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1.United States PewDiePie144,948,330
2.United States BabyZone73,643,088
3.United States theRadBrad66,811,269
4.Ireland jacksepticeye65,594,320
5. We Got This Covered62,735,932
6. ThemeParkHD55,662,964
7.United States PlayCow.com47,386,311
8.Indonesia MiawAug46,425,279
9. TobyGames32,854,580
10.United States Telltale Games31,041,190

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1. SuperVideos Entertainment1,252
2. Father774
3.Netherlands SpottinGames663
4. We Got This Covered510
5.United States Team JVS352
6.United States Even Steven313
7.United Kingdom Normandy 1998311
8.United States InfernoKun251
9.United States Dekon243
10.Russian Federation CJake3227

Latest Let's Plays For The Walking Dead

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
12 hours ago SkadiLPLet's Play The Walking Dead: The Final Season (Blind) - 06 - Preparations40:1351
1 day ago AK36AW ReplaysThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Let's Play VOD Partie 15:43:264
1 day agoUnited States AIRASHI TINA!The Walking Dead Telltale The Final Season Walkthrough/Playthrough Let's Play4:33:37620
1 day ago Nexus GamingStarved For Help | The Walking Dead | PC | No Commentary Walkthough & Gameplay2:08:571
1 day ago Gameplay a Go GoThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners , Playstation VR1:12:382
1 day agoSweden BearAlMightyThe Walking Dead Games - Part 59 Gameplay Playthrough Let's Play30:3816
2 days agoAfghanistan ZephorraNO SHE DIDN'T!!!!!! | The Walking Dead S1 Ep.3 | Playthrough and Commentary | Zephorra2:54:509
3 days ago Zen DragoonZen Plays: The Walking Dead S2 E51:40:034
4 days agoUnited States VGamingJunkieLet's Play Telltale's The Walking Dead Season One - A Man and a Girl in Zombie Hell31:2212
2020-07-27Germany insertDiscThe Walking Dead - Definitive Series [#S2/ENDE] ► Let's Play | Deutsch | Point&Click | Telltale50:3410
2020-07-27Ukraine PlayStation UkraineОгляд гри The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners [подкаст]28:33134
2020-07-26Ireland IGS - Impact Game StationThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners | PlayStation VR Gameplay45:3541
2020-07-25Brazil DbrunooOEpisódio 2: Starved for Help - The Walking Dead - Season 1- PS42:35:476
2020-07-25United Kingdom First LevelsTHE WALKING DEAD SEASON 2 : ALL THAT REMAINS (2013) // First Levels // Sony PlayStation 4 Gameplay15:0025
2020-07-25United States PlayStation GamesThe Walking Dead Cast Interview | PlayStation Video1:544
2020-07-20Ireland Alpha Pyxis🎬Telltales The Walking Dead New Frontier🎬Escaping The New Frontier!!(PC) #07 [Streamed 20-07-20]3:25:339
2020-07-20United States RozaldVaneGAMEThe Walking Dead: The Final Season (Episode 1) - Part 3 - Helping with Food42:564
2020-07-16France HerbiTHE WALKING DEAD S&S MEATGRINDRER PSVR | LET‘S PLAY FR | PlayStation VR45:00285
2020-07-15United States Collider GamesThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Meatgrinder Update - Live Playthrough58:26579
2020-07-13 Mr Mc DundeeLet's play partie 4 The walking dead: saison 12:01:5818
2020-07-12United States EdgeBCThe Walking Dead S3 - Episode 5 [4K Xbox One X] [Playthrough]1:18:341
2020-07-10 KriostyxTelltale's The Walking Dead - Season 1 : Episode 2 : Starved For Help2:24:4924
2020-07-09United States TheHumanAnnihilatorSarah, for once be helpful [S2, E4] The Walking Dead1:37:260
2020-07-08Japan Best games 2020PopularMMOs Minecraft: The Crafting Dead - Let's Play - Part 1 (The Walking Dead/DayZ Mod)13:451
2020-07-02Canada TotallyNotTiredTelltales The Walking Dead S2/E5 ~ Oleg of help1:35:271

Latest Reviews For The Walking Dead

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-07-10United Kingdom H-BOB-OMB!Reviewed in 60 Seconds - THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 1 (Nintendo Switch)1:2983
2020-07-01 SuperVideos EntertainmentNEGAN LIVES REVIEW || The Walking Dead Comic Book10:49127
2020-06-22United Kingdom Grumpy Ageing Gamer PSVRThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners PSVR - Part 915:251,472
2020-06-16United States UploadVRThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Meatgrinder Update - Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition11:061,770
2020-06-10Russian Federation CHAFILDThe Walking Dead: The Final Season / СТРИМ / RTX VOICE ON2:13:2493
2020-06-08 DarkstationcomThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Review9:1744
2020-05-22Brazil PSVR BRASILTHE WALKING DEAD: SAINTS & SINNERS - Review completo + SORTEIO!15:03511
2020-05-19United States Used Car SalesmanThe Walking Dead Saints and Sinners The Used Car Salesman VR Review7:271,029
2020-05-18United States Noisy PixelThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners PSVR Review - Noisy Pixel4:46221
2020-05-18United States PSVR Without ParoleThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners | PSVR Review Discussion32:567,270
2020-05-16Ireland Petrifying PumpkinsThe Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Reviewed in Under 60 Seconds | PSVR0:39343
2020-05-15Canada Shugghead GamingThe Walking Dead Saints and Sinners: 10 Tips for survival. PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage.7:5511,868
2020-05-13United Kingdom Console DealsThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Review (PSVR) | Console Deals6:1492
2020-05-11United States For Your MoneyThe Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Review (PSVR): Is It Worth $409:34817
2020-05-10United Kingdom PSVR WorldThe Walking Dead Saints and Sinners PSVR Review12:075,260
2020-05-09United States PSVR UndergroundThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Underground Review4:332,681
2020-05-07Canada THE VR GRIDThe Walking Dead | Saints & Sinners | Review | PSVR - VR never felt so good!7:435,787
2020-05-07United States I Dream of IndieThe Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners - PSVR Review7:5012,465
2020-05-05United Kingdom Polish Paul VR Your PSVR dudeThe Walking Dead Saints & Sinners | PSVR Review In Progress10:0914,862
2020-04-12United States The Kaged ReviewThe Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 15 'The Tower' Review10:576
2020-04-11 Shadow CritiasThe Walking Dead Comics Issues 2 - 4 Reviews6:348
2020-04-05United States Team JVSThe Walking Dead (SEASON 10) Episode 15 "THE TOWER" TV Review | #TWD7:54258
2020-03-22United States RawristThe Walking Dead Episode 13 Review11:572,179
2020-03-09United Kingdom Split ScreenTHE WALKING DEAD: SEASON ONE: Decisions to Chew Over? | Game Review3:036