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Fire Emblem Heroes: Lucius and Raven BHB (4 Goddesses Descend)
If only I had Sakura I could've had Waifu Emblem Heroes...... Anyway, easy battle. Just rush em down. BGM: Risk Everything (Tales of Graces f)...
2018-07-12 1:32:52 PM ● 13 views ● 3:06
(SKIP TO 9 MINUTES) FGO Paid Gacha Stream from Twitch (Please skip to 9 minutes)
Please skip to 9 minutes for the actual summon.
2018-07-07 7:51:33 PM ● 59 views ● 12:40 100.00% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes: BHB Hector and Matthew (A W A K E)
ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ A W A K E N M Y M A S T E R S ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ...
2018-07-05 8:35:24 AM ● 37 views ● 3:32 100.00% liked
Fate Grand Order: Camelot VS Goddess of Light
That was surprisingly easier than I expected. Though getting hit by Rhongomyniad was not part of the plan. At least not that time. Either way,...
2018-07-04 7:12:11 AM ● 7 views ● 29:05
Fate Grand Order: Camelot VS Trash Talker Gawain (4)
Why on earth I decided to fight at 6AM in the morning confuses me still. Looking back on the fight I think I might've been either seriously out...
2018-07-04 6:28:45 AM ● 5 views ● 10:58
Fate Grand Order: Camelot VS Tristan (3)
Again thanks Chiaki and Lupo. I forgot to use Master Skills when he used his NP, but somehow that worked out. Least I won.
2018-07-03 6:31:55 PM ● 5 views ● 12:14
Fate Grand Order: Camelot VS Mordred (4)
Thank you to Lupo and Chiaki for heeding my request for Carps. Cause I did not wanna deal with the god damn Clarent Blood Arthur every other...
2018-07-03 6:28:09 PM ● 3 views ● 6:20
Fate Grand Order: Camelot VS Dio Brandy as a Demon Pillar
The next fight was easy; stacking Shiki and having Kintoki Rider kill the Casters made the fights pretty straightforward. All in all, very fun...
2018-07-03 11:05:29 AM ● 9 views ● 15:06
Fate Grand Order: Camelot VS Lancelot (Read the description)
Honestly the very 1st fight and the 2nd fight are hardly any different; you could just Stella nuke the 1st part or drop a bunch of Archers and...
2018-07-02 9:51:37 PM ● 14 views ● 5:28
Fate Grand Order: Camelot VS Tristan (1-2)
Huh.... that was easier than I thought. Maybe because I stacked Wavers?
2018-07-01 9:39:11 AM ● 8 views ● 13:20