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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Netherlands based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
6 hours agoNetherlands Bas537Ik ben NU live! Kom kijken!0:32
7 hours agoNetherlands Stealth17 Gaming57,000Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts - Liberating The Royal Navy (Alpha 10) [Heavy Cruiser]1:06:46
9 hours agoNetherlands Forgotten Games4,560What Is... Kingdom New Lands?8:22
9 hours agoNetherlands Shadow Plays5Arcade Lunia Playing Lime History Stage 2-72:51
10 hours agoNetherlands أترو/Atro9,730,000واخيراً حطمت رقم قياسي بعدد القتلات 😎 PUBG MOBILE15:08
11 hours agoNetherlands Ogiwon TV475Warlock: Master of the Arcane - Hint 15:58
12 hours agoNetherlands TeVeelGevraagd537,000*UNLOCK* Dit Item Met GEHEIME CODE!! (DOE DIT SNEL!!)8:00
13 hours agoNetherlands Blokkie Games47,600'NIEUWE HB ASSISTENTIE EN ONGEVAL!' HaarlemRP FiveM28:41
14 hours agoNetherlands Jeroen Bossenbroek60Livestream Jeroen Bossenbroek56:02
15 hours agoNetherlands Robbin Rams378,000Lamar turns into Mr. Douchebag0:29
16 hours agoNetherlands ThirstyThursten2,200ALL NOOBS Trying to SURVIVE and build BASE LOOTING with FRIENDS! | SCUM Ep. 026:25:41
16 hours agoNetherlands Frans Ranges654[A/S][VSW]Frans813 - Progressing the Walltrap9:08:09
16 hours agoNetherlands Maverick Gamers26"We have Power rangers at home!" *Power Rangers at home:* Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness part 532:50
17 hours agoNetherlands VwVeen714Gta 5 online2:38:04
18 hours agoNetherlands SpottinGames138,000The Walking Dead Collection - All Season 2 Kenny Human Kills11:01
18 hours agoNetherlands Snowwie2,570Cities Skylines : Delta Disasters #021 - Choices1:05:22
19 hours agoNetherlands KrayzieeeTV1,570Serious Sam 2 | Episode 27: Castle of Rock | Walkthrough Gameplay12:09
19 hours agoNetherlands Nevercraven198Let's play: Dead Space: Part 05 - Giant tentacles on the ship, WTF?!39:38
19 hours agoNetherlands PETEFLICK2,280COD Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer HC Team Deathamtch @ Raid [4K 60FPS] No Commentary Gameplay9:23
19 hours agoNetherlands Koen Weijland252,000BEN KRIJGT +1 en JOHAN IS LOS! 🔥🔥6:36
19 hours agoNetherlands SWProzee1 Gaming865Zen Pinball 2: Street Fighter II / Tutorial: Ball save3:07
19 hours agoNetherlands Blocked Content39,900Nintendo LIST LEAK - ALL Direct REVEALS (Smash Bros NEWCOMER) + Funniest FAKE Leak EVER - LEAK SPEAK10:32
20 hours agoNetherlands Insym103,000My Favorite Phasmophobia Game Ever - LVL 183031:50
20 hours agoNetherlands SickTuberGamer53,4002x Summon The Elite vs Sicklewrath Army Fight // Stick War Legacy1:15
21 hours agoNetherlands Justicul256,000I Played A Tournament With A Brain Zapper For Better Focus! (Fortnite Battle Royale)12:03
21 hours agoNetherlands SerpentGameplay115,000Ik ben niet meer de grootste streamer...kom je een film met mij kijken?😳🍿📽️3:15
21 hours agoNetherlands TRABITY183,000BEST SONGS for ROCKET LEAGUE 1H Gaming Music Mix 20211:02:08
22 hours agoNetherlands MoreLowko20,900Let's play World of Warcraft: Shadowlands with Lowko! (Ep. 27)59:02
22 hours agoNetherlands Candy Blue Gaming37018 | SRP | Flirting advice for the chief6:07
22 hours agoNetherlands Philip J. Fry II2,540Tadpole Treble OST1:02:14
22 hours agoNetherlands ProjectJamesify2,020,000Opening CARTOON CAT PLANET For SECRET INSIDE (Solar Smash Funny Gameplay)16:57
22 hours agoNetherlands DutchAllroundGamer17RuneScape gameplay. Almost signed my own death!5:45
