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DRL | DaRealLegend is an American content creator on YouTube with at least 11.6 thousand subscribers, publishing around 1.64 thousand videos which altogether total around 2.99 million views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@dareallegend

About DRL | DaRealLegend

Welcome to the channel, my name is DaRealLegend aka DRL and i create NBA 2K Mobile guides, tier lists and tips on how to get good players in NBA 2K Mobile along with NBA 2K Mobile pack opening videos, NBA 2K Mobile gameplay, NBA 2K Mobile guides and NBA 2K Mobile codes for NBA 2K Mobile Basketball.

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DaRealLegend is a Gaming Content Creator & Streamer for DaRealLegend Of Gaming and currently a 2K NextMaker for titles such as NBA 2K Mobile, NBA 2K23, & NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition

Previously created content for the Nova Esports Team, Clash Royale websites Stats Royale and Clash Royalepedia and the Global Launch For Arena Of Valor. DaRealLegend is a YouTube Partner Creator & Twitch Partner Streamer.

Previous Content Includes Clash Royale Deck Guides & Arena Of Valor Build Videos

NBA 2K Mobile
NBA2K Mobile
2K Mobile

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