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The Winglet is an Australian content creator on YouTube with over 1.38 million subscribers, publishing 57 videos which altogether total approximately 428.01 million views.

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PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2022-11-12Spy Reacts- Episode 278 [SFM]3:25709,791Show
2022-06-04The Red, the Blu, and the Ugly (2022 Edit) [SFM]27:475,332,257Team Fortress 2
2021-11-10Taunt: Shanty Shipmate1:04531,532Team Fortress 2
2021-10-21Demoman's Dilemma [SFM]6:492,168,110Team Fortress 2
2021-04-17The Red, the Blu, and the Ugly [SFM] (Director's cut)28:211,779,433Team Fortress 2
2021-01-22The Red, the Blu, and the Ugly- Trailer [SFM]1:391,003,714PreviewTeam Fortress 2
2020-04-08Sniper Runs Out of Ammo [SFM]2:184,505,818Team Fortress 2
2019-12-25Steamed Toast [SFM]3:024,078,149Team Fortress 2
2019-06-24Overwatch vs. TF2: Episode 2 [SFM]8:4531,556,171Overwatch
2018-12-25Meet the Jarate [SFM]3:526,761,369Team Fortress 2
2018-12-02Taunt: Kringle Cruiser!0:40396,291Team Fortress 2
2018-10-14Taunt: The Trotskyist Tricycle1:28728,964Team Fortress 2
2018-09-29Mind Games [SFM] (ft. Nathan Vetterlein)12:424,894,513Team Fortress 2
2018-05-11Taunt: The Flamer's Fiddle1:15825,111Team Fortress 2
2018-04-25Overwatch vs. TF2 [SFM]8:1641,732,890Overwatch
2018-04-01New taunt: Flying Frenchman!1:151,271,833Team Fortress 2
2018-03-09Saxxy Entry Sneak Peek - Mountaineering Mercenaries0:39342,759Mercenary
2018-03-07Emergency! (Saxxy Awards 2017: Short)1:001,455,774Team Fortress 2
2018-02-21What's Winglet working on? + Patreon announcement2:22282,674Team Fortress 2
2017-07-13Mayann Project - The Lost Idol6:152,493,222Team Fortress 2
2017-05-03The Art of Spychecking [SFM]5:1428,995,929Team Fortress 2
2017-03-28Taunt: Jackhammer Rodeo!1:53818,796Team Fortress 2
2016-11-30Fireflies [Maya]1:15446,189Team Fortress 2
2016-11-11Timeless Thief (Saxxy Awards 2016: Overall Winner)3:013,700,875Team Fortress 2
2016-09-21Burning Through Space 2 [SFM]27:0314,036,037Team Fortress 2
2016-06-10Taunt Fortress 2 [SFM]4:2313,609,721Fortress 2
2016-04-04The Mayann Project: Teaser0:38936,881Team Fortress 2
2016-02-26Random Crits [SFM]2:429,505,095Team Fortress 2
2015-12-20333,333.333 Subs Special: Q&A11:47762,701Team Fortress 2
2015-11-24Q&A Announcement!1:04220,654Team Fortress 2
2015-11-10Micro-Mann (Saxxy 2015 Action Winner)2:594,434,716Team Fortress 2
2015-10-25Meet the Dead Ringer [SFM]2:248,195,804Team Fortress 2
2015-08-31Channel Trailer 2.01:361,001,637PreviewTeam Fortress 2
2015-08-09An Australian Christmas Bloody Miracle [SFM]12:3920,274,028Team Fortress 2
2015-06-11Hit Detection [SFM]1:359,866,274Team Fortress 2
2015-04-28Meet the Gunslinger [SFM]2:178,802,730Team Fortress 2
2015-04-11Taunt: Heart Attack0:173,725,445Team Fortress 2
2015-04-04"Live and Let Spy" Deleted Scene [SFM]1:101,183,883Team Fortress 2
2015-03-28Live and Let Spy [SFM]21:0939,382,206Team Fortress 2
2015-01-18Burning Through Space [SFM]8:4210,792,846Team Fortress 2
2014-11-16Autobalance [SFM]1:314,477,704Team Fortress 2
2014-10-01Meet the Holiday Punch [SFM]2:506,523,389Team Fortress 2
2014-09-22Hitman Havoc (Saxxy Awards 2014 Entry)4:343,815,644Team Fortress 2
2014-09-18Your Eternal Revenge (Saxxy Awards 2014 Entry)4:5916,459,031Team Fortress 2
2014-08-1250,000 Subscribers Party!0:44746,324Team Fortress 2
2014-07-10Zero to Hero [SFM]5:119,228,672Team Fortress 2
2014-07-01Your Eternal Revenge [SFM]4:5914,589,775Team Fortress 2
2014-06-09Meet the Soda Popper [SFM]2:248,309,220Team Fortress 2
2014-05-03How to Level Up Your Strange Market Gardener [SFM]0:382,332,896Team Fortress 2
2014-04-11Meet the Eyelander [SFM]2:085,793,075Team Fortress 2
2014-03-25The Winglet: Channel Trailer (Old)1:00867,217PreviewTeam Fortress 2
2014-03-11Randomizer Rampage! [SFM]3:1611,224,504Team Fortress 2
2014-02-161,000 Subscribers!0:04474,472Team Fortress 2
2014-02-02The Bolted Behemoth [SFM]7:3839,531,823Team Fortress 2
2013-12-25Smissmas Shenanigans [SFM]1:121,230,448Team Fortress 2
2013-11-22thatwasclose.avi0:072,231,300Team Fortress 2
2013-11-17The Fedora Chronicles: Operation 2Fort (Saxxy Awards 2013 Entry)4:596,629,234Team Fortress 2