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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Belgium based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
5 hours agoBelgium AurelOsk59,253NANATSU NO TAIZAI S2E19 FR OH PUTAIN MELIODAS 🔥😍| The Seven Deadly Sins Anime Review10:39100.00%
10 hours agoBelgium Retro House 5002,474ZILLION MEMORIES3:40:07100.00%
11 hours agoBelgium Sprullex Gaming167On passe au niveau 3 du chateau - Lands of Lore : LP #2747:29
13 hours agoBelgium Lhynns Gaming10,528STATE OF DECAY 2 [Fr] - Première infestation #0245:24100.00%
13 hours agoBelgium PhilippeTheGeek31,558[CRACK] AVOIR Ancestors Legacy GRATUITEMENT3:39100.00%
13 hours agoBelgium Ultima Weapon EX504[Let's Play] Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon #1 [PC]1:02:08100.00%
14 hours agoBelgium NinjaChicken434All British Army Weapons | Post Scriptum3:09100.00%
18 hours agoBelgium RowdyGuy87,579HOW TO BECOME A US CITIZEN IN VR | The American Dream VR Gameplay #2 - HTC Vive Pro Gameplay15:4197.06%
18 hours agoBelgium Quendigoldo59,181Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Pour la gloire! FR24:31100.00%
22 hours agoBelgium Biohazard063 LP956Hyperspace Dogfights |Gameplay| Ep1. The Eye MkII33:35100.00%
1 day agoBelgium Let's Talk Gaming938Conan Exiles - Creative Misfits - Livestream3:19:54100.00%
1 day agoBelgium Ancalagon Games1,148Cook Serve Delicious Again Episode 2013:37
1 day agoBelgium ExVSK445,418DETROIT BECOME HUMAN - Let's Play #7 [FR]45:58100.00%
1 day agoBelgium MrFredCars1,454Crazy Hypercar Maddness On Track & In The Pitlane, Koenigsegg, Laferrari, Zenvo, Apollo IE!!4:1299.52%
1 day agoBelgium Joefm Gamen2,319Planet coaster: Sci Fi Pyramids | top 5 povs | rides | part 7322:22100.00%
1 day agoBelgium PASSION JEUX VIDEO TV ★351Je test le live sur Youtube via mon Smartphone1:32:0183.33%
1 day agoBelgium Shaymin712 Gaming137Live Fortnite (Road to 150subs)7:38
1 day agoBelgium AK36AW2,214STALKER Misery 2.2 Walkthrough Partie 231:11:23100.00%
1 day agoBelgium Azghaaar872Railway Empire #FR [Campagne] - Episode 2247:13100.00%
1 day agoBelgium gronie1988301,942CES NOUVEAUX OBJETS VONT CHANGER FORTNITE À JAMAIS !11:0195.95%
1 day agoBelgium Retro Productions1,416A Red Dead Redemption 2 UPDATE lots of new and old info12:12100.00%
1 day agoBelgium Fouflet9,289[ SWTOR FR - Let's Play MMO ! #57 ] Je suis CHASSEUR CÉLESTE ma gueule !17:58100.00%
1 day agoBelgium chipper mousse63Dofus britana #5 : enfin la pano rox ?!?14:00100.00%
1 day agoBelgium TuYasRecords24,232Kara Left Alice to Die - Detroit: Become Human6:48100.00%
1 day agoBelgium Koinsky42,109[FR] WARHAMMER 40K GLADIUS Relics of War Gameplay ép 1 (let’s play preview rediff de live)50:5298.00%
2 days agoBelgium Draco Lobotom1,555RAFT - (re) DECOUVERTE Ep1 ?30:43100.00%
2 days agoBelgium Fortnite AL284,282NINJA USING *NEW* MOISTY MERMAN SKIN & DIRECTOR'S CUT - Fortnite Best & Funny Moments (Fortnite BR)10:3593.74%
2 days agoBelgium CN Play6,212Dark Souls Remastered : Coop en Live sur Xbox One X4:35:1171.43%
2 days agoBelgium Robbechamp687PARKS - Cities skylines - Parks Life - let's play ep - 135:12100.00%
2 days agoBelgium Smartmix121,127Crack Raft New Version2:21100.00%
2 days agoBelgium Gamers Of Valarin124The Last Of Us#Lets play 1 (DUTCH)1:15:59100.00%
