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Can We Survive 5 Minutes In An Extreme F1 Simulator?
With the help of Coventry University and their Cruden F1 Simulator, we have a challenge that we've never experienced before. A group of university...
2019-02-08 12:21:59 PM ● 78,032 views ● 6:23 95.81% liked
Can You Guess These Merged F1 Driver Faces?
We have merged the likes of Hamilton, Vettel, Bottas and many other drivers from the 2018 season for F1 fans to guess. How many will you get?...
2019-02-02 3:17:10 PM ● 50,498 views ● 9:43 97.77% liked
What DOES WTF1 Stand For? | WTF1 Podcast #23
Before the 2019 Formula 1 season begins, we wanted to give you more of an insight into the people behind WTF1. We’ll be covering what WTF1...
2019-01-25 8:00:10 AM ● 35,080 views ● 1:08:53 98.37% liked
F1 Teammate Rivalries: Who Will Come Out On Top In 2019?
The 2019 season will feature one of the biggest driver line-up shake-ups F1 has seen in recent times. So with that in mind, we put teammates...
2019-01-18 1:27:59 PM ● 139,785 views ● 8:28 96.26% liked
The Unusual History Of F1 Teams
Did you know that Mercedes were once Tyrrell? Or that the current Renault team competed against themselves back in the 80s? Our latest F101 explorers...
2019-01-11 10:14:56 AM ● 403,488 views ● 5:32 98.04% liked
Why You Should Be Watching Formula E In 2019
More power, more cars and no mid-race car swaps are just a few of the many changes in Formula E for 2019... let’s get you up to speed! SUBSCRIBE...
2019-01-04 9:53:08 AM ● 91,539 views ● 4:52 95.10% liked
For the final time in 2018, Matty is joined by Tommy, Jess and F2 Driver, Jack Aitken, to present the WTF1 Alternative Awards for the 2018 F1...
2018-12-22 5:03:53 AM ● 53,344 views ● 1:20:17 96.62% liked
The Internet’s Best Reactions To The 2018 F1 Season
This week Matt takes a look at the best comments and reactions from 2018 F1 season. #InternetReacts #F1 SUBSCRIBE to WTF1
2018-12-06 9:56:32 AM ● 119,801 views ● 9:08 98.30% liked
Was 2018 The Best Abu Dhabi GP Ever? | WTF1 Podcast #21
The final race week podcast of the season where we discuss whether the Yas Marina Circuit delivered its best race, the horrible luck of some...
2018-11-28 9:53:45 AM ● 43,393 views ● 50:54 96.46% liked
The Internet’s Best Reactions To The 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
This week Matt takes a look at the best comments and reactions from the race at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. #AbuDhabiGP #InternetReacts...
2018-11-26 3:50:17 PM ● 170,704 views ● 12:59 98.71% liked