADD29:56143
2024-05-18Fallout New Vegas #35 | DEAD MONEY DLC | Finding Our Way To Father Elijah16:2887Fallout: New Vegas
2024-05-17Life, Fallout Three, Solo RPG Plans & Questions & Lore, And More... Squirrel!23:55192
2024-05-17DESOLATE, A Solo Card Game By Jason Glover/Grey Gnome Games19:40187
2024-05-16Very Good News From Yesterday's Doc Appt, Plus Lots Of Random Talk26:39146
2024-05-15Daily Habit & Routine Disrupted, Early Afternoon Doc Appt For CARDIAC issue Discussions22:22196Discussion
2024-05-15Fallout New Vegas #34 | DEAD MONEY DLC | Finding Christine In The Sierra Madre18:59577Fallout: New Vegas
2024-05-15Character Catalyst Talk And Rambling Talk (With ADD "Squirrel!" Moments)24:38106
2024-05-14Haunted By The Voice Of Vera, Searching For Christine | Dead Money DLC | Fallout New Vegas #3320:00261Fallout: New Vegas
2024-05-13A Lot Of Random Topics Including Gaming, My Late Wife, Plans For The Future And MORE From An Old Guy26:09205
2024-05-12Random Topics, Solo RPG Talk, A Passionate Talk About One's Interests From An ADHD Riddled Man27:37174
2024-05-11Mostly ADHD 'Squirrel!' Topics, Some Guided Game Talk, A Period Of Foreign Policy Explanation, MORE27:09171
2024-05-10Crying Over Environmental Storytelling In Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Plus Some Solo RPG Setting, & More!25:20318
2024-05-09E.R. Blood Lab Results Explanation, Solo RPG Lore, And MORE!17:59173
2024-05-08Scary Stuff - Spent The Morning In The E.R.... (But Not THAT Scary - Details Inside)14:13230
2024-05-07Yesterday Afternoon/Evening My Nerve Compression Pain Was SO Bad12:53254
2024-05-07FOUR AGAINST DARKNESS | Mapping The Depths, Seeking Mad Loot | Solo Analog RPG Joy #417:24183
2024-05-06FOUR AGAINST DARKNESS | Continuing The Hunt For LOOT! | Solo Analog RPG Joy #317:08151
2024-05-05Fallout 3/New Vegas Talk, New Tea Sensations, And A Whole Bunch of Topics In general, Really27:35211
2024-05-04Cardiac Talk, Solo RPGs, Life's Joys And MORE, Including Discussions Of Encroaching Mortality25:39183Discussion
2024-05-04Dean Domino Is Put Down Like A Mad Dog | Dead Money DLC | Fallout New Vegas #3219:07318Fallout: New Vegas
2024-05-03Random Topics, A community Meeting, And Hopeful Walkies Before Bad Weather19:15103
2024-05-03Dean Domino Is A Very Bad Man And Yet I Love Him So | Dead Money DLC | Fallout New Vegas #3121:04433Fallout: New Vegas
2024-05-02Yes, I Have Bone Spurs In My Right Heel After 41 years Without Them - Joy19:45154
2024-05-01Further Cardiac Information And Random Life/Game/Lore Talk From An Aging, Disabled USAF Veteran17:00213
2024-04-30"Space Marine Adventures" Talk, Phosphorescence In Polyhedral Dice, Neuroplasticity, And More32:04198
2024-04-30FOUR AGAINST DARKNESS | Successful Battles Against Underground Beasts! | Solo Analog RPG Joy #216:18529
2024-04-29SoloRPG Gameworld & Plans, Cryptid Talk & Lore, Life Talk, More, From A USAF Veteran23:31169
2024-04-28FOUR AGAINST DARKNESS | Into A Dungeon On The Continent of Karthkag! | Solo Analog RPG Joy #116:24192
2024-04-28Spent All Night At The E.R., I Have PVC - Premature Ventricular Contractions, Not Life Threatening19:18296
2024-04-27Random Life Talk With Maddening Bouts Of AuDHD Amidst Game Talk And More From A USAF Veteran21:31195
