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Len Gamer Wolf

United States
United States

Len Gamer Wolf is an American YouTube channel which has 86 subscribers, with his content totaling at least 33.31 thousand views views across approximately 1.82 thousand videos.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@lengamerwolf

About Len Gamer Wolf

Hello, I'm Len Gamer Wolf, A gamer who love playing most any type of games. I enjoy puzzle, adventure, horror, story driven games, or anything that look interest. I have been playing video games from about the age of 6. That was in 1990's on window 98 and 99 computers. Then, i got a play station 1 and that is really when my love of gaming started

Almost of all my games play will have no commentary on, it just be me playing the game. I have problems with pronouncing some words. But, I’m hoping to add some commentary to my video soon.

Top Six Games Right Now
1.Elden Ring
2. Life is Strange 2
3 Fallout 4
4. Danganronpa Series
5. Demon Souls
6. Cult of the Lamb

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