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NearlySeniorCitizen Yetagamer is an American YouTube content creator with more than 216 thousand subscribers. His content totals over 23.54 million views views across at least 8.22 thousand videos.

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2023-05-26I Just Wanna Clean Town - - Dead Island 1 #shorts1:00163Dead Island
2023-05-26Neck Injuries Suck A LOT - - DEAD ISLAND 1, DEFINITIVE EDITION #10 - Hungry Zombie Relaxation39:5072Dead Island
2023-05-25Feeling Better But Not Good & Therapy Today Too12:26194
2023-05-25My New Meds & Lowered Pain Response - Yay!8:25361
2023-05-25Bloody Zombies Making Life Hard - Dead Island 1 #shorts0:56551
2023-05-24Okay, So My Neck Is Messed Up - DEAD ISLAND 1, DEFINITIVE EDITION #9 - Hungry Zombie Relaxation47:36181Dead Island
2023-05-24Walking To Walmart For Meds, Nerve Status11:00301
2023-05-23Appt. Update, Possible Neck Involvement13:00467
2023-05-23Off To My Doc Appt This Morn, Update To Follow10:40287
2023-05-22Nerve Injury Pain Keeping Me Bedridden9:26394
2023-05-22Tendonitis Can't Win! - DEAD ISLAND 1, DEFINITIVE EDITION #8 - Hungry Zombie Relaxation36:32355Dead Island
2023-05-21A Cooler Day, Bloody Nerve Pain5:19309
2023-05-21Life, Good Xbox News, Severed Radial Nerve Injury Story6:36527
2023-05-20I Feel Foolishly Guilty About Being Bedridden10:18502
2023-05-19Hokey Smokes Not Good Things - Agony!9:54816
2023-05-18Awake Early, Arm Hurting But Still Feeling Good9:46464
2023-05-17Feeling So Much More Positive About Life7:47680
2023-05-16Whoa - Some Actual GOOD NEWS About My Tendonitis/Nerve Entrapment5:21715
2023-05-16Frustrating Update #1 - I LOVE The V.A. :(3:56623
2023-05-16Diagnosis: Accursed By God - Update On My Being Bed-Ridden From Pain5:471,070
2023-05-15Another Frustrating Update4:101,127
2023-05-15I Am In Very Bad Shape :(7:332,945
2023-05-14Tendonitis + Nerve Damage = Continuous Pain8:41926
2023-05-13This really sucks and hurts3:221,635
2023-05-12Oh Joy, Back To The E.R. Again :(3:29856
2023-05-12Battling Tendonitis And Losing - DEAD ISLAND 1, DEFINITIVE EDITION #7 - Hungry Zombie Relaxation38:23343Dead Island
2023-05-11Tendonitis, And Getting No Help At All :(7:23778Let's Play
2023-05-10Extremely Frustrating, Very Painful Update4:39606
2023-05-10I Am In Absolute Agony, Unable To Function12:00588
2023-05-09Last Night's E.R. Trip & Pain Related Anxiety19:51290
2023-05-09He Finds Flares On The Seashore - DEAD ISLAND 1, DEFINITIVE EDITION #6 - Hungry Zombie Relaxation42:10184Dead Island
2023-05-08That Bloody Knot in My Back Is making Life Rough, MORE21:00258
2023-05-08Why Can't We Eat The Zombies? - DEAD ISLAND 1, DEFINITIVE EDITION #5 - Hungry Zombie Relaxation51:10339Dead Island
2023-05-07Oh My GOD This Knot In My Back is DESTROYING Me, And Life Talk Too17:34271
2023-05-06Insomnia/Anxiety, Having & Flaunting It, Life Talk, More20:04212
2023-05-06Zombies Like Playing In Traffic - Dead Island 1 #shorts0:59936Dead Island
2023-05-06Zombies As Traffic Hazards - DEAD ISLAND 1, DEFINITIVE EDITION #4 - Hungry Zombie Relaxation Series37:24244Dead Island