2024-04-27It's Not fair, But There Was No Other Way For Dog/God | Dead Money DLC | Fallout New Vegas #3016:34150Fallout: New Vegas
2024-04-26Discovering Right Angle Cat 6 Cables Exist & Other Life Rambles And Fixations From An Aging USAF Vet19:24132
2024-04-26"Outwitting" Security Holograms In The Sierra Madre! | Dead Money DLC | Fallout New Vegas #2918:28233Fallout: New Vegas
2024-04-25Crying While Talking About Fallout New Vegas DEAD MONEY & Other Topics Too17:08238Fallout: New Vegas
2024-04-24Hardware Installation Today, Routine Thrown Into Disarray12:40136
2024-04-23The Boy In The Bubble & Today, Wild Rambling, SoloRPG Setting Talk From A Disabled Vet In Shelton29:43166
2024-04-22To The Social Security Office And BACK - Alive!! From A Disabled Aging USAF Veteran in Shelton, WA27:28349
2024-04-22Those Bloody Sierra Madre Security Holograms! | Dead Money DLC | Fallout New Vegas #2818:28154Fallout: New Vegas
2024-04-21Dashing For The Villa (I Hate Bethesda Mapping) | Dead Money DLC | Fallout New Vegas #2717:59138Fallout: New Vegas
2024-04-20My Blood Pressure Med May Be The Drowsiness Culprit, But That's Just A Theory- Anyway, Etc Etc Etc29:56192
2024-04-20Falling Asleep, Difficulties Staying Awake & Other Weird Things From A Disabled Vet In Shelton, WA28:28160
2024-04-19THE HAG OF AUGSHILL | Careful Searches Made | Demons & Dungeoneers Gamebook | Episode The Second20:3793
2024-04-18THE HAG OF AUGSHILL | Demons & Dungeoneers Gamebook | Episode The First18:4394
2024-04-17Lots of Random Talk, My Solo RPG Setting - The Goya, The Elvandri, The Dwarlin, The Hutal, & More!26:16168
2024-04-16No Cardiac Shenanigans So Far In An Aging Disabled USAF Veteran In Shelton, WA (Plus Random Talk)32:31231
2024-04-15Ghost People Trippin' On The Bloody Red Carpet | Dead Money DLC | Fallout New Vegas #2621:17212Fallout: New Vegas
2024-04-15Lots Of Random ADHD Squirrel Moments, Plus Talk About Thoracic Discomfort And Plans From A Veteran21:37174
2024-04-15Heading To The Casino For The Gala Event! | Dead Money DLC | Fallout New Vegas #2521:36160Fallout: New Vegas
2024-04-14Solo Gaming, Kaiju Lore, Life Issues, More From A Disabled Veteran In Shelton, WA28:03132
2024-04-13Lots of Cosmic Horror/Kaiju Lore Talk (Dread Amigerazu And Her Children) From A Vet In Shelton, WA20:06178
2024-04-12Lots Of Random Topics Including Solo RPG material, Setting & Cosmic Horror Lore, SQUIRREL!!18:42120
2024-04-11Random Topics (& Smork Alam) After Therapy Session From A Disabled Aging Veteran In Shelton, WA24:20144
2024-04-10Nerves Functioning As Nerves In An Aging Disabled Veteran In Shelton, WA After Nerve Conductivity13:00135
2024-04-10Christine Delivered, Now To Start The Show | Dead Money DLC | Fallout New Vegas #24 Most Likely19:11137Fallout: New Vegas
2024-04-09Everything Is Beauty, Sweetness, And Light For An Aging, Sarcastic, Disabled Veteran In Shelton, WA18:58111
2024-04-09Dragging Christine Through A Power Station | Dead Money DLC | Fallout New Vegas #23 I think?19:36129Fallout: New Vegas
2024-04-08Timeblindness & ADHD, Caffeine & Sleep, Random Musing From A Disabled Veteran In Shelton, WA18:59163
2024-04-07Random Life Ramblings From An Aging Disabled Veteran In Shelton, WA18:04182