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KingStix Gaming is an American YouTube content creator with over 156 thousand subscribers. He published 944 videos which altogether total over 49.01 million views.

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Top 100 Most Liked Videos by KingStix Gaming

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1.How to Play Master Yi Jungle & CARRY + Best Master Yi Build/Runes | Master Yi Jungle Guide Season 118,301GuideLeague of Legends
2.How to Play Ivern Jungle & CARRY LOW ELO | Best Build & Runes - Ivern Commentary Guide5,755GuideLeague of Legends
3.How to get 1K Q Stacks on Nasus Jungle in Under 30 Minutes👌 | Nasus Jungle Guide Season 115,754GuideLeague of Legends
4.How to Play Kindred Jungle & CARRY + Best Kindred Build/Runes | Kindred Jungle Guide Season 115,574GuideLeague of Legends
5.CARRY YOURSELF OUT OF LOW ELO WITH FIDDLESTICKS | FIddlesticks Best Build/Runes Season 115,210GuideLeague of Legends
6.How to 1v5 Carry Low Elo with Kayn CONSISTENTLY | Kayn Jungle Guide Season 11 League of Legends5,177GuideLeague of Legends
7.HOW TO PLAY WARWICK JUNGLE & 1v5 CARRY! | Best Warwick Build/Runes | Warwick Commentary Guide4,656GuideLeague of Legends
8.HOW TO PLAY Kindred JUNGLE + NEW OP BUILD/RUNES - Kindred Commentary Guide - League of Legends4,644GuideLeague of Legends
9.How to Play Kayn Jungle & CARRY CONSISTENTLY | Best Build & Runes - Kayn Commentary Guide4,365GuideLeague of Legends
10.How to Play Kha'Zix Jungle & CARRY + Best Kha'Zix Build/Runes | Kha'Zix Jungle Guide Season 114,203GuideLeague of Legends
11.CARRY YOURSELF OUT OF LOW ELO WITH AMUMU! | AMUMU BEGINNERS GUIDE SEASON 11 | Best Amumu Build/Runes4,071GuideLeague of Legends
12.KAYN 1v9 CARRY BUILD | 120k DMG/100k HEALING OP BUILD | League of Legends4,062GuideLeague of Legends
13.HOW TO PLAY GRAVES JUNGLE + NEW OP BUILD/RUNES - Graves Commentary Guide - League of Legends3,986GuideLeague of Legends
14.Carry Yourself Out Of LOW ELO with GRAVES | How to Carry Solo Queue With GRAVES Jungle Season 10 LoL3,939GuideLeague of Legends
15.HOW TO PLAY EVELYNN JUNGLE SEASON 11 + NEW OP BUILD/RUNES - Evelynn Commentary Guide3,904GuideLeague of Legends
16.How to play Ekko Jungle & CARRY LOW ELO | Best Build & Runes | Ekko Commentary Guide3,826GuideLeague of Legends
17.HOW TO PLAY ASHE BOT LANE & HYPER CARRY! Best Build/Runes ASHE ADC Season 11 League of Legends3,813GuideLeague of Legends
18.How to Actually Play Kayn & Carry Low Elo - Kayn Jungle Commentary Guide League of Legends3,803GuideLeague of Legends
19.HOW TO PLAY SHACO JUNGLE & CARRY + NEW OP BUILD/RUNES | Shaco Guide Season 11 League of Legends3,746GuideLeague of Legends
20.Carry Yourself Out Of Low Elo With MASTER YI | Best Build & Runes - Master Yi Commentary Guide3,694GuideLeague of Legends
21.HOW TO PLAY FIDDLESTICKS JUNGLE + OP BUILD/RUNES - Fiddlesticks Commentary Guide - League of Legends3,681GuideLeague of Legends
22.HOW TO PLAY GRAVES & CARRY LOW ELO WITH A LOSING TEAM! | Graves Guide Season 11- League of Legends3,639GuideLeague of Legends
