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The Park | Episode 1| Worst theme park ride in histroy!
I had my eye on this game for quite some time and finally came across is over at g2a for what was a price that could be considered a steal. If...
2018-09-18 12:36:25 AM ● 137 views ● 15:28 100.00% liked
Oh Snap! EP1
often times I find myself with some decent snap stories by the end of the night, and I though it only fair to bring it here for you guys to enjoy...
2018-09-10 4:58:59 PM ● 456 views ● 6:32 100.00% liked
Can I graduate from Baldies school?
After a much needed and forced upon me break i am back making videos baby!!!
2018-09-09 10:15:23 PM ● 478 views ● 10:12 100.00% liked
Reading The day i hired a hitman in ASMR | Part 2 | Creepy!!
We are moving along in the story that took reddit by storm. This is part 2 of of the famous "Day i hired a hitman" story read in ASMR...
2018-08-22 2:20:40 PM ● 629 views ● 11:07 87.50% liked
Reading The day i hired a hitman in ASMR | Part 1 | Creepy!!
i've always wanted to do an asmr video and finally did it. this will be a multi part series, especially for this story since its somewhere around...
2018-08-17 10:12:39 AM ● 551 views ● 8:26 100.00% liked
Guts & Glory | can i keep the family alive | episode 1
This game is one of those games where you can get lost in it playing for hours on end. SO to get you guys into it, i decided to do a short small...
2018-07-17 4:18:05 PM ● 181 views ● 14:18 100.00% liked
Agony Episode 1 | Why is this game so squishy? |
I will add the full description of this when i get home later on my phone right now so that makes it a little hard...
2018-07-11 3:55:46 PM ● 1,134 views ● 20:22 80.00% liked
Dollar Tree  - 1 Dollar ribeye steaks (making beef Jerky out of them) Redicilious Eats - Se1Ep1
For a long time now i wanted to do a show here on the old youtube that revolved around food. And if you scroll through my videos you will actually...
2018-06-09 1:58:37 PM ● 1,611 views ● 28:46 100.00% liked
FAR: Lone Sails - What a beautiful lonely game (part 1)
FAR: Lone Sails is a vehicle adventure game. In a unique vehicle you travel across a dried-out ocean following the tracks of a once thriving...
2018-06-06 9:02:16 PM ● 807 views ● 17:50 100.00% liked
Taking a look at the Fallout 76 trailer - What we Currently know ( Facts and Speculation)
So Bethesda knew what they were doing when they released this "trailer" causing all of us to go mad with theory. Here is what i think...
2018-05-31 11:15:49 AM ● 541 views ● 14:37 75.00% liked
Fallout (1997)