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United States

Indumati Vtuber is an American YouTube content creator with 359 subscribers, publishing over 2.31 thousand videos which altogether total approximately 81.16 thousand views.

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About Indumati Vtuber

Gaming, I guess. Or whatever I want at the moment.

-I am not liable or responsible for what people do on this channel or what people visiting do here. I do not advocate bullying on any grounds nor support it. If someone claims my name/channel 2 do so, don't buy it.

-Fair use rules protect under transformative, review, opinion, and parody purposes. Gameplay videos with commentary, reviews, parodies, memes, and such fall under this.

-All memes, background music, and source material belonging to companies is credited to said companies at all times.

-I encourage everyone watching this channel to use Adblock Plus. It's great for not having to deal with ads, since I know that's not your things anyway.

-All opinions of my channel and the content thereof are just that-my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

-Please don't feed the trolls. Seriously, don't.

-All ideas that belong to me are mine.

-Critique and decision is welcome on anything. Please, keep it civil.

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