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What is up Ladies and Gentlemen!
My name is lucki-monkhi A.K.A TheCGamer, and welcome to my gaming channel!

I am currently a uni student that always has a lot on my plate, but hey, I have always got some spare time ;)

The purpose of this channel is to upload videos of me playing games at the hardest possible difficulty possible, even if the game(s) do not provide me the option. :D

I want my viewers to realise that through watching my videos, they can learn that if you are encountered with a difficult obstacle, with enough determination and commitment, you can overcome not only that obstacle, but also anything the world can through at you.

Given the perks of a uni student being so damn overwhelming, expect an upload once every week.

I do not have much means to keep in touch with you guys through social media, as I am just starting out, but at least we got the comment section of my videos and don't worry, I am always fond to have a chat haha

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