2 days agoBelgium PokéMixr92100,457Dragonball Z - We've Got Power! Vocal Cover [100k subs special]1:4898.28%
2 days agoBelgium Seiei McDarsh545Battletech #020 - GAME OVER !!!!1:13:21100.00%
2 days agoBelgium EagleTale23,071Le journal de Marie! | Marie's Room28:16100.00%
2 days agoBelgium Aurelien_Sama430,721Minecraft Insomniac Ultra Hardcore #14 : Ender Dragon !15:4099.29%
2 days agoBelgium gaming with egoon369Treasure Hunter First Look Closed Beta work in progress30:41100.00%
2 days agoBelgium HardestDifficultyGaming2Exploring the Lake - God of War 2018 PART 20 (Give me God of War) Gameplay Walkthrough37:13
2 days agoBelgium Mr.Orange1,640State of Decay 2 | Walkthrough Gameplay | Part 1 | Camp Osprey | Xbox One28:00100.00%
2 days agoBelgium TheUrsinus13,796Civ 6: Rise and Fall TSL - Mapuche (Immortal) - Episode 2327:45100.00%
3 days agoBelgium Yalorda415Fire Emblem Heroes | 200+ Orbs Summoning | Thirst For Tharja20:17100.00%
3 days agoBelgium TheTimephoon2,902Euro Truck Simulator 2 | Southern Region map v7.00 | Random maps #1220:0495.74%
3 days agoBelgium Lustra Gaming815Adventure Park #35 - I have no clue how to continue :)53:55100.00%
3 days agoBelgium KASTIOP236,206Is dit de SLECHTSTE BATTLE ROYALE OOIT?18:1697.65%
3 days agoBelgium brian plays letsplays and more2297dtd multiplayer ep 12:10:29100.00%
3 days agoBelgium HenriCus215DE 2L WATER CHALLENGE!!11:35100.00%
3 days agoBelgium RoyalScumbag1,576The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt #46 - Skellige's New King Or Queen44:56
3 days agoBelgium / Rocket League / JRD / Fortnite /50Fortnite out building 1v1 win2:30100.00%
3 days agoBelgium Star Stable Updates25,909Buying ALL new Lusitanos! | Star Stable Updates10:0498.66%
3 days agoBelgium Akosi Dogie287,987Philippines vs Japan - 2000 Diamonds Giveaways - National Arena - Mobile Legends - TOP PLAYER1:33:2897.97%
3 days agoBelgium delonewolf15,328EVE Online - sisi - tier 3 bites back4:1198.11%
3 days agoBelgium BSD Gaming583Let's play ROBOCOP Arcade walkthrough gameplay guide Classic Games19:32100.00%
4 days agoBelgium shadow 200983LA SOIRÉE Dragon Age ep 3735:35
4 days agoBelgium k master gaming channel5,037uno funny moments (rage)(and more rage)14:4198.04%
4 days agoBelgium Melkisedec8426 jeux de stratégie, Tactique pour 2018 - 2019 sur ps4, xbox , pc, switch,19:44
4 days agoBelgium WaZz90,510Un GÉNÉRATEUR DE "'CLÉ DE PARTIE PERSO" EN LIGNE sur FORTNITE: Battle Royale !! (SECRET) 😱5:0385.37%
4 days agoBelgium PXLBBQ565[Preview Gameplay FR] Lego les indestructibles 1/26:34
4 days agoBelgium OneBullit Gaming54Sky Force Reloaded - Tournament Win Global24:18100.00%
4 days agoBelgium Flokker836Let's Play Bioshock 2 - Part 12: Siren Alley19:48
5 days agoBelgium leonardo _774166FORTNITE COMPETITIVE PLAY*SOLO SHOWDOWN* JETPACK DEZE WEEK?6:33:4681.82%
5 days agoBelgium IInGeNiuM142FR [ Destiny 2 ] { jugement des Neuf -} {vennez Nombreux} ps452:42
5 days agoBelgium Awfully Casual42Undertale #12 (Let's Play) - A Web of Puzzles - Awfully Casual20:09100.00%
5 days agoBelgium sylvain musin5Senran kagura estival versus histoire46:57
5 days agoBelgium ox games55Europa universalis IV: Bruneï la quête des épices épisode n°920:31
5 days agoBelgium PiLøGaMing822Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Gameplay CIRCINN #1034:55100.00%
6 days agoBelgium drawn fox2,183queen needs money - sort of count #220:26100.00%
