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Thanks for stopping in on the Paradox Gaming Network YouTube Channel.

This channel currently focuses on educational videos for popular MMOs. It currently focuses on Archeage with our Archeage 101 series, but we are also closely following Ashes of Creation through a series of Pre-Alpha look videos and will soon transition to Bless when it makes its North American debut.

We have set some really big goals for 2018 aiming for 210,000 views, 1,500,000 minutes of watch time and 2500 subs to be added to our ranks so thank you, because you are one of those people who is helping make that happen. Just inside the start of the second quarter for 2018 we are already well ahead of the pace with 37% of our goal obtained.

If you would like to learn more about us, visit

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Archeage 101 - Title System Killboards (Error Corrections)
This is a corrections segment to this video: I made a few slight errors that I wanted to get corrected on video,...
2018-12-10 1:24:35 PM ● 107 views ● 1:56 100.00% liked
ArcheAge (2013)
Ashes of Creation - Dec 6 Livestream Recap...Ashes Season Passes?
The Ashes of Creation 6 Dec Livestream brought with it some news that hasn’t been well received by the entire community. The fears that the...
2018-12-07 1:50:27 AM ● 646 views ● 20:45 85.71% liked
Welcome to the Paradox Gaming Network
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2018-12-06 12:20:07 AM ● 44 views ● 3:42 100.00% liked
Ashes of Creation - December Testing Feedback
This weekend we had the chance to do a lot of Ashes of Creation testing. No, we didn’t do just more Battle Royale testing, we got into the...
2018-12-03 3:09:24 PM ● 828 views ● 17:46 94.23% liked
Alluring Torments Her Prey [Ashes of Creation]
I thought Alluring and I were friends, but this sort of treatment. How could she do this to me? She could not even give me the decency of a good...
2018-12-03 12:13:18 AM ● 305 views ● 0:27 40.00% liked
Archeage 101 - Hiram Gear
This Archeage 101 is going to cover Hiram Gear, how it's better than T7 Legendaries and potentially Erenors. Also going to go into the dailies,...
2018-11-29 10:34:09 AM ● 560 views ● 24:57 97.37% liked
ArcheAge (2013)
Ashes 101 - Naval Content (What we know / Archeage Comparison) [Ashes of Creation]
This really isn’t an Ashes 101 since we don’t have anywhere near the amount of information we need to do that sort of segment on the Ashes...
2018-11-26 5:56:57 PM ● 575 views ● 17:41 89.29% liked
Archeage 101 - Skywarden Title
This Archeage 101 is going to cover the process of getting the Skywarden Title and the Andelph Drakora mount. This will detail out all the steps...
2018-11-19 8:01:03 AM ● 188 views ● 8:00 100.00% liked
ArcheAge (2013)
Archeage 101 - Title System (Updated for 5.0)
Archeage 5.0 brought with it the Title Buff system, so I'm dusting off the old material I did for Archeage and bringing it up to speed for 5.0....
2018-11-17 1:11:32 AM ● 150 views ● 10:02 100.00% liked
ArcheAge (2013)
Archeage 101 - Malediction Skilltree
This Archeage 101 is going to focus solely on the Malediction Skill-tree. While this tree is made up of all the previous Abyssal Skills, they...
2018-11-15 1:23:03 PM ● 482 views ● 8:29 92.00% liked
ArcheAge (2013)