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SpacedPanda - Too old to play?!

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Too old to play?! No one told me! Proud member of Pooping Evolved!

I've been playing games since the Atari came out, yes I'm that old! Favourite game at the moment is Ark Survival Evolved. I have had many obsessions including Minecraft, Skyrim, Assassins Creed, COD, the list is endless. I LOVE games!

I have been around the internet for decades now. I have dabbled with websites, writing/running them for myself and others. I ran a successful chat room with the help of my Pandabot for many years. Now I want to do what I love best, playing games and sharing the experience with others.

Many know me as Pandamonium, although I use variations like IamPandamonium depending on what I am doing. For the purpose of YouTube videos I am SpacedPanda, however I answer to Panda whatever I am doing :D

Please help support me in my new adventure and between us we can prove that you are NEVER too old to enjoy yourself!


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