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A guy who plays games.

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The Park | Episode 3 | Lay Off The Drugs Lady!
At this point i am convinced that this lady is on some serious drugs. this is the second to last episode so things will start to pick up. Enjoy....
2018-11-13 2:22:56 PM ● 140 views ● 12:43 100.00% liked
Creating Harry Potters Wand out of a twig while waiting for RDR2
Decided to do a vlog that carried over for 2 days, on the first day i was waiting for RDR2 to drop, then on the second day i decided to go into...
2018-10-31 1:14:45 AM ● 765 views ● 18:50 100.00% liked
The Park | Episode 2 | Raw Doggin On The First Date!!!!!
We are back in the park trying to find our son Callum, who like an idiot ran into the park and now he is lost! can we find him? - G2A sponsored...
2018-10-18 4:48:22 PM ● 129 views ● 16:14 100.00% liked
3am cat fights
back with another snapchat vlog. this one is wild. it has some cata fighting in it, me getting a facial....(not what you think) and me riding...
2018-10-10 10:13:54 PM ● 84 views ● 10:35 100.00% liked
I am literally the worst vlogger on earth
Some of you asked me to try and do more vlog videos so here is my go at it. Yes i am aware of how bad i am at doing these. You get what you get....
2018-10-06 11:31:11 PM ● 713 views ● 12:01 100.00% liked
The Park | Episode 1 | The Worst Park Ride EVER!!!!!
it's not often that I will delete a finished play through only to rerecord it. this is one of those rare cases. I decided to replay this game...
2018-09-29 4:53:58 PM ● 334 views ● 16:46 100.00% liked
Let's Play
The Park | Episode 2 | I'm pretty sure this lady is on drugs!
We dive back into this game to continue the story, however the story for me was untold seeing as i had a malfunction somewhere with my computer....
2018-09-21 1:52:20 PM ● 359 views ● 12:24 100.00% liked
The Park | Episode 1| Worst theme park ride in histroy!
I had my eye on this game for quite some time and finally came across is over at g2a for what was a price that could be considered a steal. If...
2018-09-18 12:36:25 AM ● 137 views ● 15:28 100.00% liked
Oh Snap! EP1
often times I find myself with some decent snap stories by the end of the night, and I though it only fair to bring it here for you guys to enjoy...
2018-09-10 4:58:59 PM ● 456 views ● 6:32 100.00% liked
Can I graduate from Baldies school?
After a much needed and forced upon me break i am back making videos baby!!!
2018-09-09 10:15:23 PM ● 478 views ● 10:12 100.00% liked