23.HOW TO ACTUALLY CARRY WITH FIDDLESTICKS! | Fiddlesticks 1v5 Guide + Best Build & Runes For Carrying!3,609GuideLeague of Legends
24.How to Carry with Kindred Jungle for Beginners! | Kindred Guide Season 11 LoL - League of Legends3,479GuideLeague of Legends
25.GRAVES JUNGLE BEGINNERS GUIDE! | How to Play Graves & CARRY LOW ELO + Best Build/Runes | Graves s113,355GuideLeague of Legends
26.EASY 68% Win Rate Jax Jungle BUILD/RUNES👌 | Jax Jungle Guide S11 - League of Legends3,335GuideLeague of Legends
27.Learn to DOMINATE with WARWICK | HOW TO WARWICK JUNGLE 1v9 FOR BEGINNERS - League of Legends3,317GuideLeague of Legends
28.HOW TO PLAY NUNU FROM BEHIND AND CARRY! | Nunu Jungle Commentary Guide Season 11 League of Legends3,295GuideLeague of Legends
29.INVISIBLE LETHAL MASTER YI! | Master Yi Commentary Guide Season 11 League of Legends3,240GuideLeague of Legends
30.HOW TO PLAY ELISE JUNGLE & HYPER CARRY! Best Build/Runes Elise Jungle Season 11 League of Legends3,225GuideLeague of Legends
31.Carry Yourself Out Of LOW ELO | How to Carry Your Team With Kayn Jungle Season 10 League of Legends3,162GuideLeague of Legends
32.RIFTMAKER EVELYNN IS OP! | Best Build/Runes | Evelynn Commentary Guide - League of Legends3,119GuideLeague of Legends
33.HOW TO PLAY EKKO JUNGLE & CARRY LOW ELO | Best Ekko Build/Runes S11 | Ekko Guide Season 113,102GuideLeague of Legends
34.HOW TO PLAY JAX JUNGLE & CARRY LOW ELO + Best JAX Build/Runes | Jax Jungle Guide Season 113,097GuideLeague of Legends
35.HOW TO PLAY XIN ZHAO JUNGLE & CARRY LOW ELO! | Xin Zhao Beginners Guide Season 11 League of Legends3,047GuideLeague of Legends
36.CARRY YOURSELF OUT OF LOW ELO WITH MASTER YI | Master Yi Beginners Guide | Best Build/Runes S113,034GuideLeague of Legends
37.HOW TO PLAY SHACO JUNGLE + Best BUILD/RUNES - Shaco Commentary Guide - League of Legends3,031GuideLeague of Legends
38.How to Actually Carry with Master Yi for Beginners! | MASTER YI JUNGLE GUIDE S11 League of Legends3,009GuideLeague of Legends
39.HOW TO PLAY WARWICK JUNGLE + NEW OP BUILD/RUNES - Warwick Commentary Guide - League of Legends3,004GuideLeague of Legends
40.EASY DOUBLE BURN 59% WIN RATE LILLIA BUILD/RUNES! | Lillia Jungle Guide Season 11 League of Legends2,987GuideLeague of Legends
41.EASY 73% Win Rate Vi Jungle! + Best Build/Runes | Vi Jungle Guide Season 11 - League of Legends2,982GuideLeague of Legends
42.How to Play Kindred Jungle & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes Season 12 - League of Legends2,946GuideLeague of Legends
43.SANGUINE NOCTURNE IS SO OP IT TURNED ME INTO A VIRGIN! - League of Legends2,945GuideNocturne
44.How to Play Shaco Jungle & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes/Jungle Route - League of Legends2,924GuideLeague of Legends
45.New UNSTOPPABLE Warwick Build! Warwick Jungle Guide Season 11 - League of Legends2,918GuideLeague of Legends
47.HOW TO PLAY VI JUNGLE & CARRY | Vi BEGINNERS GUIDE! | Best Build/Runes | Vi Jungle Commentary Guide2,892GuideLeague of Legends
48.How to Play Lillia Jungle & CARRY + Best Lillia Build/Runes | Lillia Jungle Guide Season 112,847GuideLeague of Legends
