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I have the most extensive library of collectible action figure reviews on the internet! The thing to note about my reviews is that I make them for the viewers. I won't lie to you. If a figure is great, I'll tell you. If a figure is trash, I'll make sure you know. I'm qualified to review figures because I've spent years making high-end customs. I know the ins and outs of just about every variety of action figure. There isn't much I haven't done with them so there isn't much I don't know about them. I also showcase my customs here so stay tuned for those!

I love gaming, movies, and TV just as much as collecting! Make sure you join me in my discussion videos and live streams and check out all of the content I have to offer in addition to the figure reviews and customs! This is your one-stop spot for all things pop-culture!

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NECA GOD of WAR Ultimate 2 Pack Action Figure Review
With the first release of the new Kratos, NECA showed that they are able to deliver an unparalleled level of detail on a domestic figure. This...
2019-02-12 1:00:04 AM ● 2,741 views ● 13:50 98.17% liked
MAFEX BATMAN Tactical Suit Justice League Action Figure Review
When it comes to Batman, the movies haven't been especially kind and as a result, we haven't had a wealth of quality collectibles. Can Mafex...
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Marvel Legends YON-ROGG Captain Marvel Wave Action Figure Review
Only one figure from this batch has been decent enough to buy so far but surely Hasbro won't let use down with the A-list, super popular Yon-Rogg,...
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Marvel Legends CAPTAIN MARVEL Kree Sentry Wave Action Figure Review
So far, everything from this wave has been disappointing and the MCU film hasn't exactly inspired much faith. Can this figure turn things around...
2019-02-09 1:00:02 AM ● 4,210 views ● 6:47 88.70% liked
Marvel Legends NICK FURY Captain Marvel Action Figure Review
Since filming, I've realized it's not a total repaint. Some parts are new. No need to tell me. The best place to buy collectibles
2019-02-08 1:00:00 AM ● 2,641 views ● 6:07 82.93% liked
NECA HUNTER PREDATOR Alien vs. Predator Action Figure Review
The first two figures from this nostalgia-based batch of collectibles impressed with cleaver paint jobs to hearken back to the vintage video...
2019-02-07 1:00:04 AM ● 2,342 views ● 7:18 94.38% liked
Marvel Legends TALOS Kree Sentry Wave Action Figure Review
The movie might look bad and the figures might look bad so far but maybe this one will turn things around and give us a little hope for the MCU...
2019-02-04 1:00:00 AM ● 3,728 views ● 7:44 91.86% liked
Marvel Legends CAPTAIN MARVEL (In Jacket) Action Figure Review
Most people seem to think the movie looks like it will probably be pretty lousy and Hasbro has been releasing pretty terrible waves of figures...
2019-02-03 1:00:00 AM ● 4,233 views ● 5:58 90.48% liked
Marvel Legends HYDRA SUPREME & ARNIM ZOLA 2pk Action Figure Review
Hasbro often chooses to take the cheap way out and deliver sub-standard releases but in this case, they might have given us one of their best...
2019-02-02 1:00:05 AM ● 7,217 views ● 9:41 98.35% liked
Top 10 Worst Marvel Legends | 2018
You guys seem to really like my monthly Top 10 lists and tons of you asked for a list like this so here it is. These are the worst of the worst...
2019-02-01 1:00:02 AM ● 17,275 views ● 10:50 88.60% liked