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Do you like your Farming Simulation on the realistic side? Then you've come to the right place! Virtual Farmer is a channel dedicted to applying real world farming knowleged to the virtual world of Farming Simulation Gaming. Primarily focusing on Farming Simulator, I also take a look a other Farm SImulation Games like Cattle and Crops, Farmers Dynasty, Real Farm and more. But that's not all. I also play other simulation games like Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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PROGRESS! | BallinCraig Estate 2017, Day 55: Farming Simulator 17 RolePlay
It's the end of July and with the wheat harvest starting in a few weeks Eddie is getting a bit nervous about the new grain store being ready....
2018-06-16 11:30:01 PM ● 1,456 views ● 22:58 100.00% liked
Pile It Up and Head Out | Cornbrook Contracting, Episode 13: Farming Simulator 17 Role Play
Today Jamie and Tom are finishing up at Oakfield Farm by compacting the silage, before they load up their equipment to head back home to Cornbrook....
2018-06-15 11:30:00 PM ● 1,105 views ● 21:30 94.34% liked
A Spraying Interlude | BallinCraig Estate 2017, Day 54: Farming Simulator 17 RolePlay
As summer progresses, Eddie needs to ensure his crops are properly fertilized, so today he's taking a short break from bailing the Hay to fertilize...
2018-06-14 11:30:00 PM ● 943 views ● 23:51 100.00% liked
Hay, it's a John Deere! | BallinCraig Estate 2017, Day 53: Farming Simulator 17 RolePlay
The hay harvest continues in today's vlog from BallinCraig Estate as Eddie has the new Kubota rake hooked up to the John Deere 7810 to row it...
2018-06-12 11:30:00 PM ● 492 views ● 24:35 97.06% liked
Farming Simulator 19 E3 CGI Trailer & Press Release Analysis
Following the surprise reveal of John Deere and Cotton in Farming Simulator 19's E3 Trailer, we take a closer look at it and the accompanying...
2018-06-12 9:42:06 AM ● 1,444 views ● 11:24 100.00% liked
John Deere and Cotton!! Farming Simulator 19 E3 CGI Trailer Reaction!!
Giants Software have revealed the CGI Trailer for Farming Simulator 17 and here is my live reaction as it happened! Full breakdown and analysis...
2018-06-12 4:57:31 AM ● 1,121 views ● 3:36 96.67% liked
Thunder Valley by somethingonmyshoe2: Farming Simulator 17 Map First Look
In this video we take a first look at Thunder Valley by somethingonmyshoe2, a fictional map for Farming Simulator 17 set in the USA and available...
2018-06-10 11:30:00 PM ● 492 views ● 24:28 95.65% liked
First Impressions
How Kubota some new equipment? | BallinCraig Estate 2017, Day 52: Farming Simulator 17 RolePlay
Today Eddie's getting to work on the turning the recently cut grass to hay and has decided to upgrade his tedder and rake. Useful Links: Modlist:...
2018-06-09 11:30:35 PM ● 916 views ● 23:05 97.96% liked
Working Away From Home | Cornbrook Contracting, Episode 11: Farming Simulator 17 Role Play
Responding to a request for help from an old friend, Today Jamie and Thomas are loading up Cornbrook Contracting's silage equipment and heading...
2018-06-08 11:30:00 PM ● 247 views ● 23:37 97.06% liked
Getting Back To Work... | BallinCraig Estate 2017, Day 51: Farming Simulator 17 RolePlay
The Summer Fair has come and gone and Eddie is getting back to work on the farm. Today he need to get the Cows and Sheep some water, clean up...
2018-06-07 11:30:01 PM ● 797 views ● 20:58 97.30% liked