23 hours agoNetherlands LowkoTV436,000StarCraft 2: The Battle of the DEFENSIVE PROTOSS! (Stats vs ShoWTimE)27:30
23 hours agoNetherlands Axel Stone9,050Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Soundtrack (1993)59:20
23 hours agoNetherlands Voltorn Elda6,270THE LAST SOLDIERS || A PLAGUE TALE: INNOCENCE Let's Play Part 9 (Blind) || A PLAGUE TALE Gameplay28:01
23 hours agoNetherlands ToshDeluxe292,000THE CREATOR WANTS THIS LEVEL REMOVED (JAWBREAKER INFINITY 100%)2:08
23 hours agoNetherlands Roedie459,000Ik speel weer Minecraft... (Netherland SMP)18:24
23 hours agoNetherlands Radio Retrofuture3,710Steampunkish! - The Secret Garden (2017)11:14
23 hours agoNetherlands TheDutchTerms449,000Het is tijd voor verandering..8:05
23 hours agoNetherlands NU.nl68,600Hoe ontdekt werd dat de Britse coronavariant besmettelijker is | NU.nl1:28
23 hours agoNetherlands Prometheus4,610Total War: Three Kingdoms - Gongsun Zan - Legendary Romance Campaign - Episode 332:20
23 hours agoNetherlands Nema Lass2,200Best Toy Restoration Game! | Toy Tinker Simulator: Prologue | First Look Full Demo Gameplay14:38
1 day agoNetherlands Creative Games179Hotel - Top Floor - Exterior | Salland's Adventure Zoo | Planet Zoo | 6421:12
1 day agoNetherlands Isabel_Xx Games NL48Gaat dit wel werken? - Planet Coaster #8317:20
1 day agoNetherlands Beatdown End Zone262Madden NFL 21 - Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs1:07:49
1 day agoNetherlands Woud34Hitman 3 - Berlin / Techno Death Party (Apex Predator) - Part 311:45
1 day agoNetherlands Morrog145,000NVIDIA Broadcast heeft toffe opties voor Camera & Mic kwaliteit!10:21
1 day agoNetherlands YouPhoenix3,890The Most RIDICULOUS Items I Can Find For The Job! - Hitman 336:18
1 day agoNetherlands 64-Bit Dragon321Zero-K Nuking An Anti-Nuke! #Shorts0:59
1 day agoNetherlands Gtamen146,000Slamtruck | GTA Online Honest Car Commercials1:49
1 day agoNetherlands Harstem51,400FINALLY he is EATING the units! | Co-op Companions32:51
1 day agoNetherlands LOSTyGIRL309,000Loving Cetrion's Earthquake Brutality! - Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat League With Cetrion19:38
1 day agoNetherlands Yatsuzume3,720[Stream Highlight] Touhou Lunatic No Deaths/Bombs Final Boss Marathon 20204:33:29
1 day agoNetherlands AutoMatthic1,320SHOW ME YOUR LELE SWITCHIN! - IPL S13W1 Nijmegen Nuzleafs vs Chicago Victory Stars Teambuilder11:13
1 day agoNetherlands Fiascotje9,790UNSTOPPABLE - Pro Cycling Manager 2020: DB 2003 - Part 1711:30
1 day agoNetherlands Johnno Dordrecht53Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera and Shooting grip wireless6:31
1 day agoNetherlands Daveyx375,400RIVEN HOW TO SHRED NEW META (INFORMATIVE) - Unranked to Master #11 (Season 11 Riven Guide)22:45
1 day agoNetherlands DBTHEPLUG5,640Trippie Redd + Neon Shark vs Pegasus Type Beat - ''Element''2:47
1 day agoNetherlands PurePrime10,200The Division 2 | Year 3 Content Teased, New Game Mode?! | **Div2 Speculation** | PurePrime3:31
1 day agoNetherlands DailyFix3,120Part 9 - France - Europa Universalis 4 (v1.30)30:03
1 day agoNetherlands Dodo489,000Survival Met Andere YouTubers!😁 Netherlands SMP LIVE #5 (Minecraft Nederlands)3:19:08
1 day agoNetherlands Rolf van Meurs1,000When a CLASSICAL Guitarist plays the ELECTRIC... (1000 subs special)8:29
1 day agoNetherlands Bryan Hessing51,400LIVE FIFA 21 | WE PACKEN TOTY CR7!!2:37:24
1 day agoNetherlands MRSamiboi3810 restarts 1 race.... 20 idiots...6:22