6 days agoBelgium TheKronaxx39Who Needs You - Let's Play Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale Series - Episode 4 #101:49:52
6 days agoBelgium Rydekk8,103Surviving the horde #wesuck | Killing Floor6:03100.00%
6 days agoBelgium M4f Gaming2,285Rigidifier sa ligne - Tuto minute n°31 | Total war Warhammer5:09100.00%
2018-05-19Belgium Cybersonicstarzx6555,401Sonic Drift 2 All GP Race W/ Mayonnaisedoctor41:06100.00%
2018-05-19Belgium Nacram50[FR] The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth - On devient un dark boy ! - Ep:0122:48100.00%
2018-05-19Belgium Fabs20Gaming3,007Let's Play FR - PIXARK - Ep05 - Le pilleur de tombes34:52100.00%
2018-05-18Belgium Punk Duck141,830Bearly Educated Ep. 3 - The Sneak Attack47:5898.43%
2018-05-17Belgium arrow in my gluteus maximus2073 trains same place0:31100.00%
2018-05-17Belgium GamingReviews116,662Counter-Strike: Zombie Escape Mod - ze_Sectorbg_Fix3 (PlayArena)10:0193.83%
2018-05-16Belgium Max TheEcchitaku347ZeroTwo Ferrari 458 Gr4 Itasha - Darling in the FranXX4:13100.00%
2018-05-15Belgium PlaY0urLife41,895ROCKET LEAGUE FR | LES REWARDS SAISON 7...5:5699.60%
2018-05-14Belgium Ema Eleven38,408ASTERIA ET L'EVENT MAID CAFE !!! DES ANNONCES ET DES SUMMONS !!!13:50100.00%
2018-05-13Belgium TheAbdNoor139,544GTA 5 ULTRA REALIST NEXT-GEN MOD 4K FULLHD NVDIA GTX MAX SETTING3:4795.65%
2018-05-12Belgium ThePolicefreak9,586[Waving Firefighter] Engine 10 - Seattle Fire Department responding0:49100.00%
2018-05-12Belgium Shin Bubblegum Gaming287[Fallout 3] #70 Le rideau de velours | POINT LOOKOUT partie 5 | Let's play36:11100.00%
2018-05-11Belgium iridian167Field day5:40100.00%
2018-05-10Belgium sarcasm in a box1,539m0:50100.00%
2018-05-10Belgium Vinny Rogmans - GlitcherDOTbe909LP The Witcher 3 BaW - DINGUS STONES! - Part 41:03:46100.00%
2018-05-09Belgium Riku Chris28Let's Play God Of War 3 Part 71:28:24100.00%
2018-05-09Belgium big GG779" Ох уж этот пёс " - far cry 5 Баги, Приколы, Фейлы, Эпик11:52100.00%
2018-05-09Belgium BBtv69,547A BIENTÔT ;-)8:3994.74%
2018-05-09Belgium Dorhen21〔Sen no Kiseki II〕 Playthrough #022 - Chapter 2.4, Part 03 + Heidrun, Nereid, Agnagarn & Lindbaum3:33:48
2018-05-08Belgium Arthuas13[9] "GALIC IS OURS! HAIL ROME!"- Rome Campaign - Let's Play Rome II Total War1:15:56100.00%
2018-05-08Belgium Shorty - Le maitre de l'apocalypse71,373FALLOUT 4 - Ep.71 - Préparation pour l'institut36:11100.00%
2018-05-07Belgium Izzy576Medieval II Total War: Stainless Steel - poland [5] - NOT DEAD YET49:40
2018-05-07Belgium AbandonwareTV557[Longplay HD] Curse of enchantia49:02
2018-05-06Belgium Black Otters2,396SCMV - Je suis un citoyen des étoiles3:0996.25%
2018-05-06Belgium PiXeL_GaLacTic836[Live/FR/PS4] Overwatch YTPD18:1466.67%
2018-05-05Belgium BravendoWorld61Kirby's Dream Land 2 Walkthrough Partie 138:49100.00%
2018-05-04Belgium Syrvolga28Monster Hunter: World - Spring Blossom Festival0:22
2018-05-02Belgium KSkull564recalbox : Marvel super heroes5:5183.33%
2018-04-30Belgium TheCollectorsCave20Call of Duty WWII: Playing the Objective! (PS4)3:51100.00%
2018-04-30Belgium gameland be64Testing and previewing the JBL Boombox8:50
2018-04-28Belgium Gamers Ahoy10,033AMD RYZEN 2700X WRAITH COOLER BUILD2:3269.23%
2018-04-27Belgium Hacked Thunder17,525Citra - Detective Pikachu Gameplay [Citra GPU] [1080p] (Citra 3DS Emulator)14:2490.32%