2023-05-05Abandonment Issues, Solo RPGs/D100 Dungeon, MC Dungeons, Utokk Talk, More :)23:43187
2023-05-05Why I Find This Game So frustrating - #6 - Minecraft Dungeons Relaxation Series25:57261Minecraft Dungeons
2023-05-04Insomnia, Ironsworn Printing, Shorts, Mah Laig, Sugar Overload, MORE23:44126
2023-05-04Kicking Zombies Like Soccer Balls - Dead Island 1 #shorts0:59820Dead Island
2023-05-04DEAD ISLAND 1, DEFINITIVE EDITION #3 - I Am The KickMaster - Hungry Zombie Relaxation Series39:03253Dead Island
2023-05-03Cellulitis/Antibiotic Update, WOTC Vs. Grognards, SHORTS & ADHD, Utokk/King in Crimson Lore22:16148
2023-05-03Pitching Sticks At Zombie Skulls - Dead Island 1 #shorts0:57913Dead Island
2023-05-02Devoured By The dead! - DEAD ISLAND 1, DEFINITIVE EDITION #2 - Hungry Zombie Relaxation Series44:45227Dead Island
2023-05-02Mah Laig's Continued "Improvement", Lack Of Energy, Crimson Kingdom/Utokk Lore, MORE22:46127
2023-05-02A Very Ps4 Minecraft #8 Searching For A Way To The Pits - Minecraft Relaxation Series25:45220Minecraft
2023-05-01Mah Laig Updates, The King In Crimson, Neurodivergence, Language, MORE :)24:17160
2023-05-01A.I. Generated Dead Island One Highlights Are Weird #shorts0:51870Dead Island
2023-05-01From My Xbox - DEAD ISLAND 1, DEFINITIVE EDITION #1 - Hungry Zombie Relaxation Series42:03599Dead Island
2023-04-30My Biological Father Died 4/29, Mah Laig Update, Neurodivergence As A Term, Soft Vore Talk, MORE24:33377Vlog
2023-04-29Secret Dungeons And Side Missions - #5 - Minecraft Dungeons Relaxation Series31:13255Minecraft Dungeons
2023-04-29My Wife's Passing/Life As A Widower, Summer & Heat, Inside/Outside/Razor's Edge Lore, UTOKK!24:29372
2023-04-28Mah Laig, Social Worker Update, Ol' Ray & Speliodonkus Lore & Story Part 2! :)25:28161
2023-04-27DUNGEONS Solo Adventure Revisited #2 - Gutted Like A Trout Relaxation Series24:43106
2023-04-27Leg health Update, Appointments, Ol' Ray & The Speliodonkus, More23:10163
2023-04-26DUNGEONS Solo Adventure Revisited #1 - Solo RPG Relaxation Series24:25176
2023-04-26Leg Status, Horror Experiences, Solo RPG Thoughts, Trevor Savek, MORE :)24:33115
2023-04-25MORE Cellulitis/Health Updates (Oy Vey), Life Talk, Razor's Edge/Cryptid World Lore, MORE25:23137
2023-04-25A Very Ps4 Minecraft, Cellulitis Edition #7 - MC Relaxation Series40:06221Minecraft
2023-04-24Cellulitis/Leg Talk, Wotc/Racism, The Apple Rock Kaiju, MORE27:14189
2023-04-24Latest Cellulitis Update - Back From The E.R.5:36219
2023-04-23My Leg Is Getting Worse Again, Apple Rock Kaiju Lore, MORE25:34239
2023-04-22DUNGEONS - Solo RPGLite Adventure Awaits! - Solo RPG Relaxation34:30212
2023-04-22Leg/health Updates, Bloodborne Despair, VAST UnderMarb Lore Talk, MORE24:33189
2023-04-22Eyes Wide Open #Shorts0:28628
2023-04-21My Leg health & Cramping, WOTC/Hasbro's Continued Nightmare, Liminal Existential Horror, MORE21:20200The Liminal
2023-04-21Father Gascoigne Has His Way With Me #2 (Bloodborne #9) - Game Trauma Relaxation Series14:05276Bloodborne
