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I do mostly league of legends and Overwatch related content.

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Cuzi comes back from the dead to stream challenjour gameplay.
Stream !!! !!! G2A :
2018-01-04 9:03:56 PM ● 1,472 views ● 0:24 95.92% liked
Dual Champion release!? Rakan and Xayah Abilities | League of Legends
Rakan and Xayah ability spotlight has just been released. Pretty awesome to see Riot try new things with this release of two champions who synergize...
2017-04-04 1:48:16 PM ● 2,976 views ● 8:21 98.08% liked
League of Legends New Champ(s)? + RP Giveaway winners
Riot just released some new lore and info about a new continent in the League of Legends universe. Also I announce the winners of the RP giveaway...
2017-04-04 8:00:04 AM ● 925 views ● 5:30 100.00% liked
My Return From The Grave + 10k Subs Giveaway!
Cheap Games!G2A : My PC Parts! : Quick video to explain where I was and to thank...
2017-03-22 10:37:07 PM ● 966 views ● 3:26 100.00% liked
Camille Abilities Preview In Comic? | LoL New Champ
Camille is the next champion to be released in League of Legends. From what we can see in the artwork and comic it seems like Camille will probably...
2016-11-17 3:10:32 PM ● 9,679 views ● 7:15 82.93% liked
How To Build Champions  (What Items to buy) | League of Legends
Here's the video a lot of you have been asking for, which is a guide on knowing what to buy in League of Legends. Leave a like if this helped...
2016-11-08 3:18:10 PM ● 207,739 views ● 10:53 93.58% liked
League of Legends
Ivern Abilities Preview! | League Of Legends new champion
Ivern's abilities have been released and Riot didn't disapoint with this one. Let me know what you think down in the comments!
2016-09-20 3:41:49 PM ● 1,239 views ● 7:05 97.30% liked
League of Legends
New Champion Trailer Reaction - Ivern Friend of the Forest | League of Legends
Here's a quick opinion on what the new champion Ivern Bramblefoot could be Official trailer: From...
2016-09-14 12:24:12 PM ● 3,773 views ● 2:45 94.44% liked
League of Legends
Yorick Rework Gamplay (He's So Good!) | League of Legends
This is some Yorick rework gameplay of the new Yorick champion update in the toplane. I found his kit to be really useful and much more versatile...
2016-08-23 4:40:45 PM ● 3,923 views ● 23:02 92.31% liked
GENJI SKIN FOR MASTER YI | League of Legends custom skin
Here's a skin of Genji from Overwatch for Master Yi in League of Legends. It comes complete with the avatars and a sound pack. Pretty cool skin...
2016-08-19 4:34:13 PM ● 3,035 views ● 3:12 100.00% liked