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Games are MARVELOUS. Join me on my gaming journey! You will find shenanigans, rage, and all of the randomness you can handle. WELCOME

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THE BEST WEAPONS! | Insurgency: Sandstorm Beta Gameplay
After about 20 hours of game time in the first Insurgency: Sandstorm beta, I can say that the TOZ and M870 shotguns are my favorite weapons in...
2018-08-14 9:00:10 AM ● 1,379 views ● 11:10 97.80% liked
NO MAN'S LAND!! | Screaming Steel (Day of Infamy Mod) Gameplay
We are back in the trenches of WW1! In this episode we take a look at the two remaining maps: Passchendaele and Valenciennes! We make our way...
2018-08-12 9:00:03 AM ● 2,070 views ● 17:40 98.19% liked
SANDSTORM IS HERE! | Insurgency: Sandstorm Beta Gameplay
The wait is finally over! This video highlights my first few hours of playing the Insurgency: Sandstorm beta. Here are my takeaways after the...
2018-08-10 9:00:02 AM ● 4,147 views ● 11:10 99.07% liked
MP40 GAMEPLAY! | Gameplay Overhaul Mutator Mod for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
The MP40 is only currently available with the Gameplay Overhaul Mutator Mod, which is available on the Steam Workshop for freeeeeee. The mod...
2018-08-09 9:00:04 AM ● 7,640 views ● 19:15 99.15% liked
THIS GAME IS AWESOME! | Men of Valor Campaign Playthrough #1
My compatriots! Welcome to the jungles of Vietnam once again! This time we are dropping into the jungles from Men of Valor. Men of Valor is a...
2018-08-07 9:00:05 AM ● 6,532 views ● 40:30 97.06% liked
MY CRAZIEST GAME!! | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay
This match was one of the craziest and luckiest RS2 experiences I have ever had... 70+ kills in a single round on Dawn of Tet with the Thompson......
2018-08-05 9:00:00 AM ● 7,055 views ● 12:15 98.21% liked
BATTLE OF THE SOMME! | Screaming Steel (Day of Infamy Mod) Gameplay
Next up in our playthrough of the Screaming Steel maps is 'SOMME'! I played a few matches of Liberation on Somme with both the Self-Loading and...
2018-08-03 9:00:06 AM ● 5,776 views ● 14:30 98.41% liked
IT ACTUALLY WORKED!! | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay
IA Drang Valley is a damn good map! Also, the bayonet is kind of fun to use... Let me know what you think of IA Drang Valley down below! I really...
2018-08-02 9:00:04 AM ● 4,216 views ● 10:20 99.25% liked
Link to this mod / instructions on how to find a game are below! First off, I want to thank all of the devs who put their time and energy into...
2018-07-31 9:00:05 AM ● 5,009 views ● 18:15 98.69% liked
HELL ON EARTH!! | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam MEGA SERVER Gameplay
100+ soldiers attacking and defending a single point. No friendly fire and a lot of desync. This truly is hell. ►► Rising Storm 2: Vietnam...
2018-07-24 9:00:03 AM ● 3,634 views ● 10:20 98.73% liked