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This is Blaze's account for things he either didn't create himself (YTP sources, music, reuploads from other accounts), or is ashamed to have created (those god-awful "let's plays").

Note: "Adventure Time - Credits" was removed by Cartoon Network, and I have privatized any other copyrighted things. Yeah, deleting videos of the credits (WHICH YOU NEVER EVEN SHOW ON YOUR NETWORK) is really gonna help your sales. Jerks.

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MOTHER any% speedrun in 36:28 by pirohiko
niconico mirror for convenience
2017-12-27 3:26:46 PM ● 51 views ● 36:41 100.00% liked
"mad old me" (circa 2011)
This one takes some backstory. Years ago there was a video of a girl throwing puppies into a river. I reversed it (sorry, "unforwarded"...
2015-12-27 12:10:18 AM ● 639 views ● 0:58 33.33% liked
Modest Cave Story by FutanariVorestep.exe
Source: Uploaded because no copy exists on YouTube. Will remove if requested to...
2015-09-03 7:41:13 PM ● 620 views ● 2:41 91.67% liked
Splash Hill Zone x California Gurls [Yuzoboy Reupload]
One of my favorites from Yuzoboy. I had it on my mind today and noticed that it was no longer uploaded on Youtube, presumably because Yuzoboy...
2015-09-03 7:28:50 PM ● 860 views ● 3:35 81.25% liked
Eee Tee Gee Four [Unfinished YTP]
Made around a year ago when the AVGN movie came out, and G4 was dying. I ran out of ideas for it. The basic of it is, G4 is bad. I actually really...
2015-08-14 2:43:52 PM ● 152 views ● 1:39 100.00% liked
Aiko sings The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme
2015-07-23 2:00:00 PM ● 290 views ● 1:18 83.33% liked
Furry boobs sex yiff (MeiAIDS Reupload)
CREDIT TO IAMGOOMBA FOR SAVING THIS LEGENDARY VIDEO I'd looked for it before but it had got removed from the main MeiAIDS reupload account. Also,...
2014-09-07 4:10:06 AM ● 1,649 views ● 2:39 91.67% liked
Arashi no Yoru ni 2 E3 Trailer [HQ] (MeiAIDS Reupload)
A video uploaded by MeiAIDS YEARS ago for his upcoming video game. WHICH NEVER CAME OUT. I just realized that there's no existing copies of it...
2013-06-18 3:03:21 PM ● 354 views ● 0:53 66.67% liked
Enjoy why'd I waste an hour or so making this why does this have so many views how do people even...
2012-08-19 1:17:32 PM ● 21,180 views ● 3:26 95.54% liked
perfectly sums up so much stupidity
2012-06-04 2:23:54 PM ● 1,220 views ● 0:18 96.67% liked