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We are Rhett & Link and this is our daily morning talk show, Good Mythical Morning.

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Glue vs. Real Food Challenge
This week, Stevie and the guys enjoy a kolache mukbang, have a Glue vs. Real Food Challenge with Rooster Teeth, and go over some of the best...
2019-04-13 4:00:04 AM ● 320,513 views ● 28:55 94.35% liked
Worst 2000s Fashion Trends - RANKED
Ed Hardy, low rise jeans, and Abercrombie & Fitch - 2000s fashion in a nutshell! But which fashion trend was the worst?  GMM #1524 Watch...
2019-04-12 4:00:05 AM ● 783,298 views ● 14:59 96.43% liked
Game of Thrones Food Taste Test
The final season of Game of Thrones is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than by eating food straight out of the GOT universe?! ...
2019-04-11 4:00:03 AM ● 1,000,940 views ● 12:57 96.63% liked
What's My Superhero Mask? (GAME)
Zachary Levi doesn't get to wear a superhero mask in Shazam!, so will he be able to guess what kind of crazy mask we give him?  GMM #1522 Check...
2019-04-10 4:00:10 AM ● 909,652 views ● 14:37 98.70% liked
Best Mouthwash Taste Test
We’ve never been more serious about finding the best “swish.” Find out which mouthwash ranks best!  GMM #1521 Watch today's GMMore:
2019-04-09 4:00:07 AM ● 1,065,238 views ● 14:55 97.93% liked
Can We Find The Name Brand? (GAME)
We’ve been eating these condiments our whole lives, but can we actually find the name brand? GMM #1520 Watch today's GMMore:
2019-04-08 4:00:01 AM ● 1,707,963 views ● 14:44 98.18% liked
Josh Gets A Tattoo Designed By Rhett & Link
This week, Stevie and the guys try Josh’s Van Gogh cake fail, eat Whataburger with The Slow Mo Guys, and reveal Josh’s mythical tattoo! Let's...
2019-04-06 4:00:09 AM ● 813,901 views ● 26:31 95.27% liked
100 Years of Cake Taste Test
Would you have been given a slice of tomato soup cake at grandma’s birthday party in the 1940s or 1960s? We’re ready to slide our way to...
2019-04-05 4:00:03 AM ● 1,749,031 views ● 14:58 97.74% liked
Can We Destroy It? (GAME) Ft. Becky Lynch
Is Becky Lynch a SMASH champ outside the ring?! We’ll find out when we challenge the WWE wrestler to a game of destroying things!  GMM #1518...
2019-04-04 4:00:06 AM ● 1,164,312 views ● 14:44 97.59% liked
Funniest TV News Fails
Link channels his inner news anchor and tries to guess the television news blooper fails!  GMM #1517 Pre-order our new novel:
2019-04-03 4:00:12 AM ● 867,003 views ● 11:13 98.08% liked