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CrazyEyesGaming is an American YouTube channel which has 108 subscribers. He published 573 videos which altogether total around 69.42 thousand views.

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Lots of Quake videos, sailing, space ships, virtual reality, music, health

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Part time creator due to health, psoriasis and treatments. I used to work in construction as a sparky and jam with bands on stage before I got sick. I mostly goof off and have fun playing video games and not stressing over real life when possible. My psoriasis got real bad just as I started on YT so my content is not very quality. I tried some unboxing and assembly videos, music I haven't finished, health practices and other stuff. I may change the channel name. I keep it simple and the funnyface logo I created reminds me not to take it too seriously.

Cure Cancer, prevent viruses, 癒healing with the power of your gaming PC

Plant trees with searches

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Elden Ring (2022)
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