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Join Coury Carlson and Marc "Try4ce" Duddleson as they recollect their experiences with video games over the years, explain how to get the best picture from your retro consoles, and occasionally mash up new video games with VHS technology from the 80's and 90's.

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Marc "Try4ce" Duddleson
My Life in Gaming
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3DS Video Output - USB to HDMI, Capture, and Future Challenges / MY LIFE IN GAMING
Coury and Try take a look at the current state of 3DS video output, which has some interesting, but imperfect solutions. In the face of waning...
2019-04-14 8:02:09 AM ● 26,394 views ● 23:03 98.65% liked
Analogue Mega Sg - The Ultimate FPGA Sega Genesis? :: RGB317 / MY LIFE IN GAMING
Let's take a deep dive into Analogue's Mega Sg - a full analysis of video settings, audio tweaks, general features, and compatibility for Sega...
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PSIO - PS1 Flash Cartridge / MY LIFE IN GAMING
The PSIO by Cybdyn Systems is a flash cartridge for the PlayStation that allows for the playing of game backups, homebrew, and fan hacks from...
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Tom duBois - The Man Who Drew Konami / MY LIFE IN GAMING
Tom duBois is an illustrator who created the elaborate paintings used on North American Konami box art and magazine ads from 1988 to 1994. This...
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The Games We Played in 2018 - New Favorites and Rediscovered Classics / MY LIFE IN GAMING
As 2018 wraps up, we look back at the games that made the biggest impression on us throughout the year. What were they? Well, some choices might...
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Nintendo GameCube HDMI, Component & RGB Plug 'n Play Solutions :: RGB316 / MY LIFE IN GAMING
Plug 'n Play w/ Carby & GCHD Mk-II to make HDMI and Component on your GameCube video a snap! Third-party GameCube options have come a long...
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Third-Party Controllers - The Good, the Bad, and the Stupid / MY LIFE IN GAMING
We take a look at over 20 (twenty!) Third-party controllers from different generations of consoles including the SN30 Pro from 8bitdo, Joyzz...
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The Best Way to Play Castlevania: Rondo of Blood & Symphony of the Night / MY LIFE IN GAMING
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night have most recently been re-released on PS4 in the form of Castlevania Requiem. But is this...
2018-11-04 9:01:06 AM ● 158,347 views ● 33:28 98.04% liked
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Perfect Dark Zero and the Legacy of GoldenEye - Rare After Nintendo #4 / MY LIFE IN GAMING
Perfect Dark Zero is the fourth stop on our quest to discover Rare's games after they left Nintendo. But this is about so much more than Perfect...
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NES Games on the Nintendo Switch :: RGB315 / MY LIFE IN GAMING
VS. Original Hardware, Virtual Console & More! Now that Nintendo Switch has its first proper system for classic games, how does NES on Switch...
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