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Always busy with a few series. Games include Medieval Engineers, Empyrion Galactic Survival, Rising World, 7 Days to Die and other games that have a survival aspect. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my channel. I also stream on Twitch at

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7 Days to Die S5 EP6 "Beefing Up"
Upgrade and build on the base and then visit 0.0.
2019-03-08 10:48:34 PM ● 473 views ● 1:03:12 100.00% liked
7 Days to Die S5 EP5 "They Got Me"
Day not a good day. I should never have tried to play on this day with how I was feeling. Big mistakes made due to me not thinking clearly....
2019-03-08 2:56:46 AM ● 493 views ● 1:03:01 100.00% liked
Rising World S7 EP20 "Flower Power"
Today we finish the path down to the corral, add some lightning near the pumpkins and watermelons and add a flower bed with some color along...
2019-03-06 6:24:14 PM ● 400 views ● 30:22 100.00% liked
7 Days to Die S5 EP4 "Hey Boss, Da Plane"
Today we get some building done and get ourselves off the ground. We also head to some of the markers we've put down to gather up some much needed...
2019-03-06 3:11:32 AM ● 512 views ● 52:18 100.00% liked
7 Days to Die S5 EP3 "A Time to Build"
Today we do a little building, visit our trader and continue to gather some great loot. Forge is up and the bike is made. Seed is SweetMomma....
2019-03-05 6:55:30 AM ● 625 views ● 53:59 100.00% liked
Rising World S7 EP19 "Ready to Cook"
Fireplace is ready for cooking, decorated the chimney and we work on the path leading to the final pond on the property.
2019-03-04 6:30:03 PM ● 408 views ● 35:17 100.00% liked
7 Days to Die S5 EP2 "No Mercy"
A lot more great loot found on day 2 along with what will likely be a place for us to build our base. This is nearly an entire day.
2019-03-02 11:05:26 PM ● 725 views ● 1:41:07 100.00% liked
Rising World S7 EP18 "Night Moods"
Today we landscape the area along the stable, do some fishing and add some lighting to the main path. Love walking around this place at night....
2019-03-01 8:10:04 PM ● 459 views ● 43:35 100.00% liked
7 Days to Die S5 EP1 "Lucky Looter Start"
A fresh start with the new big update. Game looks so much better in random gen, so far. We have a banner start this time. Great biome, plenty...
2019-02-28 8:44:17 PM ● 864 views ● 1:12:48 100.00% liked
7 Days to Die S4 EP4 "Bike and Forge"
Well we get the bike put together and get a forge fired up. Now we just need to make sure we're ready for horde night 7.
2019-02-26 8:44:01 PM ● 539 views ● 55:24 97.30% liked