49.How to ACTUALLY CARRY on Rammus Jungle + Best Build/Runes Season 11 - League of Legends2,822GuideLeague of Legends
50.HOW TO KARTHUS JUNGLE 1v9 FOR BEGINNERS | Karthus Commentary Guide - League of Legends2,820GuideLeague of Legends
51.1000-Q STACKS 30 MIN NASUS JUNGLE + NEW OP BUILD/RUNES | How to Play Nasus Jungle & Carry Low Elo2,757GuideLeague of Legends
52.How to Play Hecarim Jungle & CARRY LOW ELO | Best Build & Runes - Hecarim Commentary Guide2,753GuideLeague of Legends
53.How to Play Amumu Jungle & CARRY LOW ELO + Best Build/Runes - Amumu Jungle Commentary Guide Season2,732GuideLeague of Legends
54.How to Play Nunu & Willump & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 + Best Build/Runes League of Legends2,721GuideLeague of Legends
55.PHASE RUSH HECARIM JUNGLE GUIDE + Best Build/Runes | Hecarim Jungle Guide Season 102,711GuideLeague of Legends
56.HOW TO PLAY SEJUANI AND CARRY YOURSELF OUT OF LOW ELO! | Best Sejuani Runes/Build Season 112,678GuideLeague of Legends
57.NEW Speed Garen JUNGLE is ACTUALLY OP! | Garen Guide Season 11 + Best Build/Runes League of Legends2,677GuideLeague of Legends
58.HOW TO PLAY HECARIM JUNGLE + NEW OP BUILD/RUNES - Hecarim Commentary Guide - League of Legends2,654GuideLeague of Legends
59.BEST TOP LANE CHAMPION FOR CLIMBING SOLO QUEUE! | Malphite Top Beginners Guide Season 112,650GuideLeague of Legends
60.HOW TO PLAY GRAVES JUNGLE FOR BEGINNERS + NEW BEST BUILD/RUNES - Graves Commentary Guide Season 102,648GuideLeague of Legends
61.HOW TO PLAY SHYVANA JUNGLE | Best Build & Runes | Shyvana Commentary Guide - League of Legends2,619GuideLeague of Legends
62.How to CONSISTENTLY CARRY With EKKO JUNGLE + Best Build/Runes Season 11 Ekko Guide League of Legends2,612GuideLeague of Legends
63.HOW TO PLAY LILLIA JUNGLE & 1v9 CARRY! | Best Lillia Build/Runes | Lillia Commentary Guide Season 112,481GuideLeague of Legends
64.How to Play Skarner Jungle & CARRY! + Best Build/Runes/Clear Route! | Skarner Jungle Guide Season 112,469GuideLeague of Legends
65.So Basically 1 Item Nasus Jungle is ABSOLUTLY BROKEN | Nasus Jungle Season 11 League of Legends2,429League of Legends
66.EASY 71% Win Rate Master Yi Build AFTER THE CHANGES Season 12 | Master Yi Guide League of Legends2,422GuideLeague of Legends
67.SEASON 12 SHACO JUNGLE IS GOD TIER! | How to Play Shaco Jungle Season 12 League of Legends2,421GuideLeague of Legends
69.HOW TO PLAY XIN ZHAO JUNGLE & CARRY LOW ELO! | Xin Zhao Beginners Guide Season 10 LEAGUE OF LEGENDS2,396GuideLeague of Legends
70.How to Play Fiddlesticks & CARRY Low Elo for Beginners Season 12 | Fiddle Guide League of Legends2,384GuideLeague of Legends
71.How to Play Evelynn & CARRY EARLY GAME Season 12 | Evelynn Jungle Guide Season 12 League of Legends2,366GuideLeague of Legends
72.NEW KAYN JUNGLE BUILD IS SCARY STRONG! + Best Build/Runes/Clear | Kayn Season 12 League of Legends2,361GuideLeague of Legends
73.How to Play ASHE & CARRY LOW ELO | Best Build & Runes - Ashe Commentary Guide League of Legends2,347GuideLeague of Legends
74.GRAVES IS THE BEST JUNGLE CHAMPION SEASON 11 + OP Build/Runes | Graves Commentary Guide Season 112,339GuideLeague of Legends
