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2019-01-16Contra Arcade No Death Playthrough (Xbox 360)11:0211100.00% Let's Play
2018-12-30Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 47 + Ending32:198100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-12-29Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 4619:378100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-12-27Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 4513:474100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-12-27Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 4418:516100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-12-26Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 4314:343100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-12-25Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 4218:455100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-12-23Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 4113:388100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-12-21Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 4021:359100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-12-20Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 3918:038100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-12-19Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 3818:595100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-12-18Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 3717:271Suikoden
2018-12-17Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 3618:114100.00% Suikoden
2018-12-14Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 3523:527Suikoden
2018-12-13Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 3415:298Suikoden
2018-12-12Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 3327:444Suikoden
2018-12-11Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 3214:570Suikoden
2018-12-10Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 3117:183Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-12-08Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 3017:243Suikoden
2018-12-07Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 2914:221Suikoden
2018-12-06Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 13 + Ending23:203Costume Quest
2018-12-05Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 2813:525100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-12-04Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 1216:113Costume Quest
2018-12-03Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 2712:416100.00% Suikoden
2018-12-02Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 1119:321Costume Quest
2018-11-29Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 2619:451Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-11-28Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 1018:255Costume Quest
2018-11-26Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 2519:103Suikoden
2018-11-25Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 0917:303100.00% Costume Quest
2018-11-24Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 2421:014Suikoden
2018-11-22Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 0821:353Costume Quest
2018-11-21Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 2312:403Suikoden
2018-11-17Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 0720:402Costume Quest
2018-11-16Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 2218:181Suikoden
2018-11-14Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 0618:472Costume Quest
2018-11-13Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 2121:283Suikoden
2018-11-10Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Xbox 360 Playthrough 06 + Ending25:0918100.00% Let's Play
2018-11-07Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 0512:388Costume Quest
2018-11-05Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 2018:585Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-11-03Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Xbox 360 Playthrough 059:539Let's Play
2018-11-02Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 1920:305Suikoden
2018-11-02Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 0421:462Costume Quest
2018-10-29Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Xbox 360 Playthrough 0412:3115Let's Play
2018-10-26Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 1821:053Suikoden
2018-10-24Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 0315:050Costume Quest
2018-10-22Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Xbox 360 Playthrough 0313:4016100.00% Let's Play
2018-10-20Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 1722:082Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-10-17Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Xbox 360 Playthrough 0215:4011Let's Play
2018-10-15Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 0216:125Costume Quest
2018-10-13Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 1617:047100.00% Suikoden
2018-10-10Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Xbox 360 Playthrough 0112:5736100.00% Let's Play
2018-10-09TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 14 + True End9:2855675.00% Let's Play
2018-10-07Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 1514:027100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-10-04Costume Quest Xbox 360 Playthrough 0115:4810100.00% Costume Quest
2018-10-03TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 1315:43367100.00%
2018-09-30Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 1420:229100.00% Suikoden
2018-09-28TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 1217:0926866.67%
2018-09-27Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 1316:269100.00% Suikoden
2018-09-24TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 1119:11229100.00% Let's Play
2018-09-22Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 1218:363100.00% Suikoden
2018-09-20TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 1017:17194100.00%
2018-09-17Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 1114:226100.00% Suikoden
2018-09-15TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 0915:03159100.00%
2018-09-12Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 1014:116Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-09-10TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 0816:56167100.00%
2018-09-07Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 0916:366Suikoden
2018-09-06TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 0712:06156
2018-09-03Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 0817:065100.00% Suikoden
2018-08-31TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 0610:56183100.00% Let's Play
2018-08-29Dragon Warrior II NES Playthrough 19 + Ending18:2111100.00%
2018-08-27Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 0714:015Suikoden
2018-08-23TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 0520:50204100.00%
2018-08-20Dragon Warrior NES II Playthrough 1820:441
2018-08-17TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 0410:27178100.00%
2018-08-16Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 0619:3710100.00% Suikoden
2018-08-13Dragon Warrior NES Playthrough 1717:1411100.00% Let's Play
2018-08-10TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 0315:53193100.00%
2018-08-08Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 0518:4416100.00% Suikoden
2018-08-06Dragon Warrior II NES Playthrough 1625:335100.00%
2018-08-03TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 0213:52272100.00%
2018-08-02Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 0425:596Suikoden
2018-07-30Dragon Warrior II NES Playthrough 1515:554100.00%
2018-07-28TMNT 2003 Gamecube DON Playthrough 0116:54170100.00% Let's Play
2018-07-27Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 0316:3710100.00% Suikoden
2018-07-25Dragon Warrior II NES Playthrough 1415:239100.00%
2018-07-23Playstation Underground Vol. 125:4515100.00% Let's Play
2018-07-21Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 0217:337100.00% Suikoden
2018-07-18Dragon Warrior II NES Playthrough 1323:037100.00%
2018-07-16Suikoden PS1 Playthrough 0119:0913100.00% Let's PlaySuikoden
2018-07-12Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus PS2 Playthrough 18 + Ending26:3713100.00% Let's PlaySly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
2018-07-10Dragon Warrior II NES Playthrough 1217:195100.00% Let's Play
2018-07-07Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus PS2 Playthrough 1715:1813100.00% Let's PlaySly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
2018-07-05Dragon Warrior II NES Playthrough 1122:397100.00% Let's Play
2018-07-02Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus PS2 Playthrough 1611:516100.00% Let's PlaySly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
2018-06-28Dragon Warrior II NES Playthrough 1025:4613100.00% Let's Play
2018-06-25Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus PS2 Playthrough 1511:4114100.00% Let's PlaySly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
2018-06-22Dragon Warrior II NES Playthrough 0916:058100.00% Let's Play
2018-06-20Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus PS2 Playthrough 1410:5213100.00% Let's PlaySly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
2018-06-18Dragon Warrior II NES Playthrough 0826:335100.00% Let's Play
2018-06-15Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus PS2 Playthrough 1313:3813100.00% Let's PlaySly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus