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A channel full of animations, illustrations, and other shenanigans about video games, comics, and other stuff of that sort.

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1000+ SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL! Unused Animations (Pokemon, Game Grumps, Mario and more!)
So this might be a little late, but we hit 1000 subscribers recently, and we wanted to do something special. So, here are some animations that...
2016-07-21 5:08:51 PM ● 213 views ● 5:33 100.00% liked
DEADPOOL Cartoon Theme Song! (60's Spider-Man Cartoon Parody)- Animation
It is probably good Deadpool wasn't created until the 90's, this might not have been to appropriate in the 60's. Amazing people who helped make...
2016-03-16 6:03:48 PM ● 10,868 views ● 1:31 93.15% liked
Dragon Ball Seven Star Re-Animate! (Scene 135 of Collaboration)
This is a shot for the Dragon Ball Seven Star Re-Animate project, where a bunch of animators from all over the internet are recreating an episode...
2016-01-06 4:40:04 PM ● 711 views ● 0:09 100.00% liked
Channel Trailer! Be Hyper-Awesome, Subscribe Today!
So, I finally got around to making one of these! It's been an awesome year since joining Channel Frederator, and we have some awesome stuff planned...
2015-12-07 1:47:06 PM ● 2,520 views ● 1:08 100.00% liked
Kylo Ren (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) Quickdraw!
I am super hyped for this movie. Whatever, possibility of let-downs aside, this film looks great and Kylo Ren looks like an awesome villain....
2015-11-11 2:31:02 PM ● 437 views ● 2:54 100.00% liked
Shadow Mewtwo (Pokken Tournament)- Quickdraw!
Shadow Mewtwo from the new Pokken Tournament fighting Pokemon game. Looking forward to try this game when it comes to consoles and junk. Music:...
2015-11-05 2:19:45 PM ● 531 views ● 2:26 100.00% liked
Banjo, that's enough! -Animation! (Banjo-Kazooie)
Banjo has got to get his priorities straight! Let me know what you all thought in the comments! Do you like collectathon games? 'Cause I think...
2015-10-24 4:25:45 PM ● 15,377 views ● 1:23 94.83% liked
Liara T'Soni- QuickDraw!
This weeks time-lapse drawing is of one of my favorite Mass Effect characters, Liara T'Soni. Let me know in the comments if there is a character...
2015-10-21 12:42:26 PM ● 271 views ● 3:36 100.00% liked
PB&Jeff Animated "Get a Life!"
Another little Let's Play animated, this time it's of Peanut Butter Gamer and Spacehamster's show, PB&Jeff! Check out the annotations for...
2015-10-16 2:21:33 PM ● 34,572 views ● 1:46 99.27% liked
Daredevil's "The Man in Black" Costume- Quickdraw!
The Netflix Daredevil series is terrific, and with all the buzz about the second season happening, I wanted to draw his awesome proto-costume...
2015-10-14 2:01:58 PM ● 593 views ● 3:19 94.44% liked