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VEX Robotics Battlebots Construct Tombstone (Full Build)
Got this for Christmas and took my time building it. Despite the million of small pieces that it does have it is a very easy build if you just...
2019-02-08 1:17:14 PM ● 159 views ● 39:32 100.00% liked
The vape epidemic has now come to Hogwarts | The Hogwarts Experience | EP4
Apparently someone has been black market selling vapes around campus. It's getting so bad that the students are doing it in class! I will get...
2019-01-23 5:12:25 PM ● 248 views ● 7:27 100.00% liked
P.A.T. - Who Dat Flavor
This is the newest track from the man himself P.A.T. LOUISIANAS FINEST Showing some love for the golden southern state The Saints. Show him some...
2019-01-18 2:36:48 PM ● 584 views ● 2:51 100.00% liked
They tried to take my Girlfriend! | The Hogwarts Experience | EP3
What a jammed packed episode this one is. Everything from my current girlfriend getting snatched to hallway fights, to getting my first spell,...
2019-01-14 2:17:02 PM ● 436 views ● 9:53 100.00% liked
I got a new girlfriend at Hogwarts | The Hogwarts Experience | EP2
i am bringing all the house points home... I also become a year two in this video. if you want to play thins with me you will need to get garrys...
2019-01-07 6:28:15 PM ● 361 views ● 8:59 100.00% liked
We had an orgy in the bathroom at Hogwarts | The Hogwarts Experience | EP1
i'm going to get 10 million questions asking what this is so i will stop that now. this is on Garrys Mod its a harry potter role playing server....
2019-01-01 6:04:02 PM ● 481 views ● 9:43 100.00% liked
Can i survive this alien ocean planet? | Subnautica part 1
Thanks to the new epic games launcher i was able to get this game for free. I've been told countless times that i would more than likely enjoy...
2018-12-16 2:44:09 PM ● 220 views ● 23:10 100.00% liked
Subnautica (2018)
Unboxing and setting up the steam link. (Playing Fallout76 on it)
I decided to bite the bullet and buy one of these during the fall sale. for the 2 bucks that i paid for it i would say that this box is worth...
2018-12-10 4:48:14 PM ● 62 views ● 13:28 100.00% liked
Why you should never cross brand buy vehicles from dealerships | My experience| Thanks Nissan
I recently had to buy a new vehicle because my car finally died. I came across a really nice truck that i really like.. problem is The brand...
2018-12-01 2:53:13 PM ● 116 views ● 12:17 100.00% liked
Walmart Fallout crate.  Worth it?
i bought this a long time ago and shot this video. But due to me being unorganized, i forgot that i had this footage. Well here you go only a...
2018-11-29 5:54:41 PM ● 101 views ● 4:03 100.00% liked
Fallout (1997)