2023-04-20Therapy Day, My Healing Leg, Piggly Wigglies, Cosmic Vs. Existential Horror, MORE24:00192
2023-04-19Hunting Cultists Through A Mining Excavation #1 - CULTIC - Voxel Retro Relaxation38:16154CULTIC
2023-04-19Cautious Optimism On My healing Leg, Random Life Talk, MORE :)20:07158
2023-04-18A Lot Of Health/Cellulitis/Hospital Talk, Lots Of 'Kung Fu Panda' Talk, MORE25:35227
2023-04-18Ridiculous Hospital Visit Results (Not Their Fault Though)8:38229
2023-04-17Cellulitis/Leg Health Confusion, "Bedlam, Hotchkiss, & Macabre" Dark Carnival, General Life Talk24:45146
2023-04-16Random Solo Adventure - Fantasy Dungeon - Solo RPG Relaxation30:01185
2023-04-16"Crash To Desktop" Memes, BMI, My Bloody Leg, Solo RPGS, Creative Talk, MORE25:00182
2023-04-15Taking On Bosses In Desert Temples - #4 - Minecraft Dungeons Relaxation Series33:48183Minecraft Dungeons
2023-04-15State Of My Leg, Hilly Southern Shelton, Solo RPG/Ganesha Games Talk, MORE20:32164
2023-04-14A Very PS4 Minecraft #6 Distracted By Procedural Cave Generation - MC Relaxation Series45:37213Minecraft
2023-04-14Laptop Fixup, Cellulitis Talk, Hydration, MASSIVE Cosmic Horror Lore Talk23:38206
2023-04-13Gettin' Curb-Stomped By Father Gascoigne - Bloodborne Relaxation Series #88:26202Bloodborne
2023-04-13Cellulitis Infection Update, Therapy Day, Game Pigeonholing, Neuroplasticity, Cosmic Horrors, MORE23:44150
2023-04-12My Leg Is More Discolored And Tender :( , Hydration Thoughts, "Wokeness", Cosmic Horror Talk24:52220
2023-04-11OldFartenStein Auto-generated Hilight Reel MADNESS #Shorts0:51499
2023-04-11Cellulitis/Antibiotic Update, Hydration, Ray Stevens, Cosmic Horror/Lore Talk22:06141
2023-04-102nd And Final Antibiotics Today, Life Talk, Random Cosmic Horror Lore22:52215
2023-04-09A Very PS4 Minecraft #5 Spelunking UNDER The Lush Caves - MC Relaxation Series37:33271Minecraft
2023-04-09Feeling ENERGIZED From HEALING, Dark Humor, Solo RPG Talk, Cosmic Horror Lore/Talk, MORE24:50191
2023-04-08OldFartenStein - A Wolfenstein 3d Total Conversion Mod - Bloody Messes Relaxation Series39:15221Wolfenstein 3D
2023-04-08Continued Healing In My Infected Leg, Life And Dealing With It, Braims Urting24:47194
2023-04-07There IS Healing And Improvement - Cellulitis Talk, Mischievous Cheezers, Religious Cryptids, MORE25:09219
2023-04-06My Leg Is Starting To Get WORSE Again... :( , Laptop Blues, Kung Fu Panda, Cryptid Talk/Lore23:49240
2023-04-05Searching For The Temple Of The Arch-Pillager - #3 - Minecraft Dungeons Relaxation Series33:54183Minecraft Dungeons
2023-04-05Edited With Filmora And Not A Good Idea, Health Talk, Cryptid Lore23:28172
2023-04-04A Belated Very PS4 Minecraft #4 - Salvaging The Recording Relaxation40:08181Minecraft
2023-04-04The Antibiotics Are Finally Working!, Motivation/Creativity Return, Lab Results, MORE24:39193
2023-04-03Update On My E.R. Trip Today For My Cellulitis2:32268
2023-04-03Off To The E.R. After Uploading - Cellulitis Is WORSENING, Oh JOY23:02179
2023-04-02My Cellulitis Just WILL NOT Heal - Likely Back To The E.R. VERY Soon :(23:40269