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Igor Presnyakov

United States
United States
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About Igor Presnyakov

Born in Moscow, Russia, Igor Presnyakov studied classical music at a nearby academy and would eventually graduate as both a guitarist and a conductor for ensembles. He relocated to the Netherlands to further his career, which has now spanned over 35 years. His unique acoustic guitar-style is influenced by various musical genres from Reggae, Rock and Roll, R&B, Country-western, Jazz and Heavy Metal. His most noticeable attribute is his creative style of "beating" the percussion of the song, onto the body of his acoustic guitar while playing. This replicates the sound of multiple musicians, while only Igor is playing. Igor also rarely sings any of the lyrics to any kind of song that he covers, and instead skillfully translates them into a guitar melody, having his instrument sing the words.

Keywords: Acoustic fingerstyle guitar, guitar covers, string guitar "music video"

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