76.How to Play AATROX & CARRY For Beginners + Best Build/Runes - League of Legends2,326GuideLeague of Legends
77.How to Play FULL AP WARWICK & CARRY! + Best Build/Runes Season 11 - League of Legends2,316GuideLeague of Legends
78.HOW TO PLAY LILLIA JUNGLE + OP BUILD/RUNES - Lillia Commentary Guide - League of Legends2,306GuideLeague of Legends
79.HOW TO PLAY MORDEKAISER JUNGLE + BEST BUILD/RUNES | Mordekaiser Jungle Guide - League of Legends S112,299GuideLeague of Legends
80.How to ACTUALLY Play Volibear Jungle Season 10 - Volibear Jungle Commentary Guide -League of Legends2,299GuideLeague of Legends
81.How to Play Bard Support & CARRY for Beginners | Bard Guide Season 11 League of Legends2,296GuideLeague of Legends
82.How to Carry LOW ELO with VIEGO! | Viego Jungle Beginners Guide Season 11 League of Legends2,296GuideLeague of Legends
83.HOW TO PLAY KHA'ZIX JUNGLE + NEW OP BUILD/RUNES - Kha'Zix Commentary Guide - League of Legends2,289GuideLeague of Legends
84.How to Play Twitch Jungle 1v5 Carry | S+ TWITCH JUNGLE COMMENTARY GUIDE - League of Legends2,285GuideLeague of Legends
85.HOW TO PLAY EZREAL 1v5 FOR BEGINNERS + OP BUILD/RUNES - Ezreal Guide | League of Legends2,267GuideLeague of Legends
86.HOW TO PLAY SETT JUNGLE | Best Build & Runes - Sett Commentary Guide League of Legends2,267GuideLeague of Legends
87.How to Play Kha'Zix & CARRY Season 12 + Best Build/Runes | Kha'Zix Guide Season 12 league of Legends2,254GuideLeague of Legends
88.EASY 70% Win Rate Xin Zhao Guide👌 + Best Build/Runes | Xin Zhao Season 11 League of Legends2,249GuideLeague of Legends
89.How to Play Diana Jungle & CARRY Season 12 for Beginners Season 12 | League of Legends2,249GuideLeague of Legends
90.How to play Morgana Jungle & CARRY! + Best Build/Runes | Morgana Guide Season 11 League of Legends2,223GuideLeague of Legends
91.How to Play Nocturne Jungle & CARRY! + Best Build/Runes | Nocturne Guide Season 11 League of Legends2,209GuideNocturne
92.How to Play Rammus Jungle & CARRY LOW ELO | Best Build & Runes - Rammus Commentary Guide2,187GuideLeague of Legends
93.How to Play Teemo & CARRY LOW ELO! + Best Build/Runes | Teemo Guide Season 11 League of Legends2,179GuideLeague of Legends
94.How to Play Tristana ADC & CARRY! + Best Build/Runes Season 11 - Tristana Guide - League of Legends2,160GuideLeague of Legends
95.HOW TO PLAY TAHM KENCH JUNGLE + NEW OP BUILD/RUNES - Tahm Kench Commentary Guide - League of Legends2,146GuideLeague of Legends
96.HOW TO PLAY OLAF JUNGLE | Best Runes & Build - S+ Olaf Commentary Guide - League of Legends2,140GuideLeague of Legends
97.CARRY YOURSELF OUT OF LOW ELO WITH XIN ZHAO JUNGLE! | Xin Zhao Jungle Guide Season 112,137GuideLeague of Legends
98.EASY CHEESY TAHM KENCH JUNGLE CARRY BUILD | Tahm Kench Guide Season 11 - League of Legends2,134GuideLeague of Legends
99.HOW TO PLAY GRAGAS JUNGLE SEASON 11 + BEST BUILD/RUNES | Gragas Beginners Guide S112,134GuideLeague of Legends
100.NEW AP UDYR BUILD TURNS HIM INTO A JUNGLE GOD | Best Udyr Build/Runes - League of Legends2,116GuideLeague of Legends