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C.Jake Game Stories. I usually don't make boring endless let's plays or walkthroughs, but try to add some sense, some plot to each video. So, the main focus are games with interesting plot and... sometimes... with beautiful babes... for relaxation... Sometimes I do other stuff as well, but the main idea is: tell a story or show bewbs!.. If you want to be not a mere subscriber but a member of the community you can join our CJake3 Discord Chat 🤗: https://discord.gg/MKKdpA9. Have fun!

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Clementine Attacks Abel at Train Station (Telltale Walking Dead Final Season 4)
Clementine and AJ together with Louis and Violet return to train station in attempt to recover some supplies that could have survived the trap...
2019-02-20 11:38:38 AM ● 185 views ● 9:49 100.00% liked
Hunting Grounds Compromised (Telltale Walking Dead Final Season 4 | Clementine)
Clementine, Violette and Brody come to the hunting grounds where Aasim and Louis were checking animal traps and find out that somebody has already...
2019-02-12 9:47:27 AM ● 1,866 views ● 4:15 97.06% liked
Clementine Goes Fishing with Violet and Brody (Telltale Walking Dead Final Season 4)
After Marlon described the current disposition at Eriscon's School Clementine decided to be somewhat helpfull and agreed to go fishing with Violet...
2019-02-10 4:54:03 AM ● 2,413 views ● 16:06 97.30% liked
Clementine Overcomes Her Dog Fears (Telltale Walking Dead Final Season 4)
As we all know Clementine had a rather traumatic experience with a dog once, so he nervous reaction to Marlon's dog Rosie was understandable....
2019-02-08 5:36:22 AM ● 3,804 views ● 3:01 98.00% liked
Scumbag AJ Bullies Tenn (Telltale Walking Dead Final Season 4)
I knew that AJ had zero manners, lack of self-control and anger issues, but this time he decided to go even further and just bully harmfull Tenn...
2019-02-06 5:03:59 PM ● 2,709 views ● 2:51 95.24% liked
Give the Bed a Chance: AJ and Clementine Bedtime Talk (Telltale Walking Dead Final Season 4)
AJ wants to sleep under the bed which is kinda funny, but Clementine manages to convince him to use a bed instead... #CJakeWalker #WDFinalSeason...
2019-02-05 4:51:34 AM ● 2,447 views ● 2:51 95.00% liked
Violet Checks Clementine Before Bedtime (Telltale Walking Dead Final Season 4)
Violet comes to Clementine and AJ in Ericson's Boarding School to check how they are doing in her former girlfriend Minerva and Sophie room and...
2019-02-03 3:17:48 AM ● 2,885 views ● 5:52 92.68% liked
Clementine Tells About the Worst Day of Her Life (Telltale Walking Dead Final Season 4 | Kill Lee)
The final Clementine's flashback during the Louis' card game in Ericson's Boarding School. This time Clem remembered what still remained the...
2019-01-31 8:27:24 AM ● 8,622 views ● 16:50 97.49% liked
Baseball Sucks: Clementine Remembers Javier Flashback (Telltale Walking Dead Final Season 4)
During the Louis' card game Clementine told how she met a famous baseball player... Strange thing that she didn't say a word about the fate of...
2019-01-29 6:09:15 AM ● 34,334 views ● 15:54 95.80% liked
Geralt Saves Sweet Nettie at Crippled Kate's {Supplemented} (Witcher 3)
Well, it looks like that I missed the part where Geralt unties Crippled Kate and there's a little conversation afterwards. So the video was about...
2019-01-26 6:49:59 AM ● 1,714 views ● 9:55 100.00% liked