1 day agoNetherlands Thyworm4,740Path of Exile Ritual League - SSF - End-game lvl 943:03:13
1 day agoNetherlands Demoulius8Operation haven defense - Demo plays Phoenix point | episode 111:00:25
1 day agoNetherlands PianoTutorials33325,900Chopin - Etude Op. 10 No. 1: Waterfall (Slow Piano Tutorial) [20% Speed]9:18
1 day agoNetherlands Mark89NL3,010Alle Resources zien te krijgen ~ MineCraft S2 #24:00:04
1 day agoNetherlands Silverhaze1,270FREE SUB if I do not FULL COMBO your last played map [#1]26:15
1 day agoNetherlands stars gaming561first play through p7 !commands !discord3:22:13
1 day agoNetherlands KNIJN218,000BOSS PREDATOR vs BOSS MANDALORIAN in Fortnite!11:43
1 day agoNetherlands Faz29,500Unused villainous Otaku Mementos request - Persona 5 Royal10:08
1 day agoNetherlands Paraduze337,000RANDOM TEAMMATE ZIJN ZUS FIXEN IN FORTNITE!9:06
1 day agoNetherlands SylverGames1,300House Flipper S2 - part 3119:17
1 day agoNetherlands Best Strike17,200Crazy Headshots Fortnite0:15
1 day agoNetherlands Tara A. Devlin12,800Internet Mysteries: Old Lady on the Night Road8:23
1 day agoNetherlands Gamekings41,400Chronos: Before the Ashes Review - Kopen, budgetbak of slopen?12:59
1 day agoNetherlands DeLadysigner110,000🐧 Polar Bear Overpass | Aquatica | Pontus Zoo | Ep 4 |29:54
1 day agoNetherlands beautygloss646,000Samen sokken uitzoeken en kletsen | Beautygloss20:55
1 day agoNetherlands ToughGamingGuy18,800Wonderland: Classic (PC) - 1080p60 HD Walkthrough World 7 - Spaced Out15:55
1 day agoNetherlands Royalistiq859,000DANKZIJ DEZE FOUT WAS IK FLINK GEDAALD.. 😥 - Rocket League Ranked (Nederlands)21:50
1 day agoNetherlands Woelfman79817Hollandsche veld14:31
1 day agoNetherlands GG Gamer27Een huis laten ontploffen!!! (TNT Project #2)2:52
1 day agoNetherlands Fifa Bawz202,000TOTY AANVALLERS! FIFA 21 PACK OPENING!!10:31
1 day agoNetherlands LinkTijger707,000PUQ CONFRONTEREN OVER DE BEL! - NetherLand SMP #419:10
1 day agoNetherlands KoploperMau16,800Arriva FLIRT komt door station Helmond 't Hout!0:35
1 day agoNetherlands Djuncan389,000DEZE GTA V CHAOS MOD IS HILARISCH13:57
1 day agoNetherlands Marcel Woerlee917Aero Fighters (SNES) Longplay & Ending17:56
1 day agoNetherlands DANNYonPC52,800Battlefield 4 yo - Cleaning my HDD #267:36
1 day agoNetherlands Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom98,100A Case For Cap & Co - The Detective Game (1997) - Unfinished Longplay1:23:24
1 day agoNetherlands Nogardborn4,480Destiny 2 How to get Anarchy or other Raid Exotics - Spoils of Conquest3:12
1 day agoNetherlands KoosGK2,200De Resident Evil 8 Demo op PS5 is gruwelijk 🎃21:06
1 day agoNetherlands Rob Jansen672Dovetail Games -- Festival of Rail 2021 -- Rob Jansen46:48
1 day agoNetherlands Meikitamemo104[1/1] Banjo Kazooie - Remaining RA - God Tier [NC]8:08
1 day agoNetherlands ZWGamemasterGame1,450#379 Atlantic ocean, 15 minutes of Minecraft, Playstation 5, gameplay, playthrough15:36
1 day agoNetherlands decino112,000Doom II - Bloodfalls II (Ultra-Violence 100%)40:41
1 day agoNetherlands Beatdown Racing x Veloce45,600F1 2020 - Let's Make Tsunoda F2 Champion: Monaco Qualifying Lap2:22
1 day agoNetherlands MegaDragonoid Gaming1,430Let's Play - Judgement - Part 181:24:03
1 day agoNetherlands Cartoon Network Nederland155,000Gumball | De Schuld (volledige aflevering in het Nederlands) | Cartoon Network10:40
1 day agoNetherlands Daphne draaft door45,500DE RAARSTE TIKTOKS OOIT MAKEN MET PAARDEN! 😂 | Daphne draaft door10:16